It’s Ok Not to be an Entrepreneur

I witnessed a fabulous argument unfold on facebook this week.

Gary Vee had posted a video with his definition of a ‘true entrepreneur’.

‘You’re not a true entrepreneur’ he said ‘unless you can’t breathe doing anything else’.

‘If you have ever worked for someone else and weren’t out there involved in entrepreneurial activities from a very young age upwards, you’re not a true entrepreneur’, was the rough summary of what he was saying.

His opinion.

The argument that followed was of course those for and against.

Those who agreed with him and those who have worked for others and have become an entrepreneur later in life or are still working to make ends meet but growing a business on the side.

I totally got distracted for a good 20 minutes actually in the comments as they were impassioned and contentious but many were well thought out and intelligent points of view.

My argument however is, who cares!

Who cares whether you’re a ‘true entrepreneur ’in Gary’s opinion or a part time entrepreneur or even an entrepreneur at all!?

I think I know where he’s coming from. He’s very passionate about encouraging youngsters particularly men, lured by venture capital, gold watches, Ferraris and hot women away from this fake dream of what entrepreneurship is all about and talk instead about how hard it is. And all power to his message.

But for those of us who are past all that and simply trying to build a lifestyle business preferably from our passion which gives us the freedom to work from anywhere doing what we love, do not worry about labels.

What you call yourself is irrelevant and unimportant.

What’s crucial is that you are happy, that you’re enjoying the journey, that you’re doing something that you love and that in doing what you love you somehow serve others and have an impact on the world.

All power to you my friend for sticking your neck out and chasing happiness & fulfillment rather than allowing stasis to set in.

Get out there and achieve greatness today! 🙂

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