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So we’re supposed to be in Sri Lanka right now but unfortunately after the recent horrific events we felt it best to change our travel plans and extend our stay in India for a couple of days.

So we added a day in Madurai and a day and a half in Kochi.

However, I have to be honest we’re not getting any younger (my sister is 8 years older than me), and our trip to date has been full on, and so after a hot morning visiting various temples in Madurai, we spent the rest of our time there chilling by the pool!

(It had to be done).

But the Meenakshi Temple was well worth the visit as was the Gandhi Museum outlining the history of Indian Independence.

Gosh us Brits have got a lot to answer for in this world. 😞

While chillaxing at the hotel though we were not alone & were privy to some wonderful dance displays from our beautiful friends.

What a great way to relax and let the day go by! 😁