Become a Prolific Content Creator

Welcome to Episode 20 of Make it Happen Monday!

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Let’s talk about creating content.

You know you need to create content for your audience in order to grow your business. You hear it over and over again from coaches and business experts.

But sometimes it can feel like an overwhelming task! You want to be on every social media platform, and you have all kinds of things you’d like to create, but you just haven’t the time!

How can you create consistent content and stay relevant without letting all the other areas of your business crumble?

In this week’s Make It Happen Monday, I’m talking about how to become a prolific creator of content that your audience will love!

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Ten Qualities of Social Media Superstars – Mari Smith

Content is king

I attended a webinar about 5 years ago held by Mari Smith called The 10 Qualities of Social Media Superstars (ten-qualities-of-social-media-superstars-featuring-leaders).

She talked about all of the qualities that a social media superstar needed to have in order to build a fabulously big community of loyal customers.

The one quality that stuck with me over all these years is the need to become a prolific content creator. Be somebody who creates and publishes lots and lots of useful and valuable content.

I cannot stress enough how important this, in whatever business you are in, especially in today’s world where there is so much competition.

It’s so difficult to get visibility. It is not just a case of building a website, clicking a button and going live….. and that’s it.Everybody’s going to see you!

There are millions of blogs and websites online. Go through your feed on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. In fact, there are thousands of social media platforms now, let alone the information that is on those platforms.

How do I stand out?

It’s easy to think that, because there’s that much information online, a little bit of content from you will make no difference whatsoever.

This is true. A little bit of content from you isn’t going to make a difference.

But a LOT of content from you that is useful, valuable and, most importantly, consistent IS going to make a difference.

If you actually have a look through all that online noise, you’ll find there is an awful lot out there, but there aren’t many people who consistently produce and publish quality information.

Consistent high quality content is the key to standing out among the noise.

It’s not about publishing something every so often. It means every single week you are releasing something on a specific day that your audience becomes familiar with, who know it’s coming out, and they start to look out for it.

This is what I’ve done with these Make It Happen Monday videos. I now get so many emails from people who say, “Jo, I can’t wait till your Monday video!”

By publishing a video every single Monday, my audience has got to the point now where they know that it is coming out on a

Monday, and some of them are really looking forward to it.

This is how you grow your presence. By growing your presence online, you are on the radar and mind-set of your potential audience and your target market.

How do I create so much content – I can’t keep up!

How on earth can you be everywhere? You see someone like Gary Vaynerchuk. He’s on Twitter, Facebook, Snap chat. He is here, there, and everywhere!

How do you get that kind of profile? How do you do what Hub Spot does, constantly delivering brand new content, free gifts, e-books, marketing materials, and checklists? How do you do what these guys do?

When you start out, you can’t, so stop comparing yourself to these people who have now built massive resources and big teams.

Hub Spot has got hundreds of staff, many of them content producers. Stop trying to be like these guys and let’s just start from where you are now.

This week, you will take the first steps to becoming a prolific content creator.

Your challenge!

Your challenge this week, should you choose to accept it, is…

Become a prolific content creator:

1) Pick ONE content platform

Don’t try and be everywhere all at once! It’s easy when you see some successful people, like Gary Vaynerchuk, who are literally everywhere to think that you need to also be everywhere straight away.

All this will lead to is overwhelm and lack of focus.

Pick one platform to be your authority platform.

Are you going to be a blogger and write an article every single week? Are you going to be a podcaster and record a podcast every week? Are you going to be a video maker and produce videos every week?

2) Create valuable and useful content that your audience needs.

This is really important! Don’t just start writing stuff that you think is valuable to you.
Do surveys or look at questions that your audience is asking on social media, on etc.

Now, produce valuable and interesting information that solves your customer’s problem.

3) Put in place a system whereby you will create and publish new content every week.

You might release a podcast every Wednesday. Or release a video every Friday. Or hold a webinar every Monday.

Consistently deliver your content every single week on a specific day so it becomes familiar and people anticipate it is coming.

Why weekly? You don’t have to follow a weekly timeframe

What is important is that you decide with absolute focus that you are going to publish something consistently. So if you can do that daily then go for it! If you feel you can only do this monthly, then do it monthly.

Even monthly content, published consistently over time, is better than a flurry of content and then radio silence!

4) Add other content once this weekly content is doing well

For example, my Make It Happen Monday videos are starting to build an audience, we are gaining traction, and people are starting to recognize it.

People are telling other people, so we’re getting word of mouth. But I want more visitors!

So what am I going to do? I am going to start doing some more ‘how to’ blog posts and some more ‘how to’ videos.

I might decide to do a ‘how to’ blog post every Wednesday.

So now, as before, I need to be consistent. So every Wednesday, I am going to have a blog post coming.

Consistency is key!

5) Repurpose content

This is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to creating lots of content.

You can take your blog posts and turn them into videos, or vice versa. Or turn them into podcasts, or turn your podcasts into videos.

You can create a PDF from 3 or more blog posts on the same theme and give that away. You can create slides from a video.

Repurposing content is also a great way to start diversifying and publishing on other channels and platforms to build new audiences. So you can have a blog post on Facebook, but have the video on YouTube etc.

I wrote an article a few years ago for (I will include the link below this video – please check as shows no link to this under video!) which talks all about re-purposing content.

6) Let people know you exist!

Just publishing your content is not enough. You must promote, promote, promote!

As soon as you got your content out there, tell the world about it. Use your social media channels. Use a bit of paid media, if your budget allows. Let people know your content exists.

ep 20 infographic

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