Leadpages vs Thrive Themes vs OP2 vs Click Funnels!

Leadpages vs Thrive Themes vs OP2 vs Click Funnels!

If you’re doing any kind of page building at the moment, whether that’s squeeze pages, thank you pages, sales pages, download pages, any web or funnel style pages whatsoever, then STOP IT!

Outsource it! You should be marketing and promoting your business. That’s your No 1 priority and if you’re hiding behind a technical labyrinth of procrastination, then I can tell you that’s not going to bring you in customers.

That being said, with the amount of ‘non techie’ page builders that are popping up all over the web these days sometimes it’s quicker to do it yourself.

So if you are a DIY page builder and you refuse to outsource then this post is for you!

I decided to to a quick review of four platforms.

Thrive Themes

Leadpages & OP2 are the page builders I use most regularly in my business. Thrive Themes I’ve had a play with and Click Funnels is brand new (with a free trial at the time of writing).

For this experiment I created a squeeze page in each platform with the same details (some small changes were made due to the design of the pages).

Here are my results;

Leadpages – Page Created in 3 minutes


Thrive Themes – Page Created in 3 minutes


OP2 – Page Created in 2mins 30 secs


Click Funnels – Page Created in 5 mins (I am completely new to Click Funnels though!)


I recorded myself building each page so if you’d like to see how each platform works and watch over my shoulder as I create the pages then please see the videos below.

Leadpages vs Thrive Themes (9 mins)


OP2 vs ClickFunnels (11 mins)


The VERDICT (2 mins)

If you don’t have the time to watch the vids (although I highly recommend you do), here’s an overview of what I think are the pros and cons of each platform;



  • So, so, so easy to use. Just click and edit. That’s it.
  • Use their pre-written copy on the pages, just swap out the key elements for your products / industry.
  • You can pick a template based on it’s overall conversion rates.
  • The templates look nice, they’re clean, well designed and definitely improve conversions.
  • They have the functionality for you to upload media, so you can build an entire funnel just on their system.
  • Publish your page straight into a tab on facebook
  • Loads more. Leadpages is definitely the page builder of choice!


  • Due to how they’re setup, there’s little room for innovation so can at times be inflexible, which is the main reason I don’t create sales pages on Lead pages.
  • They’re so popular you will see your design used my many others online. However they are adding more and more templates, so this problem will undoubtedly be short lived.


$37 / $67 / $97 a month depending on what package you choose

Thrive Themes


  • You can plug it in to your wordpress website and create any page you like on your site
  • Very flexible drag & drop style editor. You can put what you want where you want it
  • Easy to use and edit, particularly as it’s all in page, so you’re seeing your page as you’re building it
  • Innovative team behind it, so lots of new features & updates being released regularly
  • They are adding pre-made templates much like the other systems for you to amend and edit and make your own.


  • Until they release more templates, it requires a little more ‘techie’ input. If you want to make your page look fancy with colours and outlines there’s definitely more to it. (I have to add a caveat here that I have only played with it a little. I’m not a seasoned user so I may be doing it an injustice, but I’m looking at it from a very simple new, non techie user point of view)
  • There’s simply more ‘fiddling about’ required at the moment to end up with a nice design.


$59 / $87 / $199 depending on what package you use.



  • James & his team have done a great job with OP2. It’s a fantastic very flexible page builder for the total ‘non techie’s’ amongst us
  • Easy to use, drag & drop, on page editor
  • Super flexible, you can build any page with any design you like
  • Once you have a design you like you can save the template and re-use on any site with OP2 installed
  • Comes with pre-made templates a bit like leadpages (but a lot more flexible) that you can edit and make your own


So why isn’t OP2 the winner?

  • Because it’s so laborious to use. There’s so much clicking and adding of rows and elements and bits and pieces that to build a page is about as interesting as watching paint dry!


$97 / $197 / $297 one off fees depending which package you choose.

Click Funnels


Because this is a brand new software I don’t really know enough about it yet, but my first impressions are as follows;

  • It’s not just a page builder, it’s a funnel builder. This really could be a complete game changer if you’re building any kind of funnels in your business
  • It’s flexible and as with Thrive Themes and OP2 looks on first glance like you could create any page design you wanted to
  • It comes with pre-made templates that you can use and edit to make your own
  • Because it’s a funnel builder, the page building side is just one element, it’s heavily focused on stats, conversion rates and helping you to generate leads and sales. It’s really a business system which probably takes it slightly out of the realm of todays experiment


  • Right now it’s a bit buggy. The team have some work to do to smooth some of the techie elements out.


2 week free trial (closes Oct 7th), thereafter $97 / month


So clearly Leadpages is my Lead page builder of choice and I actually outsource sales pages and more complex designs these days, although we do use OP2 for simple sales pages.

However I am looking forward to playing more with Click Funnels. Once they iron out some of their small teething problems (which happens with all new software), then I think that’s going to be a very useful and time saving tool. Grab your free trial now, it closes in a few days.

Lastly click here if you’d like a copy of my 8 Email Styles PDF as demonstrated in the videos!

I’d love to hear from you. Has this been helpful? Do you have any others you recommend? Have you got any questions? I’m here to help!

Happy page building!

Jo :)



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