#11: How to Use AI to Make Money & Start Your Lifestyle Business

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The world of AI is confusing and scary (and exhilarating if you like that kind of thing).

When I mention ChatGPT or other AI tools to friends or family not in the online business world, many of them don’t even know what I’m referring to. That’s how early we are in the AI journey.

But with the right approach, and even just a basic understanding, you could be well ahead of the curve and use AI to build a fantastic lifestyle business!

There are so many ways to use AI to make money we’d be here all day if I started to list them all, so I’ll just focus in on one strategy you can get started with today!

Kick off by zooming in on a super-trendy topic that’s got a dedicated following. The more buzz around it, the better (like AI for example). To help, check out websites like Exploding Topics or Trends.co which highlight topics about to hit the big time.

To speed up the process stick with what you know inside-out, or are super curious about learning or immersing yourself in.

As an example right now remote working is a huge exploding topic, so you could perhaps go for something like “Productivity for Remote Workers.”

screenshot of exploding topic - remote work

Step 2: Become a Mini-Guru Over a Weekend

With some hustle you could become a mini-expert in just a weekend!

Immerse yourself in podcasts, articles, videos, you name it. Then use ChatGPT to help you create a big list of topic ideas you can create content around.

Here’s a list of 10 potential content ideas generated by ChatGPT for the topic of productivity for remote workers;

remote work content ideas

Step 3: Leverage ChatGPT for Lead Generation Ideas

Now use AI to help you generate some ideas for a valuable lead magnet, like a downloadable template or mini eBook.

ChatGPT can help you whip up something informative yet digestible. Make it a must-have item that people will happily trade their email addresses for.

Here’s a list ChatGPT gave me when I prompted it for 5 lead generation ideas for productivity hacks for remote workers;

chatgpt lead gen ideas for remote work

You can even get it to create the bulk of the content for you!

Step 4: Launch a Free Newsletter via Beehiiv

Start a newsletter to build your audience. Platforms like Beehiiv make it easy to create & publish fast content.

Use ChatGPT to help create great newsletter content around your topic.

Here is a list of ideas it generated when prompted to give me some newsletter topics, you can even ask it to write the newsletter for you.

remote work chatgpt newsletter ideas

Step 5: Get Consistent on Social Media

Create a Twitter (X) account, get started on TikTok, or master Instagram, whichever one takes your fancy to be your social media stage.

Post consistently, engage with followers, and use ChatGPT to generate Twitter threads or TikTok video scripts.

Here’s some tweet ideas from ChatGPT;

remote work tweets

Remember to also encourage viewers to sign up to get your free lead magnet. It’s all about creating a funnel of value.

Step 7: Roll Out a Mini-Course on Courseau and Gumroad

By now, you’ve got some valuable content and a growing audience. Take it to the next level by creating a mini-course.

Courseau is great for mini course creation, and platforms like Gumroad or a quick site on Durable are fab for getting your course into the world.

Here’s what ChatGPT suggested when I asked it to do me an outline for a mini course to do with productivity for remote workers.

chatgpt remote work mini course outline

You can also use AI tools such as Midjourney or Pictory to create promo pics & videos.

Step 8: The Never-Ending Game of Growth

It doesn’t end with launching a course; that’s just the beginning. Keep an eye on your analytics, listen to your audience, and refine your offerings.

The key to a sustainable business is to never stop learning, tweaking, and growing.

And there you have it, a quick guide to using AI & in particular ChatGPT to help you create content, grow an audience and generate an income.

Your Challenge

If you’re wondering what lifestyle business to start and haven’t yet got off the starting blocks, you could set this up in a weekend.

Make sure to sign up for ‘ChatGPT plus’ ($20/month), as GPT 4 is far superior to GPT 3.5 and you’ll get much better results.

I hope it helps! Make It Happen!

Jo 🙂

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