I’m a People Person

When I started my very first business back in about 2005, I knew I couldn’t work alone, and within a month or so of setting up my business I hired my first employee, which within a couple of years I turned into a team of 10.

When I started my online adventure in 2010, it wasn’t long before I was working with the lovely Jared Elvidge, my amazing tech guru the late Neil Farley (who I miss very much) and a team of people in the Philippines.

My business model for ‘Your Lifestyle Business’ however is different.

I have absolutely no intention of selling any courses in the near future.

My goal is to build an audience through free and very valuable content who will hopefully in years to come purchase my books, help me to build my new ecommerce brand I’m launching in 2020 and give me leverage to work with some bigger partners.

This means that for at least the next 12 – 18 months there will probably be more money going out than coming in.

However, I know myself very well and working alone is not an option.

That’s why I’m so over the moon that I’ve managed to convince a couple of my good friends to come on board and have some fun with me making videos, growing my Instagram account and ensuring I create the best, most valuable content for my audience!

I know that by brainstorming together, I will be braver and do things I might not do on my own.

It’s so important to be self aware when building your own lifestyle business.

Know your own strengths & weaknesses and try to accommodate them right from the start.

Have a fab day! :)

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