Is Your Biggest Weakness Holding You Back?

I’m in the middle of Marie Forleo’s B-School at the moment and I have to say it really is an incredible program.

I signed up because even though I’m excited about ‘Your Lifestyle Business’, I still felt like I hadn’t quite defined exactly where I wanted to take it.

I knew I wanted to get back to educating and making videos etc, but I also knew I didn’t want to sell online courses anymore.

Plus there are FB specialists, Instagram specialists, Online Course specialists etc out there crushing it and I’ve been having trouble deciding where YLB really fits in and where I can add the greatest value.

More on this in another post as the training has been invaluable and I’m super excited, but for now, one of the exercises was to go out and ask family and friends, ‘What are My Top 3 Best or Strongest Qualities’.

I haven’t finished asking people yet, but when I asked my hubby to be and he gave me some great feedback I also asked him, ‘what’s my biggest weakness? What one think do you think could really hold me back from being who I want to be?’

I was expecting – ‘you’re too optimistic, you want everything yesterday, you set too many goals, you’re a great starter but your follow through is sometimes lacking’ etc.

But he simply said ‘self doubt’.

Self doubt! I exclaimed!!!

I’m one of the most confident people I know!!!

With that he smiled and walked away.

Later that day as I was writing out my new plan for YLB and all the exciting ideas I had, I could feel my enthusiasm start to wane and some familiar thoughts popped into my mind.

‘I don’t really know enough yet about this side of the business’
‘I haven’t had experience with every element yet’
‘It’s more of a mans world, will I have the skills to do it?’
‘What if I’m trying to take on too much’


I suddenly stopped short and thought! Oh Wow! There’s the self doubt he was talking about!

I wonder how many projects I’ve talked myself out of because I’ve been asking the wrong questions in my mind??

Are you aware of your biggest weakness? Do you know what it is that’s holding you back?

If you’re not sure it’s time to ask someone who knows you well and is willing to lovingly tell you.

Even if you think you know (I thought I knew mine), ask anyway as the answer might surprise you and then next time it rears it’s ugly head you’ll recognize it and be able to tackle it. 😀

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