How to Build a Community Around Your Brand

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Last week I asked the question ‘Are You Building a Community Around Your Brand’?

This week, we’re looking at ‘HOW to Build a Community Around Your Brand’.

I know this is the million dollar question, but it’s actually much easier than you may think and I liken it to having a chat over a coffee with a friend!

Add to that consistent, focused, action and over time your targeted and highly engaged community will grow.

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Building a community around your brand is super important. I got started in my business by creating a Facebook page and building a loyal community on it.

We spoke last week how important it is to know your brand and know your target market.

What I want to do this week is give you some tips on exactly how to talk to your market.

There are 2 key aspects that can really trip people up when they start thinking about building a community, getting out there and talking to their marketplace.

I don’t want to be a public figure!

Many people don’t want to be a public figure. They don’t want to get in front of a video camera and talk to their customers, potential clients etc. They don’t want this level of exposure.

I’m terrible with technology!

The technical aspects of building a landing page, a funnel and so on, can be overwhelming.

So, let’s get rid of both of those myths!

First of all, you do not need to be a public figure. That’s why I keep using the word “brand”.

What you can do is create a really strong fantastic brand, and then you can be the person that facilitates that brand.

One of the ways you might want to do this is via a blog. Or you could create podcasts and have other people record them for you. You could even do videos and maybe have animation or cartoon characters.

There’s a whole multitude of ways you can get really creative and become extremely useful and valuable to your community without you having to be in the limelight.

As for the second issue of technical know-how, I want you to forget about this when you are getting started.

As the first thing you need to do is to build a community of people who are really interested in what you have to say, you are able to do this without a landing page, without a funnel, without autoresponders or any of that technical stuff.

You can build a community just by using social media.

When I started out way back when in 2010, I started with Facebook. I had a highly engaged, highly active Facebook page. That was my brand.

I created lots of rapport, I built a big community of people, and I then encouraged them to come over and join me on an email list.

Another inspiring story that I really love is from a guy called Marcus Sheridan. He has a blog called

He runs a huge pool company over in the US. When the recession hit a few years back, and companies were going down left right and centre, he sat down and wrote out every single question he thought a customer would have about his services.

He then set up a simple blog and posted all of these questions and his answers.

What was he doing? He was solving the challenges that his customers would have.

While everybody else’s business took a massive dive, his went on to become one of the most profitable and well known pool companies in his area!

It’s all about building that community of people who you can talk to. It’s like going to a coffee shop, sitting down and having a chat with somebody over a coffee, and them telling you some of the challenges they have.

You are then able to resolve these challenges with certain solutions. It’s just like that, except you’re going to do it on a grand scale on social media.

Your challenge!

Your challenge this week, should you choose to accept it, is…

Get out there and start building your community:

1) First of all, you need to choose your authority platform of choice. Are you going to start a blog? Create a Facebook page? Have a Twitter account? Get big on Instagram? Become a Periscope superstar?

You have to choose your authority platform. Don’t try and tackle them all at once because that’s going to lead to huge overwhelm.

Just pick one that you really want to become a specialist on.

What are you going to do? Are you going to do a podcast every week? Are you going to run webinars once every two weeks or once a month? Are you going to become a superstar on Hangouts?

2) Next, you need to make sure that you understand and know your market. We talked about this last week.

You must understand their challenges, their desires, their needs, and you need to know how you can be useful and valuable to them.

3) The third step is that you need to become consistent. You should become useful and valuable to them every single day of the week, or every week of the year, or every month of the year etc.

You need to be out there talking to your potential community, posting and publishing really useful and interesting information that your target market can use, answering questions, solving problems, and just consistently being there to help them resolve their challenges.

Make sure you do this consistently. It may take some time to build up, but if you’re consistent about it, and you’re out there helping your community, you will build a fantastic, big community of people.

At a later stage, you can eventually move these people onto an email list where you can build your business.

I’m a technical dinosaur, I don’t think I can do this………….

What you must not do, under any circumstances, is use technical stuff as an excuse to stop you!

If you want to create a blog, stop worrying about themes, designs and headers. Just go to WordPress, fire up a WordPress blog and use it as is. It’s good enough. Stick an image at the top and just start writing your blog post.

Also, all social media platforms are designed to be extremely user friendly, and they have tonnes of helpful articles and videos to help you get started.

The most important lesson from episode one of Make It Happen Monday was getting it done, and THEN getting it right.

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What else can I do?

I’d love to help you, so please comment below. Let me and your other fellow entrepreneurs know what you’ve chosen as your authority platform. How are you going to move forward and build an amazing community around your brand?

Then have an amazing week, live life on purpose and Make It Happen!



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