How to Put Etsy Shop on Vacation: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide

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Did you know you can take a break from managing your Etsy shop whether it’s for a holiday, a personal emergency, or just some temporary downtime to recharge? Putting your Etsy shop on vacation mode lets you do just that without worrying about new orders and inquiries.

Vacation mode is a feature provided by Etsy that allows you to temporarily close your shop to customers.

In this article, we will explore the step-by-step instructions on how to enable this feature, as well as discuss best practices to make sure your shop’s reputation remains intact during your absence. You’ll have a clear understanding of how to temporarily close your shop while keeping your customers informed and satisfied.

Quick Takeaways:

  • Vacation Mode Purpose: Activate Etsy’s Vacation Mode to inform customers of your temporary absence, preventing new orders during that time.
  • Communication is Key: Utilize custom auto-reply messages to transparently inform potential buyers about the reason for your shop’s closure and the expected return date.
  • Easy Activation Steps: Follow a simple step-by-step process to enable Vacation Mode through Shop Manager settings, ensuring a hassle-free break.
  • Order Management Tips: Proactively manage open orders before entering Vacation Mode to maintain a strong customer relationship and prevent confusion.
  • Impact on Shop Ranking: While Vacation Mode doesn’t significantly impact your Etsy search results, it’s advisable to reactivate your shop promptly for continued marketplace performance.
  • Alternatives to Vacation Mode: Consider extending shipping times, running a sale, utilizing affiliate links, or using promotions as alternatives to shutting down your shop completely.
  • Reopening Guidance: When ready to resume selling, easily turn off Vacation Mode, refresh your inventory, and update customers on your return through social media and shop announcements.
  • Etsy Plus Features: Subscribing to Etsy Plus provides additional features, including scheduling vacation mode in advance and enabling restock requests.

What Is Vacation Mode

etsy shop vacation mode

Vacation Mode is a handy tool provided by Etsy for its sellers. It allows you to temporarily close your shop when you’re unable to process orders, whether due to a vacation, family event, or any other reason. By enabling Etsy Vacation Mode, you’re informing potential buyers that your shop is temporarily closed, and they won’t be able to make any purchases during this time.

It allows you to communicate your absence to your potential buyers through a custom auto-reply message and this transparency ensures that you maintain a positive connection with your customers and keep them informed about the temporary unavailability of your products.

When you activate Vacation Mode, all your listings will appear as “Item not available“. However, your shop and its listings will still be visible to visitors so they can browse and favorite your items to purchase later.

Additionally, you can leave a custom vacation message for your visitors to inform them about the reason for your shop’s closure and estimated return date.

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To put your Etsy store into Vacation Mode, simply follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Etsy account.
  2. Click on “Shop Manager” in the top right-hand corner.
  3. In the left-hand menu, select “Settings” then “Options“.
  4. Go to the “Vacation Mode” tab.
  5. Toggle the switch to “On” and add your custom vacation message.
  6. Click “Save” to activate Vacation Mode.

Remember to manage any open orders and communicate with your customers when planning to use Etsy Vacation Mode. This will help maintain a strong customer relationship and prevent any confusion during your absence.

Finally, it’s important to note that putting your shop in Vacation Mode shouldn’t have a significant negative impact on your ranking in Etsy search results. However, it’s recommended to reactivate your shop and start getting sales as soon as you can to ensure your shop continues to perform well in the marketplace.

How to Put Your Etsy Shop on Vacation Mode – Step By Step

screenshot of etsy landing page

Login to Shop Manager

To put your Etsy shop on vacation mode, start by logging in to your account and navigating to the Etsy Shop Manager. From the left-hand menu, click on “Settings,” then select “Options.” Under the Options tab, you will find the “Vacation Mode” section.

Adjust Settings

In the Vacation Mode settings, toggle the switch labeled “Turn On Vacation Mode” to enable it. Once vacation mode is activated, your shop will appear as “on vacation” to potential buyers, and they will not be able to make purchases.

It’s essential to update the announcement on your shop page to let customers know about your absence. To do this, click on the “Add or Edit” button next to “Shop Announcement.” Write a concise message informing customers of your vacation and the expected return date.

Enable Auto-Reply Messages

During your vacation, communication is key to maintaining customer satisfaction. Enabling auto-reply messages ensures that anyone who attempts to contact you receives an immediate response.

  1. Click “Add or Edit” next to “Vacation Mode Message.”
  2. Write a brief message explaining your current status and anticipated return date. You can also include any additional information, like alternative ways to contact you (if applicable).
  3. Save your message by clicking “Done.”

By following these steps, you’ll have successfully put your Etsy shop on vacation mode. This will allow you to take a break without worrying about disappointing customers or keeping them out of the loop.

Managing Orders and Shipping During Vacation Mode

Pre-Vacation Preparations

Before you put your Etsy shop on vacation mode, it’s essential to prepare your orders and shipping processes. Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Inform your buyers: Announce the upcoming vacation mode through shop updates, social media, or email newsletters. Include the start and end dates.
  2. Update processing time: Consider adjusting your processing times to accommodate your vacation days.
  3. Enable auto-reply: Set up an automatic response in your Etsy conversations to inform buyers about your vacation mode and when you’ll be back.

Shipping Labels and Fees

While your shop is in vacation mode, you can still purchase shipping labels and manage Etsy fees:

  • To purchase shipping labels, access your shop’s Sold Orders page.
  • The fees for shipping labels will continue to be added to your Etsy bill.

Here’s where to get more information on shipping label fees:

Shipping ServiceFee
USPSUSPS postage rates
FedExFedEx postage rates
Royal MailRoyal Mail postage rates
Canada PostCanada Post postage rates
Australia PostAustralia Post postage rates

Dealing with Open Orders

Before going on vacation, try to complete and ship any open orders to avoid disappointing your buyers. If you’re unable to do so, here are your options:

  • Contact the buyer: Communicate with the buyer and provide an updated shipping timeline or agree on a new shipping date.
  • Refund and cancel the order: If the buyer doesn’t want to wait, you can refund and cancel the order. Ensure you follow Etsy’s refund policies and order cancellation policies.
  • Offer a replacement or alternative option: If you can’t fulfill the original order, provide the buyer with an alternative item or offer a replacement when you return from vacation.

Effects of Vacation Mode on Your Etsy Shop

When you activate vacation mode, your listings are temporarily removed from search results on Etsy. This means that potential buyers will not be able to find your items while your shop is on vacation. While this may reduce sales opportunities, it also prevents new orders from coming in while you’re unavailable to fulfill them.

Etsy’s Algorithm Impacts

Etsy’s search algorithm takes various factors into account when determining where to display your listings in search results. One of these factors is the recency score, which measures how recently a listing was renewed or created.

Vacation mode can impact your recency score, as your listings are not actively being renewed or updated in this mode. As a result, when you return from vacation mode and your listings are restored, your search placement may be lower initially.

However, as you continue to renew and update your listings, your recency score will improve, and your search placement should gradually recover.

Star Seller Eligibility

Star Seller eligibility is determined each month by evaluating your shop’s performance in key areas, such as customer service, shipping, and item quality. While your shop is in vacation mode, certain requirements, such as replying to messages within 24 hours, will be paused.

However, other aspects of your shop, like shipping times and item quality, may still be evaluated for your overall Star Seller eligibility. It’s important to note that Etsy Ads are also paused when your shop is in vacation mode.

To maintain your Star Seller status, take the necessary steps to meet the defined criteria before and after activating vacation mode. By doing so, you’ll continue to enjoy the benefits of being a Star Seller, even after taking a temporary break from your Etsy shop.

Alternatives to Using Vacation Mode

Extending Shipping Times

An alternative to using vacation mode is to extend your shipping times. This can be helpful, especially during busy holiday seasons when you need more time to fulfill orders. To do this:

  1. Go to your Etsy shop’s shipping settings.
  2. Update the processing time for each item to reflect the extended shipping time.
  3. Add a note to your shop announcement informing customers about the extended shipping times.

This allows customers to still place orders while giving you the flexibility to manage your workload.

Running a Sale

Running a sale is another alternative to putting your Etsy shop on vacation mode. It can attract more customers when you’re not actively managing your store.

Consider offering a discount on specific items or a percentage off the entire order. Add a sale section in your shop and update your shop announcement to inform customers about the ongoing sale. This way, you still generate revenue while being less involved in your shop’s daily operations.

Utilizing affiliate links is one way to generate passive income while your shop is on a break. Partner with other Etsy wholesale and retail sellers or relevant businesses and promote their products through affiliate links in your shop or on your social media platforms.

For each sale made through your link, you will earn a commission. This allows you to earn while your store is in vacation mode or during busy holiday seasons when you need more time for personal matters.


Using promotions is another useful alternative to vacation mode. Offering promotions, such as free shipping, coupons, or buy-one-get-one deals, can help boost sales and keep customers engaged while you’re away from your shop.

Promotions can be created through Etsy’s marketing tools and scheduled in advance, ensuring that you don’t have to be actively involved with your shop during the promotion period.

By using these alternatives to vacation mode, you can maintain your Etsy shop’s online presence and continue generating revenue while taking a step back from the daily responsibilities of managing your store.

Reopening Your Etsy Shop

When you’re ready to start selling again, turning off vacation mode is easy. To reopen your shop, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Etsy account and go to the Shop Manager.
  2. Click on Settings and then select Options.
  3. Navigate to the Vacation Mode tab.
  4. Choose Turn Off Vacation Mode.

After turning off vacation mode, your shop will be live and visible to customers. Make sure to check and refresh your inventory. Add new products and create new listings to attract your customers’ attention.

It’s a good idea to update your customers on your return, especially if your shop was closed for an extended period. Share a shop update on social media to announce your shop’s reopening and any new listings or products you’ve added during your absence.

Remember, first impressions count, so take the time to review your shop and listings for any needed updates or improvements. Keep your shop fresh and inviting to ensure continued success in the Etsy marketplace.

Pros and Cons of Putting Your Etsy Shop on Vacation Mode


  1. Controlled Breaks: Using Etsy vacation mode allows you to take planned breaks, whether for holidays, emergencies, or personal downtime, without the stress of managing new orders.
  2. Transparent Communication: Etsy’s vacation mode settings facilitate clear communication with customers through custom auto-reply messages, ensuring transparency about your shop’s temporary closure and expected return date.
  3. Order Management Ease: The step-by-step guide simplifies the process of turning on vacation mode, providing a straightforward approach to temporarily pause your shop and manage open orders before taking a break.
  4. Prevent Overcommitment: Activating vacation mode prevents new orders during your absence, avoiding potential delays or customer dissatisfaction due to unfulfilled orders.
  5. Flexible Holiday Settings: Etsy’s holiday settings feature allows you to adjust processing times, preparing your shop for holiday seasons or planned breaks, contributing to a smoother overall experience for both you and your customers.
  6. Etsy Plus Benefits: Subscribers to Etsy Plus can enjoy additional benefits, such as scheduling vacation mode in advance and enabling restock requests, enhancing the overall experience of managing your shop.


  1. Temporary Search Visibility Loss: Putting your shop on vacation mode temporarily removes listings from Etsy search results, potentially impacting visibility and reducing sales opportunities.
  2. Recency Score Impact: Vacation mode may affect your shop’s recency score, potentially lowering your initial search placement upon returning, though this can be mitigated by actively renewing and updating listings.
  3. Star Seller Evaluation Pause: Certain aspects of your shop’s performance evaluation, such as response time requirements, are paused during vacation mode, impacting your eligibility for the Star Seller program.
  4. Etsy Fees Continue: While on vacation, Etsy fees for shipping labels continue to accumulate, impacting your overall expenses, even though your shop is temporarily inactive.
  5. Limited Etsy Live Support: During your shop’s vacation, access to Etsy’s live support may be limited, potentially affecting immediate assistance for any issues that arise.
  6. Potential Impact on Etsy Growth: Prolonged use of vacation mode may have an impact on your shop’s growth, as consistent activity is often key to maintaining visibility and engagement.

Tips for Smooth Transition In and Out of Vacation Mode

screenshot of etsy shop manager interface

Shop Announcement Section

When you decide to put your Etsy shop in vacation mode, it’s essential to update your shop announcement. This temporary shop announcement will let your customers know that you’re unavailable and when you’ll be back. Be sure to give a clear reason, whether it’s traveling, being sick, or any other reason.

Message Templates

Prepare message templates in advance to quickly communicate with customers. You can draft templates for inquiries about products, delivery times, or custom orders. Providing clear information about your absence in these messages will help manage customer expectations.

Social Media Updates

To keep your customers informed, don’t forget to post updates on your social media platforms. Share when your shop is entering vacation mode, as well as when you plan to return. Keep your followers engaged by sharing highlights of your travels or updates on your situation, if relevant.

Preparing for Emergencies

It’s important to have a plan in case of emergencies. If you’re traveling, make sure someone is available to handle urgent matters related to your shop. If you become sick, consider hiring someone to help you with your orders, customer inquiries, and other shop-related tasks.

Additionally, keep your shop policies updated to reflect any changes that might occur during your absence. This will ensure a smoother transition in and out of vacation mode.

Drawbacks and Challenges of Vacation Mode

Time Frame Considerations

Though Vacation Mode may seem like a convenient option for Etsy sellers who are out of town, there are some time frame considerations to take into account. Be aware that turning on Vacation Mode will temporarily pause your shop and its listings, which may impact your sales and customer communication.

Impact on Star Seller Program

Etsy’s Star Seller Program rewards responsive and reliable sellers, and putting your shop in Vacation Mode may affect your eligibility for this distinction. It is essential to carefully review the requirements to ensure you can maintain your Star Seller status while on vacation.

The Vacation Mode can be a useful tool for Etsy sellers during their time away. However, be cautious of potential drawbacks, such as its impact on the Star Seller Program, time frame concerns, and potentially negative experiences.

Additional Etsy Plus Features for Vacation Mode

Etsy Plus offers a variety of additional features to shop owners who have subscribed to the Etsy Plus plan. When putting your Etsy shop on vacation, you can access these features through the Vacation Mode tab in your Shop Manager.

One significant feature of the Etsy Plus subscription is the ability to schedule your vacation mode in advance. This ensures that your shop automatically goes on vacation at a pre-set time and date, giving you peace of mind and preventing any disruptions in your workflow.

Another advantage of using Etsy Plus while on vacation mode is access to restock requests. This allows your customers to request a notification when your shop returns from vacation mode, ensuring that you don’t lose potential business while you’re away.

Here are some of the additional features you can expect when you put your Etsy shop on vacation mode with an Etsy Plus subscription:

  • Schedule your vacation mode in advance
  • Enable restock requests for customers
  • Access to priority support

It is important to note that the Etsy Plus subscription comes with an auto-renew feature. This means that your subscription will automatically renew each month, so you don’t have to worry about manually renewing it while you’re on vacation.

In conclusion, utilizing Etsy Plus provides several helpful features specifically designed to enhance your vacation mode experience, helping to streamline your shop management and ensure customer satisfaction even while you’re temporarily away.

How to Put Etsy Shop on Vacation – Summary

Embracing the art of balance is the key to maintaining a successful Etsy shop while ensuring your own well-being. The provision of vacation mode is Etsy’s acknowledgment that shop owners are not machines, but real people who need time to rest, recharge, and find inspiration.

It might seem daunting, with concerns about visibility, orders, and customer expectations. Yet, remember that it’s not just about running a shop, it’s about running a sustainable ecommerce business, and sustainability requires periods of rest.

Embrace the opportunities, tackle the challenges head-on, and always be prepared for emergencies. In the grand scheme of things, your journey on Etsy is a marathon, not a sprint.

Don’t be afraid of taking that well-deserved rest – your shop, your customers, and most importantly, you, will be better for it. Happy selling, and happy resting!

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How to Put Etsy Shop on Vacation – FAQs

How long can I put my Etsy shop on vacation mode?

There’s no limit to how long you can put your Etsy shop on vacation mode. You can leave your shop on vacation mode for as long as you need to.

Will I still receive messages from customers while my Etsy shop is on vacation mode?

Yes, you will still receive messages from customers when your Etsy shop is on vacation mode. However, it’s important to note that you are not obliged to respond while on vacation.

Can I still access my Etsy shop while it’s in vacation mode?

Yes, you can still access your shop while it’s in vacation mode. You can manage your shop and prepare for reopening while in vacation mode.

Can customers see my listings while my shop is on vacation mode?

When your Etsy shop is on vacation mode, your listings will not appear in Etsy’s search results, but anyone who has previously favorited an item in your shop, or who goes directly to your shop URL, can see your items.

What happens if I have an open order when I put my Etsy shop on vacation mode?

If you have open orders when you put your Etsy shop on vacation mode, you will still need to fulfill those orders or cancel them. Vacation mode does not cancel open orders.

Will vacation mode affect my shop’s reputation or ratings?

Going on vacation mode doesn’t directly affect your shop’s ratings or reputation. However, your shop’s visibility in search may decrease if it’s on vacation for a prolonged period.

Can I temporarily close my Etsy shop without using vacation mode?

Vacation mode is the best option if you wish to temporarily close your Etsy shop. You can also deactivate your listings, but this is more time-consuming if you have a lot of listings, and you will have to reactivate them manually.

Do I need to notify my customers before going on vacation mode?

While it’s not required, it is a good practice to notify your customers that you will be putting your Etsy shop on vacation. This can be done through an announcement on your shop’s homepage or through social media updates.

How do I reopen my Etsy shop after vacation?

Reopening your Etsy shop after being on vacation mode is a straightforward process. Simply log in to your Etsy account, navigate to the Shop Manager, click on Settings, select Options, go to the Vacation Mode tab, and choose “Turn Off Vacation Mode.” This action will make your shop live and visible to customers again.

Why are my Etsy listings not showing up after vacation?

When your Etsy shop is in vacation mode, your listings are temporarily removed from Etsy’s search results. However, anyone who has previously favorited an item in your shop or who goes directly to your shop URL can still see your items. This temporary absence from search results is a normal part of the Etsy vacation mode process.

Does Etsy count when you visit your own shop?

Yes, Etsy does count your own visits to your shop. It’s important to be aware that your own views, clicks, and purchases contribute to your shop’s statistics, including Etsy sales data. To get an accurate representation of customer engagement, it’s advisable to use a separate browser or device for personal shop visits.

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