Jo’s Blog Take 2

by | May 29, 2021

I’ve always wanted a journal-style section on my website.

Sure I publish lots of super long posts on how to build a lifestyle business, how to start a blog or how to build an email list, etc, but there’s a part of me that sometimes just wants to share some bite-size wisdom.

Almost on a daily basis, I make observations, come across information or think of things I’ve learned along the way I hope will be useful to anyone wanting to create a freedom lifestyle and build a business they can run from anywhere in the world.

Whether anyone will consume these ‘snacks’ of info, who knows, but it will give me great pleasure to have somewhere to push my thoughts out into the universe in the hope they inspire, encourage or support someone on their own journey.

So here it is, my second attempt at a Jo’s Journal section on my blog.

The first (a couple of years back) I have to admit was a total failure. I made a promise to myself I’d publish every single day ‘ala Seth Godin‘, but of course, I’m not Seth and most of the posts were total garbage that I posted just to ensure I was posting every day!

Quick lesson intertwined with my intro here, ‘always be yourself!

Sure, use other people as inspiration, but never measure your own skill or productivity against another as we’re all at different stages.

Just keep improving and measuring yourself against yourself and you’ll experience a far happier existence! 🙂

So this time around, I’m not making any promises of daily posts to myself or anyone else. I’ll publish and distribute as and when the inspiration strikes. Which I hope will be more often than not.

You may or may not notice (and most likely don’t care a jot,) that there are no pics on this page. That’s because I wanted my bite-size posts to be able to be read in full without having to click through to read more. Hence, the very plain and journal-like style of the page, which I’m proud to say I designed myself using the Divi theme my site is built on.

It’s amazing what a couple of youtube vids can teach you!

So that’s me over and out for this first entree to Jo’s Blog. Thanks for reading if indeed you’re still here and I do hope you get tons of value from my blog, my posts and all my content. My entire mission with my work is to demonstrate and inspire solopreneurs to build lifestyle businesses you can run from anywhere in the world as my husband & I have done for the last 10+ years.

I hope it’s a job well done.

Speak again soon! 🙂

Please share with anyone you think this might benefit. Thank you 🙂