International Womens Day Speech

Well have I been moving out of my comfort zone lately!

Firstly skiing last week which was one of the scariest things I have done for a while and then today I was a presenter at a lunch attended by 150 people!

Here in Phuket we have two main charities who hold lots of various fundraising events – Phuket Has Been Good To Us & The Good Shepherd.

Today they held an International Women’s Day Lunch at which I was invited to make a speech.

I nervously accepted the invitation as I haven’t spoken in front of a crowd in any meaningful way since I did a talk about Facebook Marketing in Auckland in 2011 (which, to be fair, was probably not my finest speaking gig ever!)

So I decided to take Steven Pressfields quote – ‘Put Your Ass Where Your Heart Wants to Be’ and make that the title and theme of my presentation.

I was one of three presenters and I was so nervous! 😳

I kept saying to myself, which is more scary Jo, skiing or presenting and every time skiing came out on top, but that did nothing to stop the butterflies from flying vigorously around my tummy!

But guess what!?

It was awesome!

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, was clearly in my element and had the audience clapping even before I finished!

Oh how I wish we believed in ourselves a little bit more sometimes. Imagine what we could achieve if we just went out into life every day believing we were amazing individuals capable of anything! 🙂

I will be posting the video as next weeks Make It Happen Monday episode so look out for it!

After skiing and now this, I’m feeling very excited today and believe I can achieve anything! 🙂