Jo’s Journal

A journal sharing the ups and downs of my journey

This section is a direct conduit into my mind & life as I update regularly the ups and downs of my journey, including my own struggles, triumphs, doubts, fears & breakthroughs. I hope this slightly more intimate portrait resonates and gives you strength in the knowledge that you’re not alone and we’re all only human!


Systemising Podcasts, Amazon FBA & ‘the gram’

As a global traveller I’m not going to deny that right now I feel boxed in. As lovely a place as Phuket is, it’s a very small island and with the shops, beaches, cinema and most restaurants & cafes closed, even though the sun is shining and I’m still in shorts and...

Lockdown in Phuket, Brand Ideals & a New Website

I have been toying with this journal style section of my site for a couple of years now, but have never seriously made the commitment to post regularly to share my journey. That time has come. I wish I’d started years ago when I first fell over online marketing,...

Maui, Turtles & 2000 Views!

Welcome to another ‘week in the life of a travelling entrepreneur’! This week we’ve been in Maui and it’s been a busy one! A 12 hour day exploring the road to Hana, a sunrise hike, a submarine experience, a snorkel trip, a Luau & surfing lessons! And we still...