How to Start & Grow a Facebook Group

by | Mar 17, 2022

Perhaps you have decided that for your business, you want to build a facebook community only! Or will use a FB community to grow alongside your blog, podcast or YT channel.

Whatever your reason, FB Groups are hot right now so they’re definitely worth considering as both a primary channel of choice and / or as a supplement to email marketing.

I am including creating a page here as at some point you may want to run ads, and to do so you’ll need a page.

However, that’s not where the focus is. Facebook have made it blatantly clear over the last few months that groups is where they’re putting their attention (aside from chat) and so groups is where we want to be.

However, if you are intent on growing your facebook page alongside your group here is a great article from Hootsuite on using facebook for business in 2020, which covers all aspects of facebook from pages to groups to chatbots to ads. Very handy to bookmark and have as a reference guide.

But back to groups!

What I personally love about a group is firstly the interactiveness and engagement, as opposed to email where it feels like a one way street most of the time.

And secondly the safety.

A group feels safe, does that make sense?

As a group owner, if someone has said ’yes I want to join’, then they’ve already indicated an interest in what you do.

As a group member, you’re in a closed room surrounded by like minded people.

I have to admit, groups is where my focus is, hence why at the bottom of every post is a bloody great banner saying – Join Our Group!

Your Lifestyle Business FB Group

So how do we go about setting one up.

Well firstly we have to create our FB Page but this does not have to be an all singing, all dancing setup at this stage, you can come back to it. For now just go and get it up and live.

Here’s lovely Luc from Ranking Academy – with an excellent video on creating your facebook page (complete with how to create your header & profile images using Canva.) Thanks Luc!


Okie dokie, so once you have your page setup, it’s time to go create the group!

Here’s the awesome Bella Vasta on behalf of Social Media Examiner to show you how;


And that’s that! Your group is alive and kicking.

But now the hard work begins. We have to start getting members to join up.

Here’s some tips on growing your group in the early days;

  1. Invite friends! I get that its not so cool to just invite people without asking, but I have to be honest I’m invited to groups all the time and if I’m not interested I just ignore. So you know your friends and whether they’re cool or not. Pick a few to get started and I’m sure they’ll be happy to support your new venture!
  2. Post about your group on your FB Profile. Chances are you have more friends than fans at the moment so let everyone know about it with a link & a pic of the group.
  3. Post on other social media outlets. If you’re already on Insta, or Pinterest or LinkedIn, let people there know you have a group that could of interest to them!
  4. As people join, ask them if they would kindly invite others. You might even do a a little competition at some point and reward the person who brought in the most members.
  5. Who do you know? Are you in conversation with any influencers in your niche? Can you get anyone with a lot more followers than you to either join or tell people about it?
  6. Start creating engaging content from Day 1. I listened to an absolutely excellent podcast this morning. Hosted by the fabulous Amy Porterfield, she interviewed a lady called Dana Malstaff creator of BossMom. Wowee did she have some amazing strategies for creating engaging content. 

    Here’s a summary of what she calls her ‘Buzz Strategies‘;

    1.Decision Posts – A simple questions post asking your community to help you to make a decision.
    2. Opinion Posts – Ask your community for their opinion on something (preferably something relevant)
    3. Permission Posts – Share something that resonates with your audience and makes them feel like they’re not alone
    4. Can’t Help Themselves Posts – Post something that people can’t help but respond to!
    5. Ask Posts – Remind people what you do and what you offer
    6. Authority Posts – Showcase your expertise, training videos, podcasts, guest posts etc.

    If you’re a member of my group, you’ll start seeing these strategies all over the place! 🙂

    This is such an important strategy moving forward because Facebook will reward engagement. So the more consistent you can be about your members engaging with your posts, the more likely it is FB will show your group to more people. Yayyy!

  7. Contact admins of other groups in similar or bigger niches and contact them to ask; a), would they be up for a co-promotion. This is likely to be difficult if they have 10,000 members and you have 5, so you may have to go straight to b), how much do they charge for a group shout out.
  8. Run some ads. Post about your group on your FB page, hit boost and run some cheap ads to get your group off the ground. You could also do a giveaway, depending on your niche. For example in the gardening niche, maybe I would giveaway a gardening book to a random member if they joined up in the next x number of days. Something like that.

That’s it for now my Facebook Group growing friend.

If there’s anything I’ve missed do please ask in the comments below.

Be sure to come and join the YLB Community and I look forward to my invite to your group! 🙂

Please share with anyone you think this might benefit. Thank you 🙂

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