Stories and Tips about putting your lifestyle first

Our family motto is ‘Lifestyle First’! Lifestyle for us is travel, sunshine, exploring the world, broadening our minds. Lifestyle is whatever it means to you! In this section you’ll find travel stories, working from home tips, working & traveling tips, bucket lists, anything and everything pertaining to putting your lifestyle first!


India Here We Come!

Yipeee the next Sisters on Tour trip has been planned and booked! Every year for the last 3 years my sister & I have gone off traveling for 3 weeks in Feb / March time leaving hubby & kids behind! The first year we did a city tour covering Bangkok, Hong...


You Don’t Need As Much As You Think You Do

The beauty of running a lifestyle business is that you can work your own hours around your lifestyle! You’re not constantly stressed by overheads & wages & deadlines & investors etc. Which means today I could enjoy the beach, the sunset, a beer and a...

How to Become a Micro Angel

Hello Awesome Entrepreneur! Thanks for stopping by this post. What is a Micro Angel? I explain all in this video or you can simply read through the rest of the post. 🙂 You might be wondering 'what is a Micro Angel'? A Micro Angel is an investor who funds startups...

Micro Angel

Have You Got a Voluptuous Bottom?

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you feel as though a huge lightbulb just went on in your head? You already knew deep down what you needed to do, but for some reason you just couldn't make the change, get committed, make it happen. Well, I have just had...

My 12 Day Trip to the Buddhist Fat Camp!

How are you? I feel like I have been away for ages, but it has in fact only been 2 weeks! I have been on a life changing journey and I would really like to tell you all about it, if that's ok! It's a complete change from talking about Social Media, but how many...