Why the Lego Movie Was One of the Greatest Marketing Moves of All Time

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Did you see the Lego Movie? I know, I know. It came out a couple of years ago; I’m a bit behind the times. But in any case, it was a great film, and it was monstrously successful!

And why was it so successful? Because Lego took a product and turned it into a story. What a brilliant plan!

Stories are the backbone of any great brand. Stories make us loyal to one brand over another. Plato said, “Those who tell stories rule the world.” Smart man, that Plato.

In this week’s Make It Happen Monday, I’m talking about stories and how they can help you relate to and engage with your audience.

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Today, I want to talk about why the Lego movie is the best piece of marketing I’ve ever seen!
They took a product and they turned it into a film. It’s genius when you think about it!

Now, there’s all these kids sitting there watching this film, imaginations fired up, and next it’s “Mommy and Daddy, I want Lego! I want this and that character, this city, that town etc so that I can go home and play with it and make up these fantastic stories like I saw in the film.”

Absolutely brilliant!

Turning a product into a story

Lego have taken their brand and they created a story around it. Who doesn’t love a good story?

Film is a great medium because it’s about telling a story. It’s why people love reality shows so much because they take real life, all the everyday, mundane, boring aspects, and turn it into exciting stories.

We all love stories. We go out with our friends and have a gossip over a cup of tea. The most fun people we choose to hang out with are great at telling stories.

E.g. “Oh I was sitting in the traffic today, and I saw this guy overtake this guy. And then this guy came out, and then they had a big argument, and then this happened…..”

We all love to hear how something unfolds into this lovely, big story!

How does telling a story translate to our online businesses?

If you’re just going out there with your brand, giving factual information, and you’re just telling people how things are, that’s OK.

But if you really want your audience to resonate, connect, engage, and get involved with you, then you want a really good story.

What’s your story? What is the story behind your business?

As an example, my story is that I am a 40 something, very normal, average, everyday mom and partner, and a business owner. I decided 6-7 years ago that I wanted to run a business that I could manage from anywhere in the world.
Since then, I have been traveling. I’ve lived in South East Asia. I’ve lived in Australia. I’ve lived in Europe. I’ve basically travelled around the world being able to work from wherever I lay my hat!

That’s my story. I now publish photos showing me ‘living the online lifestyle’. I tell people about my travels. I talk about where we’ve landed now or what we’re doing next. Why? Because people are interested in this!

They’re interested in the story, the story of travel, the different places I visit, where I go, and how I work while I’m there etc.

This then gets them interested in me, my brand, my business, what I’m doing and how I can help them.
Of course, I also add technical and ‘how to’ posts to do with running an online business, and there are courses, training, and education to help them to live a similar story to mine – the story of freedom. Starring Jo Barnes!

Your challenge!

Your challenge this week, should you choose to accept it, is…

Find your story!

1) What’s your story?

What’s the story of your brand? What’s the story of your product or your service? What about you, the person behind the brand?

Don’t just make it up. Think about how you can take what you’ve done so far, your experiences, how you came up with your brand, how you came up with your product or service, why you decided to go in that particular direction -what’s the story behind it?

2) Think forward

You may be thinking that you’re not that impressed with your journey so far.
Start thinking of what you want your story to be. What’s your business going to be? What’s the brand? Why are you doing that business? What’s the WHY behind what you’re doing it?

This can be your story – your mission behind why you’ve picked that particular business.

Your story can come from many different angles. It can be all about who you’re helping and why you want to help them.
It can be all about why you decided to go into that particular business or niche. It can be all about how you’ve come to be at this point in your life.

3) Create your brand and everything around your story

Your customers, visitors etc are interested in YOU. Giving out useful information in your niche is good, but they will be curious about the person behind the brand.

Let them know who you are and tell them your story.

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