Jo’s Journal

A journal sharing the ups and downs of my journey

This section is a direct conduit into my mind & life as I update regularly the ups and downs of my journey, including my own struggles, triumphs, doubts, fears & breakthroughs. I hope this slightly more intimate portrait resonates and gives you strength in the knowledge that you’re not alone and we’re all only human!


A Rest is as Good as a Change

Hello! Welcome to a week in the life of a traveling entrepreneur! My chance to talk unashamedly about our travels as a family in the hope my stories inspire you to explore the world! So my daughter was on her half term from school last week and we headed off to a...

A visit to Narbonne & a lesson from Seth Godin

Hey there! Welcome to another edition of 'A week in the life of a traveling entrepreneur'. And what a week this week has been. After celebrating my Mum’s 80th birthday last Saturday in the UK, my sister & I flitted off to a beautiful little town called Narbonne...

A week in the life – Numero Uno

Welcome to the first in my new series - ‘a week in the life of a traveling entrepreneur’. It’s not strictly a week in my life and these won’t be posted on a weekly basis, but ‘a week in the life of’ sounds better than ‘an interesting period of time in the life...