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We all love a good story. We love chatting with friends about past experiences and telling stories to our families around the holiday dinner table.

Stories are universal. They allow us to relate to one another at a basic human level.

And yet, when it comes to writing content or copy (the horror!) we usually forget about this!

If you’re like me, when you sit down to write a blog post or an email sales funnel you panic, get overwhelmed with the process and end up putting it off.

But if you learn to incorporate stories into your copy, not only will you produce better content, but you’ll probably even enjoy the process more.

In this week’s Make It Happen Monday, I’m talking about how to easily write engaging content and copy through the use of storytelling.

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I want to start today’s episode with a question. Put your hands in the air if you love copywriting.

That’s any content that ends with somebody taking an action. So it might be a blog post where you’re asking people to do something at the end of the post.

It might be a landing page, a sales page, a script for a video, a webinar you’re hosting, emails, posts on social media, anything at all where your content ends in a call to action.

Who loves it? If you’re anything like me, your hand did not go up in the air!

The pain of copywriting

I have struggled for many years with copywriting. It doesn’t matter if it’s writing sales pages, email campaigns, landing page copy, anything.

Anything where I’m supposed to be thinking about the neuro-linguistic programming element in order to get somebody to take action, what motivates somebody to click that button, what the pain points are that makes somebody think, “Yes I’m going to take action!”

I really struggle sitting down and trying to figure out how to structure copy. Clearly I’m not the only one as copywriters charge thousands for their services! It’s a real skill to write really good copy.

I’m probably connecting with quite a few people here right now who are thinking, “Do you know what Jo, I’m not that keen on it either.”

For those of you out there saying, “Yeah, I absolutely love it,” good for you!

You’ve got a wanted skill there, hone it.

But for the rest of us, it’s a real pain, but it’s something that we have to do in our businesses, right?

How I learnt to love copywriting

I’ve been writing some emails for a new funnel coming out and I was procrastinating. I kept putting it off, and I knew it was because I hate writing copy.

I then listened to a podcast the other day by a phenomenal guy called James Schramko, from www.superfastbusiness.com.

He had a guest on called Daniel Levis who is a copywriting guru! He’s been trained by the best of the best.

The biggest thing I took out of it was the power of storytelling and how you should turn your content into stories.

Now, we all know this, don’t we? But sometimes, you need that reminder. You need the penny to drop for you to go, “Of course, why don’t I make my content more about storytelling?”

There are three elements to getting people to consume your content. Educate, inform and entertain.

Storytelling is really all about entertaining. What if you made entertaining somebody your number one priority?

After listening to this podcast, I sat down with my emails and I thought, “Right, I’m not going to write copy, I’m going to forget NLP, I’m going to forget everything that we’re supposed to do, and I’m simply going to tell stories in these emails.”

Now, I haven’t tested these emails yet, so I can’t tell if they’ve worked. But, when I read them back, they seemed so much better to read, nicer, more personable and not ‘sales pitchy’.

What’s more, they became so much more enjoyable to write.

I really enjoyed the process of writing stories. I had a couple of blog posts to do as well, so I did exactly the same thing. The blog post turned from a fairly boring, static post with information, to something much easier to consume, fun and entertaining.

How to turn all of your copy (posts, sales pages, everything you write) into stories

This will be easier if you have children, but imagine you’re sitting down at night and you’re telling your child a story. It’s so much more fun, isn’t it? We all love stories, whether it’s movies, listening to the radio, reading the news or whatever.

You might be thinking, “But what about getting people to take action, Jo? It’s all good and well telling people a story, entertaining them, but don’t we need all that NLP stuff for them to actually click the button and take action?”

Here’s the key. If you can get people to consume your content, actually read what it is you are writing, posting, recording etc, then there is more chance they will take action.

The more they consume, the more they engage, the more chance they will take action.

NLP or no NLP, they will take action. The key is consumption.

If you’re sat there thinking what on earth NLP is, it stands for neuro-linguistic programming. It’s what all copywriting gurus teach you to press the right buttons into getting people to take action.

With or without this trickery, you will get more people to take more action if they have simply consumed your content.

Your challenge!

Your challenge this week, should you choose to accept it, is…

Become a storyteller!

1) Go through all the content that you need to create

Make a list of all the different things you need to do write – emails, sales pages, blog posts, articles on social media etc.

2) Ask yourself, ‘How can I create a little story out of that?’

I’m not talking about princesses and dragons! All storytelling means is, instead of just out giving a load of facts, cloak everything into a nice little story that entertains and grabs people’s attention.

For example, when we started today I asked you “Who loves copywriting?” Then I told you a bit of a story about how I’ve been struggling with it.

3) Get out there and do it!

Try it, test it and measure it. Then keep testing and measuring – make it happen!

The podcast I’ve been talking about is below this video if you want to have a listen – I highly recommend it. I hope today’s video has been entertaining as well as educational and informative!

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