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Our family motto is ‘Lifestyle First’! Lifestyle for us is travel, sunshine, exploring the world, broadening our minds. Lifestyle is whatever it means to you! In this section you’ll find travel stories, working from home tips, working & traveling tips, bucket lists, anything and everything pertaining to putting your lifestyle first!


Sisters on Tour in The Maldives!!!

Ever ones for a good photo opportunity, we've arrived! Hee hee! 😁 Altogether Too Beautiful! Well what can I say about the Maldives!? It’s truly everything you think it’s going to be and more! White sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters, blue skies,...


Sisters on Tour in India

It's 4.45am and I am excitedly getting the last of my little backpack ready for the next 23 days! Today my Sister & I fly to Kathmandhu in Nepal. We're staying at a place called Thamel in the heart of Kathmandhu for a couple of days as we explore the local area and...


What’s on Your Bucket List?

Hey hey awesome action taker! I want to ask you a question - 'What’s on your bucket list?' Do you even have a bucket list? In fact what the heck is a bucket list?? The saying actually comes from an English term ‘to kick the bucket’ which is slang for ‘to die’ and...

Bucket List

10 Things I Love About Phuket

We started coming to Phuket back in 2010 when we first left the UK. The first trip was just a two week holiday on route to Australia. It rained the entire time but I absolutely fell in love with the place. The climate was amazing, the people so friendly with...

Amazing Tips for Taking Iphone Photos

I’m not sure where I came across this guy but he’s phenomenal! I love to take photos on my iphone but am not an amazing photographer. I’ve even thought about taking some photography courses, but most I have researched immediately advocate buying a nice big...

Iphone photos

Home is Where the Heart Is! 🙂

It’s Saturday and as you read this I’m on route to Avoriaz in France to meet up with friends and go skiing for the week! I have to say, I’m in two minds about the whole thing. I first went skiing two years ago and the biggest lesson I learned was not to start...