How to Start a Podcast

by | Apr 23, 2020

When I started way back when, the process was far more convoluted than it is now (or rather than it needs to be, you can still make it convoluted if you wish).

You had to record your audio, edit your audio and upload your audio to a podcast specific hosting platform like Libsyn who then created what was called an RSS feed which you had to feed into iTunes and any other podcasting platform for your podcast to show up.

Also for each episode you had to do something called ‘tagging’, which meant downloading a special piece of software that you connected with your mp3 recording on your computer. You’d then complete all the details for each episode, add the podcast image, press lots of buttons, repeat copying and pasting your show description in numerous place and then eventually uploading into your hosting company, repeating some more pasting of descriptions and images and finally schedule for publication.

You’d then get a plugin for wordpress which acted as a podcast player, grab the rss code from the hosting platform, enter that into the settings in the plugin, grab the short code, add that to your blog post, so some more copying and pasting of descriptions and images and finally you’d have a blog post with a podcast!

Pheweee – what a palaver!

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Can you believe that many podcasters still follow this routine. The more successful guys and gals just hand it over to a podcast producer and say ‘you can do all that it’s far too much like hard work‘, and it is!

I’m happy to say there is a far easier way which doesn’t involve hiring an expensive podcast producer (or not yet anyway).

1. Sign up for (totally free).

sign up page for anchor

2. Create a 1400 x 1400px image for your podcast

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3. Add your podcast name, your description, the category you want to show up under and what you want your show url to be.

4. Add in your website address, name, email, social connections etc.

how to sign up to

5. Click advanced and be sure to click ‘Clean’ (unless it’s not!) and click Save.

how to sign up to

That my friend is the first and last time you will need to add your podcast image, description and details. Boom!

Ok so there are now two ways to record and upload a podcast episode;

1. On your computer to the desktop platform.

Using audio recording software like Garageband or Audacity, you record your podcast into your computer and edit within the app.

Here’s a great video on how to do this using Garageband from the expert podcaster himself Pat Flynn


Once your podcast is edited and exported to your computer, you simply head over to the anchor platform, login and click ‘New Episode’.

sign up to anchor

Then drag your audio into the box on the right. sign up

Once the audio is uploaded, if you already added or recorded your intro and outro while editing your episode pre uploading to Anchor, all you’d do now is ‘Save Episode

However, you also have the option to record a stand alone intro & outro and upload them so they’re in your library to use at any time.

This is particularly handy for when using the mobile app.

I recorded my intro and outro by creating the script, finding a short piece of music, (I use Audio Jungle and then recording my voice speaking as the music is playing.

The beauty with the Anchor app is they already have a bunch of short music pieces in the app, so you can do the same using their app and their music. You gotta love these tech gods making our lives so easy!

So, if you have recorded your intro & outro separately simply upload as you would your main audio and then everytime you upload a new episode, click on Library, navigate to where your intro & outro are saved and click the ‘+’ button to add them to your episode.

should i sign up to anchor

Then if you want to, you can head to ‘transitions’ and add a small sound or piece of music which links all your segments together. You drag and drop to make sure everything is in the right order and then click ‘save episode’.

how to sign up to podcast player anchor

On saving the episode you’ll be taken to the page to add the title of the episode, the description, the publishing date (you can save as draft or schedule to be published), and the episode number etc.

anchor podcast player signup

And that my friends is that.

No tagging, copying & pasting or bundles of RSS feeds.

After you have published your first episode, Anchor will start to distribute your podcast for you and within a few days you’ll be on Apple, Spotify and all over the place! – Distributing Your Podcast on Anchor

But there is an even easier way!

How to Create a Podcast on Your Phone

No recording equipment or fancy stuff required.

This is the fastest and easiest and most efficient way to get started podcasting right now!

Firstly download the app to your phone.

Then have a look at Matt here from Greatness Every Day as he explains exactly how to record a podcast directly to the app on your phone.


I would just like to add to this, that when I record into the phone, I do actually plug in a sennheiser lapel mic as it makes it easier to sit comfortably and record without having to hold the phone and the sound quality is better.

Also as I said above I have already uploaded my intro & outro, so on the mobile app I can just add them from the library into the episode.

But if you haven’t yet recorded them, you can do straight into the phone, add some background music and save them to your library for next time! It’s so easy, the sound quality is pretty good and right now, it gets you off the starting line.

Scripting Your Podcast

This is going to come down to the kind of show you’re starting, whether you’re solo, with a co-host or interviewing, and your own personality type.

I have done a mix of writing an entire blog post of a script and literally reading it into the microphone, to ad libbing from a set of bullet points, to totally winging it on a subject I felt passionate about.

I don’t recommend the last idea unless you’re a seasoned live presenter. It’s too easy to get lost in a thought and ramble on for ages as I have done on many occasions!

In Buzzsprouts post ‘How to Write a Podcast Script‘, they go through 3 main types of outline for your podcast;

1. The Bullet Point Approach
2. The Detailed Episode Outline
3. The Word for Word Script

Check out their article for examples and templates to create your own script.

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At the end of the day nothing beats practice and just doing it. If you check out some of your favourite podcasters and go back to their earliest episodes you’ll notice a huge change between then and now. Even the pro’s had to start somewhere! (As a side tip do the same on YouTube, it will give you so much confidence just to get out there and get started!)

So that’s that my podcasting friend!

Sign up for anchor and make it happen!

Please share with anyone you think this might benefit. Thank you 🙂