What Starting a Lifestyle Business and Getting Married Have in Common

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So last week a good friend and member of the YLB community contacted me with a conundrum.

He has a full time job and needs to replace his income within the next 3 years or so. He’s been working on 2 or 3 online business ideas but is unsure which one to pursue.

Should he do the one he has some experience with and kind of got started a while ago but was thwarted by platform updates. (I’ve been there many times, hence why I don’t publish social media courses anymore!)

Should he go with a dream of his he’s had for a while or should he go with a business he’s already invested into quite heavily with his partner, but is mainly his partners dream.

Hmmm, decision, decisions.

But you know, its decisions like this that hold us back from getting out there and living the life we dream about, so in todays episode I’m going to talk about why starting a lifestyle business is a lot like getting married and how this can help you finally make that all important decision.

The greatest challenge we have today is not lack of opportunity but rather too much!

There are so many choices now of paths we could take to build a lifestyle business or side hustle.

In all seriousness sometimes I feel so lucky to have been born into a time with so much opportunity, and I’m always preaching abundance to my daughter, but unfortunately it’s also had an adverse affect.

The sheer amount of abundance available to us now in the West has led to indecision, procrastination, and in more severe cases overwhelm and depression.

But I am not a counsellor so I will simply focus on the amount of opportunity available to us and how we can make the kind of decision which sets us on the road to building a lifestyle business we can run from anywhere in the world, which is my speciality.

So if you’re listening to this thinking really Jo? Opportunity? What is it, where is it?

Firstly listen to MIHM Episode 82 – My 4 ways to build a business while traveling and then google – ’side hustles’, you will see hundreds and hundreds of ways you can earn enough money to give up your day job.

The challenge is which one is for you?

One of the reasons we have such a hard time making these decisions is a good old thing called FOMO.

You know that feeling you get when your family won’t let you in on the inside joke!?

Fear of missing out.

We fear that if we pick one avenue, then we may miss out on the opportunity of another avenue which may be a better choice.

We do this so much that we end up simply researching and learning about all the avenues without actually taking action on any of them.

All of a sudden a few years have passed and we’re no closer to where we truly want to get to.

We start to say things like, I don’t know what my passion is, or I’m not sure what my calling is or I don’t know what my purpose is.

And the simple thing is not everyone has a clear cut passion or purpose.

In fact I believe that passion comes from passion. It’s not just something that’s sitting there waiting to be found.

For example, I live in an environment where everyone exercises. Seriously you would not believe the amount of people who are constantly engaged in triathlons, iron mans, marathons, mountain trails etc. You name it they’re all doing it and it’s a classic contradiction of the theory you are who you hang out with.

Because no matter how much I hang out with them I do not look like an athlete and my body is definitely not built for triathlons!

But I digress.

The fact is at the beginning of this school term, I had a choice to go swimming 3 times a week, do bootcamp or walk round the local dam with a friend.

If I do swimming I get a fabulous all round workout with no heavy impact on my aging knees. If I do bootcamp, I work on strengthening my muscles and it’s more social. If I go walking it’s also a great catch up with a great friend.

So you see there is no clear winner!

And this is the conundrum.

When assessing what business you’d like to start or what niche you’d like to go into, unless one absolutely jumps out at you and says ‘pick me, pick me’ and you just know that’s the right way to go, how do you decide?

Well baton the hatches my friend because I’m going to tell you, it’s extremely technical and not could take a moment or two for you to truly understand and comprehend so are you ready?

1. Gather a list of your favorite options
2. Open your phone and go to your timer feature
3. Set the timer for 60 seconds
4. Click start
5. Recite ‘eeny, meeny, miny moe for 60 seconds
6. When the alarm goes off, the one your finger is on is your choice.

You may think I’m being flippant, but seriously any decision is better than no decision.

What is holding you back is not the amount of opportunities, the lack of opportunity, whether you have or haven’t found your passion or purpose.

What is holding you back is your indecision.

If you cannot make a decision based on logic alone, then flipping a coin is your next best option.

And guess what?

By doing rather than thinking or learning, you will probably quite quickly discover whether you have made the right decision or not.

It could literally happen with days that you decide, you know what this isn’t for me.

You may find yourself doing something you really don’t like or feel uncomfortable with, and if that’s the case, act quickly and about turn and try something else.

Trust your instincts.

I have just done this myself.

I have started two new projects, one of which I love and can’t wait to get out of bed to start.

The other within a day I realized this was not for me and so I will use it as an experiment and move on pretty damn quick.

But you only discover this by doing. Otherwise you may romanticize about what it could be only to find it’s not for you.

It might take a bit longer to discover its not for you, you may have invested some money or time, but still you will have learned an immense amount along the way and will be able to take those new found skills into something else.

On the flip side of the coin, you could start doing something and find you absolutely love it and Boom! There’s that passion you’ve been searching for.

So here’s why starting a business is like starting a solid relationship that you have high hopes for.

Once you have decided what business you are going to pursue, you need to commit wholeheartedly.

You cannot stray for a minimum of 12 – 18 months. You have to give the model and yourself time to make it work.

Your enemy is distraction. Other business models, other people talking of their success with other business models.

Do whatever you need to do to limit your distractions.

I have recently decided I want to become an author. It is undoubtedly where my passions lie.

I have unsubscribed from anything that does not aid me in my plight to achieve that goal.

I do not want to learn how to build video courses. I do not want to learn how to run a software business, I do not want to learn how to become a YouTube influencer.

I want to learn how to write better, how to build an audience more rapidly, how to increase visitors to my blog, how to improve my social media impact to help build my audience who will hopefully buy my books.

I have honed my inbox, my notifications, my podcasts etc to everyone and everything that can help me to achieve my main goal.

So when do you know whether it will work or when to quit?

Years ago, I took a job as an Assistant Entertainments Manager at a caravan park in Bristol UK.

Sounds grand, but basically I was a glorified kids entertainer, singer & DJ.

When I first arrived it was Winter and miserable. The caravan park was empty bar me and my boss who lived in a beautiful static motor home while I couldn’t swing a cat in mine and had to blow dry cling film to my windows to keep the wind out.

It was dark, dreary and lonely and with respect my boss was an arsehole and spoke to me like shit.

I remember calling my Dad, crying down the phone and telling him I wanted to come home.

He told me, give it 6 months Jo. If you hate it in 6 months, you can come home then. But you have to give opportunities, no matter how tough they may be, a fair crack of the whip.

He was right and as summer came round, the park got busy, I made new friends and the whole season was a ton of fun.

The moral of the story is course is that you have to give something your all.

You can’t go into a new marriage with one foot out the door eyeing up other opportunities.

You have to commit, passionately and give it 100% until either you realize you absolutely, categorically cannot stand doing it another day or you have exhausted every possible avenue to make it successful but it’s just clearly not that into you!

Please always remember though, if someone has done it before you, it can be done.

Don’t liken that sentence to a relationship please or it sounds a bit dodgy.

Every day you need to remind yourself why you’re doing it, what your goals are and what you want to achieve and by when. Set small milestones, give yourself some quick wins and focus, focus, focus.

If you stick with it and put 100% into it, you will succeed.

I would love to hear from you! Let me know what decisions are holding you back.

The best place to come and have a chat with me is in my facebook group. Just search for ‘Your Lifestyle Business’ on FB and come and join the fun!

In the meantime, Live Life on Purpose and of course as always Make It Happen.

Thanks for listening, speak again next week.

Jo :)

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