Jaipur Cooking Classes

So I always knew I would love Indian food in India. 🥘

As a lover of spicy foods & Indian restaurants around the world I couldn’t wait to taste the real thing.

I have not been disappointed!

The food here has been nothing short of a taste explosion in your mouth.

Every meal has been has been an experience and I certainly won’t be shifting any kilos while here! 😛

Today I had the immense pleasure of attending a cooking class in Jaipur with the fabulous Chef Lokesh.

First he showed us how to make the most beautiful Masala Chai Tea ☕️

The spices, the ginger, the hot milk…. 😋

This was simply the beginning of what was to be a fabulous morning cooking & eating followed by an unexpected ‘build a lifestyle business’ training session! 😁

Our Menu

Aloo Tikki

(Potato cakes filled with peas & nuts with tamarind chutney)

Paneer Butter Masala

(Homemade Indian cottage cheese cooked in butter tomato gravy)

Aloo Gobhi

(Potato and Cauliflower cooked with onions & cumin)

Vegetable Pulao

(Assorted seasonal vegetables cooked with basmati rice)

Garlic & Peshwari Naan

(Homemade bread covered in garlic / filled with banana, raisin & nut mix)

Saffron Rice Kheer

(Rice pudding with nuts)

Jaipur Cooking Classes – Highly Recommended!

After the cooking had ended we were invited upstairs to be served what we had just cooked for lunch.

It was lovely & also gave us an opportunity to chat with Geetika, Chef Lokeshs wife.

Not long into lunch we were talking about their business & Geetikas desire to learn more about taking the business online & having more time & location freedom.

We were there another hour discussing all the ways they could build an audience, sell products, courses etc and the conversation lit a fire in my belly I haven’t felt for a while!

I promised Geetika I would record some new updates videos walking her step by step through the processes we discussed and I look forward to sharing these for free with her & my community.

In the meantime I’ve learned to cook an amazing Indian meal.

Can’t wait to share that with my family! 😁

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