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How often do you reach the end of your day and wonder where the time went?

You feel like your wheels were spinning all day at full speed, but you don’t really have much to show for all that effort.

It’s a common problem, isn’t it? You realize you spent too much time focused on the things that didn’t make a big impact in your life or business, and far too little on the stuff that matters most.

This used to happen to me frequently. But lately I’ve been tweaking just two things about my daily schedule, and my productivity has gone through the roof!

In this week’s Make It Happen Monday, I’m talking about how to be dramatically more productive every day!

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I’ve talked a lot previously about productivity because I believe it’s so incredibly important. It’s something that I am always working on to improve.

Today, I want to talk about two really simple, easy techniques I’ve been using over the last few weeks that have dramatically increased my productivity beyond anything I’ve ever dreamed about.

This is despite the fact that I’m quite a productive person anyway!

A few weeks ago, I made a video called “creating a routine around essential tasks”

I talked about identifying your essential tasks and creating a daily routine around them. These 2 techniques help with this as they actually create that routine.

Productivity technique 1 – weekly time tracker

Now there’s loads of smartphone apps for tracking time. But I would advise against using these unless you’re already using one all the time.

Apps can take you days to figure out how to use them. Don’t try to learn a new app as you’re wasting time (which is what we’re trying to avoid here!)

Use a piece of paper and a pen, or use something like Google Docs, and just input Monday to Friday (to Sunday, if you work over the weekend).

Then add all the hours of the day, from starting work to whatever time you finish. Now you have blocks of an hour each to write down what you’ve done in that hour.

Just this simple act of writing down what I’ve done in an hour has made me more productive. I became really aware of what I was doing.

It does take some discipline to do this every day, every hour, but it only takes about five seconds to quickly list what you’ve done for the last hour.

Get into the habit of doing this every hour, every day.

I must admit, I did skip a couple of days near the beginning. I had to think to myself, “Today I’m definitely going to fill up my time tracker.”

Just because you forget for a day or so, don’t stop doing it for good! Go back to it and keep doing it. The more you do it, the more you will become really aware of where you are spending your time.

Now I’m not saying that you are going to time track forever. This is just a short term thing for maybe a week or two, just to see where you are spending your time and where you are wasting your time.

Where you are wasting time is what we want to try to eliminate.

Productivity technique 2 – create a ‘prioritised’ to do list

How many times do you sit down at night before the next day, or first thing in the morning before you start work, and write out your to do List?

We all do that, don’t we? We write down all the tasks that we are going to do that day.

How many times do you find that you are writing out quite a few of those to-dos again for the next day? A lot, I bet!

I have changed the way I do my to-do list. What I now do is stick to three ‘must do’ tasks. Sometimes, there may be four or five, but I try to stick to three.

I put a line under these ‘must do’ tasks and then I think, “What other stuff do I need to do?”

These are my ‘nice to get done’ tasks. But I will only get to these AFTER I complete my ‘must do’ tasks.

Now, every day, I get up and the first things I focus on are the 3-5 absolute ‘must do’ tasks that have to be completed today. I find that I’m always getting these tasks done now, and I’m even starting to move on to some of the ‘nice to get done’ tasks.

The next night, some of these ‘nice to get done’ tasks may become ‘must do’ tasks for the next day. And of course, there are some ‘must do’ tasks that are always ‘must do’ tasks.
By using this technique, my productivity has soared!

Your challenge!

Your challenge this week, should you choose to accept it, is…

Dramatically increase your productivity!

1) Start tracking your time.

Create a Google Doc or just grab a piece of paper and a pen. Add Monday through to Sunday, and 5:00 o’clock until midnight, or whatever hours you work.

Put them on the sheet and start writing down every hour what you did in the last hour.

2) Prioritise your ‘to do’ list

Rather than just having a big old to-do list, write the top three or so ‘must do’ tasks for the next day.

Separate the other tasks below the ‘must do’ list as the ‘nice to get done’ tasks.

3) Get up and make those ‘must do’ tasks happen!

Tackle those tasks today, and then you can start going through your ‘nice to get done’ list, if you have time.

Combining both the time tracker technique and the prioritising to do list technique will make your productivity shoot through the roof!


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