How to Stream Video Using Amazon S3

Have you started using video in your business yet? Either as a marketing, information or training tool? If not you're leaving some serious pennies on the table!

But this isn't a post written to convince you of the power of video. This is actually in response to the many people who have asked me to explain how to stream video online for paid courses.

I have been asked, fairly regularly;

  • What is Amazon S3 and how do you use it?
  • What is a ‘player’ and what does it have to do with Amazon S3?
  • What should I use Amazon for and what should I use YouTube for?
  • How do I set up an Amazon S3 account?

Well I do hope I can clear this all up for you in the following video.

Here is a picture of the slide I used in the video;

Amazon S3.001

Here are the links I mention in the video;

Sign Up for Amazon Here

Get Started With Amazon – Instructions

Embed Amazon S3 Videos Plugin for WordPress.
Please note this is untested.

Firefox S3 Organiser Addon

For the more visual amongst you here are the instructions on setting up your account in Amazon S3. Please watch the video above for instruction on how to use it standalone or with a player

Step 1

Set up your account with Amazon S3



Step 2

Save your access and secret keys somewhere safe


Step 3 – this next step is dependant on whether you are using a player or using Amazon S3 standalone. If you're using a player then you will need your S3 keys to sign up. If not then continue down the page.

Create a bucket – prefix each bucket with something that is unique to you, ie., I might use jbo (Jo Barnes online)


Step 4

Begin uploading files

Step 5

Make your files public and add to membership sites etc

Step 6

Install a plugin to embed S3 videos into your pages within your paid site

So there you have it a quick explanation of how it all fits together!

As I said in the video look out for some more information coming soon as I test each of these platforms in an effort to find the fastest streaming video for all devices!

Please let me know if you have any recommendations or questions in the comment box below!

Jo :)

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