I Screwed Up!

Well, I screwed up! 😟

I promised myself this year I would write a daily blog and I kept it going through my trip to the UK, through my trip to France, through my training days, through Borneo, Nepal, India, the Maldives and then in the last week with Ride 4 Kids, I was unprepared and exhausted!

I hadn’t written posts in advance as I had on my travels and through the week was just too tired and too distracted to even think about it.

Bad form.

So what can we learn from this?

1. If you’re going to set audacious goals, then you better have some systems & processes in place to make them happen.
2. If you screw up, don’t throw your tools down in shame just pick up where you left off and carry on!

I could have cheated and written & back dated some posts, but what’s the point in that? The only person I’m cheating would be myself, so best to simply accept I am only human after all and move on.

This may seem unimportant and really not a big deal at all. I mean who really cares if I miss a few blog posts that frankly not many people are reading at the moment anyway?!

Well, it’s part of a larger story.

Unfortunately not keeping up with my blog posts wasn’t the only thing I screwed up on this last week. 😟

‘I screwed up’ No 2 to follow tomorrow….

P.S. The good news is this has what I hope is a happy and helpful ending! 😁

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