Make It Happen Monday Episode 3 – Are you Building a Community Around Your Brand?

Welcome to Episode 3 of Make it Happen Monday!

Published every Monday, this is my new weekly video series helping you to blast through any barriers holding up your success in life and business and giving you weekly tips and inspiration to move forward to achieve your goals and dreams!

This week I’m talking about probably the most important element of building an online lifestyle business, which is building a community around your brand’.

When I say community, I’m not just talking about email subscribers, your facebook fans, twitter followers and instagram friends are all part of your community.

The challenge is that building a community can become complicated and overwhelming if we don’t simplify the process.

So that’s what we’re doing this week, simplifying the process of building a community around your brand.

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Today, I want to know, are you building a community around your brand? If not, why not?

Building a community is very, very important.

You see, I have a mission. My mission with my brand and my business is to help action takers, just like you, to create an online lifestyle business

What I mean by “lifestyle business” is that you can basically take your business with you anywhere in the world and live an amazing, wonderful lifestyle (like I do, here in lovely, beautiful Phuket!)

My mission or guiding principle is to help action takers like you create an online lifestyle business that you can run from anywhere in the world, whether that be from your kitchen table or from a beach in Fiji. The choice is obviously yours!

Building a community around my brand is a very important step I took (and everybody should take) when trying to build a lifestyle business.

Woah! This sounds a little complicated / technical!

When people talk about building a community, normally they are talking about building an email list or building a database, and then being able to nurture and talk to those people. Of course that is the end goal.

However, if you go in with the mind-set of, “I must build a huge email list straight away” it can be overwhelming!

You’ll naturally start thinking of aspects such as which auto responder should I use, what compelling offer or lead magnet should I be giving away, what landing page software do I need, how do I build a funnel, how do I get it all setup, etc etc.

You will run into a whole host of technical and knowledge based road blocks that can overwhelm you and stop you in your tracks!

I know this because I’ve been teaching and training people how to do this for many years now, and I know this kind of overwhelm has stopped them in their tracks.

Instead, forget all the technical stuff!

In this day and age, it’s so easy to build a community with social media.

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and so many other platforms allow us to publish and post online, helping us get lots and lots of exposure so we can build a huge community of people that are super interested in the things that we’re talking about.

What I am going to do today is break it down and really simplify it for you into three key steps.

Your challenge!

Your challenge this week, should you choose to accept it, is….

1) First of all, know your brand. You need to know who you are. What does your brand represent? What are you trying to do with your brand? What problems are you trying to solve? What’s the end goal? What’s your product? What’s your service?

You’ve got to know who you are. I know that sounds obvious, but believe me, you’ll be amazed how many people don’t truly get this.

I remember a couple of years ago somebody asked me, “Actually what do you do Jo?” I started stumbling over my words as I tried to explain what my business was!

You really have to be crystal clear on who you are, to the point that you could explain to somebody what your brand is in one sentence.

What do you do? Boom! This is my business in one sentence. Just like an elevator pitch. You need to be super, super clear on your brand and what you do.

2) Next, you need to be crystal clear who your target market is.

Who is your brand going to service? Who are the people that are going to be interested in what you are talking about, what you are posting about, what you are publishing?

Now this could be quite broad or very narrow, it’s up to you. But it’s super important that you know exactly who those people are and, more importantly, what their challenges are.

How can you help them? How can you be useful to them? How can you provide lots of value to them?

This is how you build a big community of people; by being super valuable and super useful to that community, and by presenting solutions to challenges they may have.

3) The third step is to go and build this community. How do you do this? By talking!

Talk to your community as your brand. Solve their problems, present solutions, chat to them and create rapport. These days with social media this has become so much easier. Social media is like gold to a brand.

I’ll touch on how to talk to your market as a brand in another week, but right now your challenge for this week is to make sure that you have identified exactly what your brand is, and exactly who your target market is.

What else can I do?

Why not post your answers to this week’s challenge in the comments below? Come and tell me about your brand, what you do and your target market. I’d love to talk to you, and I can let you know if you’re on the right track.

Have an amazing week, live life on purpose and Make It Happen!



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