Starting an Online Business with Chris Farrell

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the new Jo Barnes Online podcast!

I wasn’t actually going to go live with my podcast until September this year, but I found this new fab little platform called which I think could be the new ‘youtube’ for podcasts and decided to have a play.

Then yesterday after I had edited and uploaded a couple of ‘test’ podcasts, I pushed the big blue button that said ‘distribute my podcasts everywhere‘ out of curiosity, wondering if further instructions would follow.

They didn’t, it simply began to distribute my podcast to itunes, google play, spotify etc.

So I thought – oops, better publish a podcast!

So it’s of course very apt that my first guest would be the man who got me into all of this in the first place.

This is actually an old interview with him that I pulled out of the archives, but don’t let that put you off, the information is still as relevant today.

We discuss fear, learning new skills, mastering your niche and a whole lot more. Plus he will make you laugh with his crazy English sense of humour.

So enjoy the episode, also have a little explore of the software It’s pretty nifty stuff and I look forward to see where it’s going to go!

You can also listen directly from the app here and keep your eyes open because I should be on itunes in the next few days! :)

Links mentioned in the interview;
Jim Rohn Video as Recommended by Chris

You can find Chris here – Find Chris on Facebook Here

Grab your copy of ‘6 Ways to Build a Business You Can Run From Anywhere in the World‘ Here!

Share Your Thoughts With Me Below :)
Share Your Thoughts With Me Below :)