Jasper Ai Review for Writers, Influencers & Bloggers

by | Nov 26, 2022

As a writer and blogger, I wasn’t sure how I felt about AI writing software. Is it legit? Does it damage the integrity of ‘real’ writing? Can it be used to act as a writing assistant and simply speed up the process?

That’s why I decided to give Jasper AI (formerly known as Jarvis) a go and see what the fuss was all about.

Here’s my Jasper AI review and honest opinion about the software and ai writing tools in general.

Jasper AI Review Summary


  • Increased productivity – Use Jasper to obliterate writers block, create outlines, headlines, and break the back of your creative ideas, allowing you to edit, enhance and personalize
  • Improved accuracy – Jasper’s artificial intelligence technology ensures that your documents are accurate and error-free.
  • Enhanced quality – By using Jasper, you will produce high-quality documents that stand out from the competition.


As a writing assistant, Jasper AI is an invaluable tool. It can help to improve your writing in a number of ways. For example, it can check for grammar mistakes, suggest better words to use, and help to structure your thoughts more clearly. Additionally, Jasper AI is constantly learning and evolving, which means that its capabilities continue to grow. It's the perfect tool for anyone who wants to improve their writing skills or increase their output.

I now use Jasper regularly in my business and highly recommend it as a writing tool.

What is Jasper Ai?


Jasper Ai is an AI copywriting tool that helps to generate AI content such as blog posts, landing page copy, ads, eBooks, email subject lines, social media posts, and more.

It will curate and write content at 5x speed using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence & machine learning and keep the outcome plagiarism-free.

The Jasper Ai software uses Natural Language Processing to write content, to ensure the copy sounds natural, as if it was written by a human copywriter.

Jasper AI Review 2022: TL;DR

  • Jasper Ai offers 50+ templates including Attention – Interest – Desire – Action (AIDA) and Problem-Agitate-Solution (PAS) frameworks to generate Ai content.
  • The ai tool offers a long-form assistant to write an entire blog post from start to finish.
  • It has short copywriting templates for email, ads, Facebook & PPC ads, the first paragraph of a blog post, the last paragraph of a blog post, and more.
  • Jasper Ai offers recipes, which are essentially workflows for writing content using artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Jasper Ai also offers search engine optimization using SurferSEO integration with Boss Mode.
  • The tool can write in 25+ languages and even translate blog posts, social media posts, and all other content types.
  • Jasper Ai can improve existing content by refining its language and making it more engaging.
  • You can also quickly generate YouTube video descriptions, hooks, and introductions using Jasper Ai.
  • Jasper Ai includes Grammarly Basic (free) and Copyscape Plagiarism Checker (chargeable) with its Boss Mode pricing plan.
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Who is Jasper Ai for?

Jasper Ai is for all types of writers/content creators, including but not limited to:

  • Bloggers who struggle to think of new content to create blog posts regularly or simply want a faster way to create articles
  • YouTubers who need crisp video descriptions
  • Social media managers or influencers who require engaging social media posts
  • Small business owners who want to create compelling product descriptions, etc.
  • Novel writers looking for an efficient writing assistant to help generate ideas/reword paragraphs

Anyone who is an affiliate marketer, a blogger, a digital marketing agency owner, or an SEO professional, and needs a tool for quality content creation using an ai-driven writing process will benefit from Jasper Ai.

Bloggers can use Jasper Ai’s long-form assistant to write blog posts from start to finish.

They can also create content using Jasper’s 50+ templates, such as blog post outlines, blog post intro paragraph, blog post conclusion paragraph, blog post topic ideas, content improver, and so on.

Additionally, online business owners can use Jasper to write content for landing pages, social media posts, and more.

jasper ai features

Jasper Ai Review 2022: Pros & Cons

Jasper Ai Pros

  • Jasper Ai writing assistant can write blog articles and other content in minutes.
  • There are more than 50 content creation templates available.
  • It creates plagiarism-free content (mostly).
  • Jasper Ai can help to come up with blog post topic ideas and generate blog post outlines and opening paragraphs to overcome writer’s block.
  • It has a clean and friendly user interface.
  • Its Boss Mode pricing tier includes integrations with SurferSEO, Grammarly, and Copyscape.
  • The Jasper Ai software is compatible with all major browsers and runs on PCs, Macs, and Linux systems without a hitch. It’s even compatible with mobile browsers.
  • It has a very active Facebook group where users can find help.

Jasper Ai Cons

  • Jasper Ai is not compatible with every niche, especially newer niches that don’t already have enough content online.
  • Sometimes, Jasper Ai can generate irrelevant content, and there are times when it churns out some plagiarized content.
  • Jasper Ai subscription is quite expensive because of the word count limitation.
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Jasper Ai Review: Jasper Writer Features

Though the Jasper Ai app offers various features, some of them are available only with the Boss Mode plan, so keep that in mind when trying out the software for yourself.

Content Templates


The Jasper Ai writing tool offers various content templates that you can use to write short copy or long blog posts. The most impressive templates that I like are:

  • AIDA framework: Helps to write engaging social media posts and marketing copy.
  • PAS framework: Helps to create content that boosts conversations related to problems people face.
  • Blog post intro and conclusion paragraphs: These help to create compelling opening and closing paragraphs for your blog posts.
  • Content Improver: This template allows for improving existing content by making it more creative and engaging.
  • Long-form Assistant: Instead of creating just the blog post outline, this tool will help to write long-form content (entire blog posts). Even better, it comes with SurferSEO and Grammarly integration to generate high-quality content. However, these features are available only in the Jasper Boss Mode plan.
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Email Marketing Aid


Apart from writing blog posts, the Jasper Ai writing tool also creates compelling emails for your email marketing campaigns.

This ai copywriting tool can deliver compelling email subject lines and body copy that can improve open rates and conversions.

This feature is important for bloggers, influencers and writers who can’t afford to hire additional marketing professionals.

Jasper Recipes


Jasper recipes are a series of Jasper commands that you can use in a particular sequence to generate blog posts or articles. Once you insert the commands, the Jasper Ai tool will execute them sequentially.

Created by both the Jasper team and Jasper community members, recipes are curated workflows helping you to create seamless video scripts, emails, blog posts and more.

When you create a recipe or use an existing one, the copywriting tool will create long-form content based on the workflow defined by the recipe.

If you are not happy with the output of a command, you can re-run it and Jasper ai will redo that part to deliver a quality blog post.

Recipes are only available on the Jasper Boss Mode plan.

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SEO Mode


SEO is an integral part of blogging and the creation of blog posts. Jasper offers SurferSEO integration that will allow you to write blog posts optimized for search engines.


This integration between Jasper Ai and SurferSEO is available only in the Boss Mode plan.

However, for this integration to work, you will need an active subscription to both Jasper Ai and SurferSEO.

25+ Languages


If you want to use Jasper Ai to generate quality content in languages other than English, you can. Jasper Ai can write blog posts, create content for landing pages, generate ad copy, or write a video description in 25+ languages.

It will also allow you to translate your blog post or any other content into any of the supported languages.

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Content Improver Template


The content improver template by Jasper Ai is a lifesaver, especially for writers or bloggers who rely on virtual assistants to create blog posts, content for landing pages, and more.

You just need to feed the content provided by your VA into Jasper Ai and the tool will optimize the content to make it more engaging.

Ideas for YouTube Videos


Jasper Ai is one of the few ai copywriting tools that helps to generate YouTube video ideas. Just add the topic and main keyword and Jasper Ai will give you a list of ideas.


Then, simply choose an idea, feed it into Jasper Ai’s video script hook tool and get the right hook and introduction for capturing the audience’s attention.

You can even get a video description for adding the video to your YouTube channel.

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Grammarly Integration


In Jasper Ai’s Boss Mode plan, you automatically get access to Grammarly Basic, which is the free plan offered by Grammarly. It’s good enough to catch common spelling and grammatical errors.

With Grammarly, you can deliver error-free quality content in your blog posts.

Sadly, this feature can work only when you write in English!

Plagiarism Checker


The Jasper Ai app gives access to the Copyscape Plagiarism Checker in the Boss Mode plan. However, you must purchase Copyscape credits to use this feature.

Jasper Art

jasper art

The Jasper Ai Art Image Generator is a new addition to Jasper that makes it easy to create beautiful art images. You can choose from various templates and designs or create your own custom images. The generator is easy to use, and you can share your images with friends and family on social media or download them for your own use.

The Jasper AI Art Image Generator uses a deep neural network to generate images. The network is trained on a large set of art images. When you provide it with a caption, the network finds the most similar image in its database and generates a corresponding image.

The unlimited art creation plan is only $20/user/month, and it’s an incredible deal for the amount of work you’ll be able to produce.

To create art with Jasper, all you have to do is follow these three easy steps:

1. Describe the image you have in your mind.

2. Apply some creative styles.

3. Watch as Jasper creates it instantly (in just 5 seconds).

Save time by using Jasper Art to create professional-looking images for your content quickly, rather than spending hours hunting for the right image or waiting on an illustrator. The end result will be a message that is perfectly illustrated.

You’ll discover many cool ways to use Art, but here are a few ideas:

  1. Eye-catching pictures for social media
  2. Supporting images for your articles & content
  3. Personalized pics in sales emails to get responses
  4. Thumbnails for YouTube & blog posts
  5. Illustrations for your book
  6. Storyboard for video production
  7. NFTs? More like ATM.

To get started all you’ll need is a Jasper account and for an extra $20/user per month you can access Jasper Art!

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Jasper Chrome Extension

Another new addition, the Jasper AI chrome extension is a powerful tool that allows you to access artificial intelligence capabilities directly from your web browser.

With 60+ AI writing templates, Jasper is compatible with all online platforms and provides a significant advantage for content creators by allowing you to work 10 times faster without compromising quality.

It’s main features include;

  • Brainstorm new ideas or catchy captions
  • Get over writers block
  • Improve readability by making it simpler
  • Expand or shorten sentences with just a click
  • Rephrase in a more relatable tone like empathetic, witty, or even a celebrity impression

And with a click of the button you can instantly;

  • Generate lots of fresh ad copy fast
  • Write a personalized email fast
  • Respond to questions intelligently on Quora, social media comments, and even support tickets
  • Create the perfect headline for your website or article

With a wide variety of built-in features and templates, the Jasper chrome extension is the perfect tool for anyone looking to get started with AI.

Jasper Ai Review: Pricing


Jasper Ai offers only two pricing plans.

Jasper Starter Plan: Starts at $29 a month

  • 20,000 words a month (price increases if you increase the word count).
  • Supports only short copywriting such as ad copy, marketing copy, blog post outlines, compelling product descriptions, blog post intro paragraph, blog post conclusion paragraph, etc.
  • Gives access to 50+ templates and 25+ languages.
  • Does not offer Jasper commands, Jasper recipes, SurferSEO integration, plagiarism checker, and Grammarly access.
  • Offers access to Jasper Ai Bootcamp.
  • Provides standard email support.

Jasper Boss Mode Plan: Starts at $59 a month

  • 50,000 words a month (price increases with increase in word count).
  • Supports all forms of copywriting including long-form content that you can use to write entire blog posts from start to finish.
  • Gives access to 50+ templates and 25+ languages.
  • Offers access to Jasper commands, Jasper recipes, SurferSEO integration, Copyscape Plagiarism Checker, and Grammarly Basic.
  • Provides access to Jasper Ai Bootcamp.
  • Provides priority email support with 3x faster response.
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Jasper Ai Review: Alternatives

Jasper Ai vs Writesonic

Both Jasper Ai and Writesonic are powerful ai copywriting tools, with both tools being great choices for creative writing.

Jasper is currently the frontrunner though when it comes to long-form content, with more granular controls through recipes and its long-form assistant.

Plus, Jasper Ai’s integration with SurferSEO makes it a powerful blogging tool.

However, Writesonic is a far more affordable option, matching Jasper Ai’s 50,000 word plan at only $15 a month. And for only $45 a month you can access unlimited words, plus it integrates with SEMrush on all paid plans.

Due to Jaspers continuous investment in its AI it is definitely the better platform, however it comes down to personal preference and budget.

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Jasper Ai vs Inkforall

Inkforall is another robust competitor of Jasper Ai.

Inkforall offers built-in SEO tools and grammar checker features. Jasper, on the other hand, offers those features through third-party integrations.

Overall, Jasper Ai and Inkforall provide nearly the same set of features, but unlike Jasper Ai, Inkforall doesn’t have creative writing capabilities.

In my opinion, Jasper Ai gives more options for writing long-form blog posts, making Jasper my choice over Inkforall.

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Jasper Ai vs Rytr.me

Rytr.me is yet another tool to generate ai content, but it’s not as robust and advanced as Jasper Ai. Jasper offers better and more varied templates compared to Rytr.

Additionally, Jasper offers SEO and grammar checker features through third-party integrations, which are completely absent in Rytr.me.

Jasper Ai does a better job with long-form content creation by offering a blog post workflow that is absent in Rytr.

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Jasper Ai Review: FAQs

Does Jasper Ai work?

Jasper Ai only works as well as you feed it information and spend time getting to know how the platform algorithms work.

It is definitely a powerful ai assistant, which can help to write long-form blog articles, generate blog post title ideas, create a blog post outline, get new blog post topics and workflow, and generate ai content for Google and Facebook ads, and more.

You can even use its video script hook to generate video hooks and introductions for your YouTube videos and there are more than 50 content creation templates that you can use.

However, it’s a pretty steep learning curve, which requires time to find your way around the software and learn which commands work the best for your niche.

Jasper Ai will not always write accurate blog posts, especially for niches that do not already have enough published content.

At this time, Jasper Ai is more of a writing assistant, as opposed to a replacement for a human copywriter.

What does Jasper Ai do?

Jasper Ai helps to create content using artificial intelligence. You can use it to create outlines for blog posts or write an entire long-form blog post.

You can use the Jasper Ai assistant to generate ad and marketing copy, email subject lines & bodies, product descriptions, video titles & introductions, and much more.

The ai tool also helps in improving existing content, expanding sentences, adding persuasive bullet points, etc.

Does Jarvis Ai plagiarize?

Though Jasper Ai (previously Jarvis Ai) claims to provide 100% original content, its worth double checking on Grammarly or Copyscape. Since this copywriting tool relies on existing online content for content creation using artificial intelligence and machine learning, it sometimes delivers minimally plagiarized content.

How good is Jasper Ai support?

Jasper Ai support is excellent. The Jasper team usually responds to support emails within 20 minutes. They also have a knowledge base section where you get various Jasper Ai examples and tutorials that you can use for quick resolution of your problems.

You can also join the Jasper Ai Facebook group to get valuable insights and support from expert users globally.

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Does Jasper AI Have an Affiliate Program?

It sure does. However, I don’t recommend promoting the software until you have tested it yourself and feel confident to talk about it with your community. You can find out more details about the Jasper AI affiliate program here.

Jasper Ai Review 2022 Summary

When it comes to ai copywriting, Jasper Ai is one of the most robust tools on the market today.

It does help to boost the speed of creating content, but it still requires human intervention to eliminate the occasional irrelevant and plagiarized content it generates.

Unfortunately, most of the advanced features of Jasper ai are locked behind its Boss Mode plan, which can be expensive for solopreneurs and small lifestyle business owners.

If however, you create a lot of content in your daily business life, it’s definitely worth trying out and could become a valuable addition and life-changing tool to help write articles and create content faster.

I hope this Jasper AI review has helped and as a Jasper user, I can wholeheartedly recommend this awesome tool.

Try Jasper – Get 10,000 Words Free!

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