Welcome to this awesome interview with Dr Julie Coffey.

Suffering from painful arthritis at a fairly young age and disillusioned with the solutions offered by conventional medicine Dr Julie Coffey set out on a journey of natural holistic health.

Finding healthier alternatives to prescription drugs and surgery Julie soon healed herself and became passionate about spreading her natural health message to the world.

She started a blog – uberhealthblog.com and has since written and published two books, is regularly featured in publications across the UK and has helped hundreds if not thousands with their health & weight loss challenges.

In todays episode we discuss this question of holistic health vs conventional medicine but also dig into how she got her business off the ground and grew her personal brand.

A very inspiring, modest and down to earth lady, if you’re struggling with time or organising priorities in your business you’ll be glad you tuned in…

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Share Your Thoughts With Me Below :)