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by | May 17, 2020

As a global traveller I’m not going to deny that right now I feel boxed in.

As lovely a place as Phuket is, it’s a very small island and with the shops, beaches, cinema and most restaurants & cafes closed, even though the sun is shining and I’m still in shorts and a tee, I’m itching to jump on a plane and go exploring.

In fact this week coming, myself & Rhett were supposed to be in Cambodia.

But I can’t complain, I’m healthy, my family is well and the virus hasn’t hit as hard here as it has in other parts of the world.

Did I mention my friends ’The Worthingtons’ are also stranded here in Phuket?

Boo Hoo, locked down on a paradise island!

You may have seen myself & Dan on some FB Lives as we’re taking full advantage of being in the same time zone.

Dan & Sue have been superstars since I met them online back in 2013 ish. They were students of my ‘Instant Sales Funnel’, and started to generate online income from the very start. They then followed us into Amazon (much to Dan’s disapproval as he was focused on online courses and launches at the time, but his Mum convinced him this was the way to go).

They started their Amazon business ‘Craftamo’ back in 2015 and by 2018 were generating enough to sell up and start full time travel.

In February they made their way over to Phuket to come to my wedding with a plan of a short trip around Asia before heading off to Vancouver & the US.

But within a couple of weeks of the wedding, the world had begun to lock its doors and Phuket followed suit shutting airports, land & sea ports.

So here they are. All future plans on hold as they wait out the uncertainty. Phuket have extended all tourist visas until the end of July, so we’re hoping there will be some positive news across the world by then!

In the meantime, Dan & I are hatching all sorts of future business plans and its been awesome to be around such similar and entrepreneurially energetic minds!

This week at Your Lifestyle Business

Not much to update on this week as it’s been a ‘head down get my podcast system in place week’.

I have literally spent 3 full days, editing, transcribing & uploading podcast episodes so I can get a few weeks ahead.

This week I hired a podcast producer and a VA to do it all for me for future episodes, creating videos and drive docs with instructions and systems.

If you’re thinking of creating a system for creating and publishing content. Whether that be videos, podcasts or blog posts, here’s my system for podcasting;

  1. Record FB Live (this is how my podcasts generally start)
  2. After live – record 1 min summary intro to FB Live (this is a nice way to start an episode by summarizing what you or your guest spoke about)
  3. Upload both videos to folder in dropbox
  4. Podcast producer edits videos – 1 min intro / YLB musical intro / Main segment / YLB musical outro.
  5. He then uploads the video to Zubtitle. (More on this awesome piece of kit in a second).
  6. At the same time he extracts the audio and uploads to (my podcasting platform). See this post to learn how to create and upload podcasts on
  7. My VA heads into Zubtitle and checks the video transcription amending and correcting to ensure it’s accurate.
  8. I download the transcript to create show notes (I did have my podcast producer creating the show notes, but I’m so darn fussy that it’s my voice, so I’ve decided to carry on writing the show notes. To be fair it also helps me to write the social media posts).
  9. I upload the now ‘captioned’ video into FB, YouTube & IGTV. I haven’t tested the platforms yet to see whether this strategy of simply uploading the videos will work, particularly for IGTV where traditionally shorter videos seem to be the trend, so am thinking of breaking the lives up into smaller segments to post on that platform.
  10. Create a short podcast ‘preview’ in Wavve.
  11. Start marketing!

It sounds a little complex when laid out like this, but now I have a podcast producer & VA, all I’m doing is recording the live, creating the show notes & then telling the world it’s live!

Happy Days.

The two platforms I mention above are;

1. Zubtitles. This is an awesome platform. You upload your video, it transcribes your video and adds the captions onto your video. You scroll through the captions while listening to the video / reading the captions, amend and correct anything that’s inaccurate (very low rate), style the captions so they look good on your video and export!

There you have a fully captioned video to use anywhere on the web. You can also download the transcript from the software to use to write a blog post, create a transcript page of your episode (like I do), create your show notes, create descriptions, quotes, social media content etc.

Here’s a quick demo;

[jovideo src=””]

NB – If you use Zubtitles and decide to sign up for one of their subscription plans you can get 50% off your first month if you use my referral code! Just type this – UUL062 – into the relevant box on the sub page and you’ll be good to go!

2. Wavve. Created by the same guys who brought us Zubtitle is Turning your audio podcast into a mini ‘preview’ video, you can then post across social media.

Here’s a demo of how this works;

[jovideo src=””]

So now I have my podcast system in place, I am free to start inviting guests onto FB Lives or podcast interviews, knowing that once the interview has been recorded, all I have to do next is prep the show notes and let the world know once it goes live!

Well worth the time this week to get that system set up.

With that being said, here’s this weeks podcast!


This weeks podcast is all about choosing your business. If you’re at the stage that you know you want to build a Lifestyle Business and you might even know that you want to be a blogger or an influencer or an affiliate marketer or sell physical products but you’re not sure in what niche or where to get started, this weeks episode is for you!

What Business Are You In?

what business

I hope its helps!

In other news…

Amazon FBA

Talking about my buddy Dan Worthington above, we decided to sit down and record a masterclass about starting an Amazon FBA business.

I’ll be adding it to my 30 Days to Start & Grow an Ecommerce Business guide this week and will post here next week when it’s live.

It was an awesome session and we talked through everything from creating a brand to sourcing a product to your launch strategy and ongoing marketing techniques.

I can’t wait to share it with you!


Lastly I’d love it if you would come over and follow me on the ‘gram’. I’m slightly obsessed with getting my head around how this little platform works and intend to spend the next few weeks immersing myself in photo editing, story telling and engaging with influencers to grow my account.

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That’s me for this week!

Hope it helps, inspires, encourages or fires you into action!

Have an amazing week wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. Stay safe, stay positive and even from the comfort of your front room, live on purpose and make it happen!