Get It Done, Then Get It Right!

Welcome to the first ever episode of Make it Happen Monday!

To be published every Monday, this is my brand new weekly video series helping you to blast through any barriers holding up your success in life and business and giving you weekly tips and inspiration to move forward to achieve your goals and dreams!

This week I’m talking about Getting it Done then Getting It Right.

We’re all guilty of procrastination at some point or another.

Whether it’s fear that drives the inaction or just downright laziness the fact is it’s a natural human phenomenon so you’re not alone.

If you want to achieve your goals and dreams however, you have to find a way to take action on a consistent basis and not allow the voices of doubt inside your head to control you.

This weeks episode focuses on how simply getting it done (whatever ‘it’ may be) then improving it and getting it right later will change the direction of your life and business dramatically!

Imagine actually doing everything you say you’re going to do? Even imperfectly! What kind if effect would that have on your life?

Watch Episode 1 of Make it Happen Monday and embrace this weeks challenge with an open mind and heart!

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Welcome to the first ever episode of Make It Happen Monday!

What is Make It Happen Monday?

It’s a weekly video series where you will be given one challenge, strategy or thought process. If you follow each one consistently for that entire week and beyond, it will make a dramatic difference to your business and life.

Quite a bold claim? Perhaps. But bear in mind, the number one reason that we don’t achieve all of our goals and dreams is because of fear and lack of action. If these tips and videos help you move past your internal roadblocks, then change will happen.

The first concept is…..

Get it done, then get it right!

What do I mean by this? I’m going to use myself as a great example.

I have been procrastinating on making these videos for months. Why?

Self-doubt and fear, things that we all experience. “What if it’s a load of rubbish? What if nobody listens? What if it’s not unique enough? What if it’s the same as other people’s weekly video series?”

I’ve made so many excuses not to make these videos. Excuses such as “I can’t possibly get this live until I’ve done a jingle, or I’ve added a really flashy intro, or I’ve got really good graphics, and a professionally edited video…. oh and I’ve lost 30 pounds!”

See what I’m doing? These are all excuses I’m making not to get something done. This is something we all do when we’re living in fear. We come up with a million and one excuses as to why we shouldn’t get something done.

We’re so scared of failing, we start to believe that everything has to be ‘perfect’ before we actually do anything.

Your challenge!

Your challenge this week, should you chose to accept it, is….

Whatever you’re working on at the moment that you’ve been perfecting for ages, I want you to do it this week.

If you’ve been thinking, “I’m going to tweak it, I’m going to do this and that to it, and then when it’s right, I’m finally going to launch / publish it……..” Stop!

Stop tweaking, stop perfecting. Just get it done!

I can assure you, it’s probably already good enough. If you continue to tweak and perfect before you actually get it done, chances are, you’re still going to be in the same position this time next year.

Deep down, you know when you’re not moving forward. That’s you procrastinating and acting out of fear. Please, just get it done this week and then decide to improve, tweak and perfect as you move forward.

In other words, get it done first, and THEN, get it right.

Get in touch!

Can you see the comments below? I really want to hear from you. If you have any reason why you don’t think you can make it happen this week, I want to know why.

Tell me why you think this, and then I can tell you why you absolutely can make it happen!

If you’re out there kicking booty with your business right now, I want to hear from you too. We all love a great success story. Please come and tell me and your fellow entrepreneurs what you are doing.

Have an amazing week, live life on purpose and Make It Happen!



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