How To Make Money Playing Video Games: 47 Fun Ways for 2024

Reading Time: 30 minutes

If you’re passionate about gaming and have often considered how to make money playing video games, you’re about to hit the jackpot.

This guide is your ultimate resource, offering ingenious methods for converting your gaming skills into a substantial income.

And here’s your first tip: kickstart your money-making venture by creating content on social media platforms—such as starting a YouTube channel—to earn some quick ad revenue.

So, whether you’re a professional gamer, a video game developer, or someone who loves browsing job boards for new games to review, grab your gaming equipment, and let’s level up your financial game!

Quick Takeaways:

  • Start a YouTube Channel: Earn ad revenue by creating engaging gameplay tutorials or reviews, and consider monetizing with channel memberships and sponsored content.
    • Monetization starts with sharing your gaming passion on YouTube.
  • Launch a Gaming Podcast: Discuss gaming news and updates, interview game developers, and monetize through sponsorships and listener donations.
    • Podcasts can turn your gaming conversations into a profitable venture.
  • Write Game Reviews: Provide insightful critiques as a video game journalist, leveraging ad revenue and affiliate marketing.
    • Your gaming knowledge can help others make informed choices, while you earn.
  • Create Game Guides: Help others master games with your in-depth guides, and monetize your knowledge through various channels.
    • Sharing your gaming expertise can be as rewarding as playing.
  • Stream on Twitch: Engage with a live audience while playing games and earn through donations, ads, and sponsorships.
    • Live streaming can turn your gameplay into a spectator sport that pays.
  • Develop a Gaming Blog: Share news, tips, and tricks, growing your platform through ad revenue, sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing.
    • A blog can be your gaming knowledge hub that generates income.

21 Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games

1. YouTube Channel: Create gameplay tutorials or reviews and earn ad revenue.

If you’re passionate about playing video games and are looking for ways on how to make money playing games, starting a YouTube channel could be your golden ticket.

The platform allows you to create content focusing on your favorite games, be it gameplay tutorials, video game reviews, or just having fun.

This is a chance to become a content creator in the gaming world, showcasing your gaming skills while interacting with a wider gaming community.

Your earning potential via the video game industry from ad revenue is essentially limitless, depending on your content’s quality and reach.

YouTube also allows you to monetize through Super Chats, channel memberships, and sponsored videos.

Strategies for your YouTube Channel:

  • Focus on Your Niche: Choose and play games that you excel at or enjoy and create consistent content around them.
  • SEO Optimization: Use keyword-rich titles, descriptions, and tags to help your videos rank better.
  • Engage with the Community: Reply to comments, ask for feedback, and encourage likes and shares to boost your video’s algorithmic reach.

What we recommend:

  • Blue Yeti Microphone: For high-quality voice-over in your gameplay tutorials.
  • Elgato Game Capture Card: To seamlessly record and stream your gaming sessions.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro: For top-tier video editing capabilities.
Screenshot of GamePlay Tutorials Youtube Homepage videos

2. Gaming Podcast: Share gaming news, updates, and interviews to earn money through sponsorships and ads.

Podcasting has taken the world by storm, and the gaming industry is no exception.

One of the superior strategies to make money playing video games is creating a gaming podcast. It can serve as a lucrative venture, especially when you focus on hot topics like gaming news, updates, and even interviews with game developers or other professional gamers.

You don’t need to be a video game developer here, the key here is to offer something that the gaming community is eager to consume.

Through sponsorships, ads, and even listener donations, you can make a reasonable amount of money playing video games without actually playing them!

Strategies for Gaming Podcasts:

  • High-Quality Content: Make sure to provide valuable and timely gaming news to attract a loyal audience.
  • Monetize with Ads: Platforms like Anchor or Podbean allow you to insert ads easily, generating ad revenue.
  • Guest Appearances: Invite experts or popular gamers to your podcast to attract their follower base.

What we recommend:

  • Audio-Technica ATR2100x-USB: For crystal clear audio recording.
  • Audacity: Free, open-source, cross-platform audio software suitable for podcast beginners.
  • Heil PR-40 Dynamic Studio Recording Microphone: A more advanced microphone option for professional-level podcasting.

If you have an analytical mind and a love for gaming, An exceptional method is becoming a video game journalist specializing in game reviews, it can be a perfect fit to make money playing video games.

Websites, magazines, and blogs are continually looking for comprehensive and honest reviews of new games hitting the market.

By offering insightful critiques, you not only help the gaming community make informed choices but also earn money through ad revenue and affiliate marketing. You could also browse job boards for freelance video game reviewing opportunities.

Strategies for Game Reviews:

  • Build a Portfolio: Create a blog or website showcasing your game reviews to attract freelance opportunities.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Use affiliate links for the games or gaming equipment you review.
  • Engage on Social Media: Use platforms like Twitter or Reddit to share your reviews and interact with the gaming community.

What we recommend:

  • WordPress: To start your own blog where you can post and monetize your game reviews.
  • Grammarly: For proofreading and enhancing the quality of your write-ups.
  • Ahrefs: For SEO analysis and to identify the best keywords to use in your content.

4. Game Guides: Publish in-depth video game guides to help others master a particular game and monetize through ads.

If you have an in-depth understanding of a particular game, you can put together game guides that help others conquer specific challenges, level up, or understand complex game mechanics.

The focus here is on creating content that adds value to the reader, helping them master their favorite games. You can monetize these guides through ads, in-game items, or even by selling them as premium content.

The gaming world is always looking for shortcuts and tips, and your guides could be the key to earning money playing games.

Strategies for Game Guides:

  • Audience Research: Use social media platforms to find out what challenges gamers are facing in specific games and address these in your guides.
  • Quality Over Quantity: One detailed, high-quality guide is better than multiple, shallow ones.
  • Distribution: Use gaming forums, Reddit, and even your own YouTube channel to promote your guides.

What we recommend:

  • Canva: For designing eye-catching graphics and layouts for your guides.
  • Google Docs: For collaborative work if you’re teaming up with other gamers.
  • Gumroad: An easy-to-use platform to sell your digital game guides.

5. Twitch Streaming: Stream your gameplay on Twitch, interact with the gaming community, and make money from viewer donations.

If you’re someone who enjoys playing video games and loves being on camera, Twitch streaming can be an excellent avenue for you.

Twitch is a platform where you can play video games and broadcast them in real time. A champion method of earning money playing video games. This allows you to engage with a live gaming community, show off your gaming skills, and even win real money through viewer donations, ads, and sponsorships.

You’ll find huge tournaments and casual gameplay alike, offering multiple opportunities for earning money.

Strategies for Twitch Streaming:

  • Regular Schedule: Consistency is key. Stick to a regular streaming schedule to build a loyal audience.
  • Viewer Engagement: Use chat features, emoticons, and polls to keep your audience engaged and entertained.
  • Cross-Promotion: Use other social media platforms to alert your audience when you’re going live.

What we recommend:

  • Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam: For high-quality streaming video.
  • Streamlabs OBS: An all-in-one streaming solution with a user-friendly interface.
  • HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset: For crystal-clear audio, both for you and your viewers.

6. Gaming Blog: Share articles, gameplay tutorials, and tips, then monetize through ad revenue and sponsored posts.

Starting a gaming blog allows you to be a content creator in the gaming world, focusing on your favorite games, gameplay tutorials, and game reviews.

With the right strategy, you can earn money through ad revenue and sponsored posts. A gaming blog serves as a go-to hub for gaming news, tips, and tricks, attracting a community of like-minded gamers.

As you grow, you’ll be in a position to make extra money from affiliate marketing, merchandise, and even collaborations with game developers.

Strategies for Gaming Blogs:

  • SEO Optimization: Research keywords that your target audience will likely search for, such as “how to make money playing video games,” and include them in your posts.
  • Community Engagement: Create a newsletter or social media groups to keep your audience updated and engaged.
  • Monetization Methods: Apart from ad revenue, look into sponsored posts and affiliate marketing as additional income streams.

What we recommend:

  • WordPress: The go-to platform for starting a blog with various themes and plugins.
  • Google AdSense: To monetize your blog through ads.
  • Mailchimp: For newsletter management and email marketing campaigns.

7. Join Gaming Tournaments: Participate in huge tournaments and win cash prizes.

If you excel in competitive gaming, participating in huge tournaments can offer cash prizes that make all those hours of gameplay worthwhile.

To stand a chance, you’ll need to focus on honing your gaming skills in specific games. Playing video games competitively is not just about having fun; it’s a potential career where you can earn a significant amount of money playing games you love.

Strategies for Gaming Tournaments:

  • Training: Invest time in training, possibly with professional gamers, to up your game.
  • Networking: Stay in touch with other professional gamers and browse job boards for tournament opportunities.
  • Equipment: Ensure you have the best gaming equipment for optimal performance.

What we recommend:

  • Razer Naga X Gaming Mouse: For quick and precise movements.
  • Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: For rapid and reliable key presses.
  • Acer Predator X27 Gaming Monitor: For high-quality visuals and quicker response times.

8. Host Online Tournaments: Engage in online games that offer prize money for winners.

Online tournaments are an excellent way for digital nomads and solopreneurs to enter the competitive gaming arena without the need for physical attendance.

Whether it’s fighting games, strategy, or sports simulations, there’s an online tournament out there that could make you win real money.

Many of these tournaments are free to enter but offer cash prizes for the victors.

Strategies for Online Tournaments:

  • Game Selection: Focus on games where you have an edge over the competition.
  • Practice: Dedicate regular time to practice and watch tutorials from other skilled gamers.
  • Stay Updated: Follow gaming news and online boards to keep tabs on upcoming online tournaments.

What we recommend:

  • Tournament Platforms like For a wide range of tournaments across multiple game types.
  • VPN Service like NordVPN: For security and potentially lower latency.
  • High-speed Internet Package: To ensure you have the bandwidth to compete effectively.
Screenshot of startGG Homepage

9. Become a Professional Gamer: Dedicate time to master your favorite games and compete for more money.

The world of professional gaming offers more than just fame; it offers a real opportunity to earn money.

By focusing on specific games that you excel at and dedicating time to master them, you can start earning money by entering both online and physical tournaments.

Browse job boards to find opportunities for testing new games, coaching, or even securing sponsorships.

Strategies for Professional Gamers:

  • Skill Building: Hire a video game coach to take your skills to the next level.
  • Networking: Build relationships with other professional gamers and industry contacts through social media platforms.
  • Diversify: Don’t just stick to tournaments; look for brand endorsements and sponsorships.

What we recommend:

  • Skillshare or Udemy Courses: For gaming strategies and improving your gameplay.
  • High-Quality Streaming Setup: To build your online presence and attract sponsors.
  • A Proper Gaming Chair like Secretlab Omega: For comfort and better gameplay over long periods.

10. Fighting Games: Specialize in fighting games to win real money through competitions.

If you have a passion for fighting games, turning it into a money-making venture is more feasible than ever. Many fighting game tournaments offer cash prizes to competitors.

These tournaments can be either online or in physical locations. Excelling in these events can also land you sponsorships, allowing you to earn even more money playing online games.

Browse job boards for upcoming competitions and practice your gaming skills to become a professional gamer in the fighting games niche.

Strategies for Fighting Games:

  • Expertise: Concentrate on a particular game within the fighting games genre to become an expert.
  • Scout Tournaments: Browse job boards and gaming news to find local and online tournaments.
  • Engage with Community: Join forums and social media platforms related to fighting games to get tips and strategies.

What we recommend:

  • Arcade Stick Controller: For a more arcade-like experience.
  • High-refresh Rate Monitor: For quick and responsive gameplay.
  • Noise-Canceling Headphones: To stay focused during tournaments.

11. Local Championships: Participate in local gaming tournaments for smaller but more frequent cash prizes.

Local championships offer a great starting point for aspiring competitive gamers. These events may not have the huge cash prizes found in massive tournaments, but they offer more frequent opportunities for earning money.

Plus, local events let you network with other professional gamers and get a foothold in the competitive gaming community.

Strategies for Local Championships:

  • Research: Use job boards to find local gaming tournaments that offer cash prizes.
  • Practice: Spend time mastering your favorite games to increase your chances of winning.
  • Local Networking: Engage with the local gaming community to get inside information on upcoming events.

What we recommend:

  • Gaming Laptop: For portability and high performance.
  • Portable Gaming Controller: For practicing even when you’re on the go.
  • Local Gaming Forum Subscription: To stay updated on local tournaments.

12. Game Coach: Offer coaching services for specific games and earn money online.

If you’re an expert in certain games, offering coaching services can be a lucrative way to make money playing video games.

As a video game coach, you can provide gameplay tutorials and specific strategies to help others improve.

This is an excellent avenue for earning money online while leveraging your gaming skills.

Strategies for Game Coaching:

  • Platform Choice: Decide whether to offer your coaching services through a website, social media platforms, or specialized coaching platforms.
  • Content Creation: Create tutorial videos or written guides to showcase your expertise.
  • Marketing: Use social media platforms to advertise your services to a wider audience.

What we recommend:

  • Screen Recording Software: For creating high-quality gameplay tutorials.
  • Good Quality Microphone: For clear audio during coaching sessions.
  • Payment Gateway: Like PayPal, for easy and secure transactions.

13. Consult for Game Developers: Use your gaming skills to consult with game developers on game mechanics.

Your in-depth knowledge of video games can also make you an invaluable consultant for game developers.

Offering insights into game mechanics, level design, and even community engagement can earn you a substantial income.

Browse job boards in the gaming industry for consulting opportunities.

Strategies for Game Development Consultancy:

  • Portfolio: Create a portfolio showcasing your understanding of game mechanics, game testing experience, and other relevant skills.
  • Networking: Use LinkedIn and other professional platforms to connect with game developers and companies.
  • Keep Updated: Stay current on gaming news to offer the most relevant advice.

What we recommend:

  • Project Management Software: Like Asana, for task management during consulting projects.
  • VPN Service: To securely access any development servers you may need to consult on.
  • A High-Quality Webcam: For remote consultations and meetings.

14. Skill Sharing: Host webinars or live sessions on social media platforms to teach gaming skills.

Utilize your expertise by hosting webinars or live-streaming tutorials on social media platforms. Not only can you make money through ad revenue, but you can also offer specialized courses for extra money.

This is a fantastic way to engage with the gaming community while making money online.

Strategies for Skill Sharing:

  • Platform Research: Determine which social media platforms are most popular among your target gaming community.
  • Interactive Content: Make your sessions interactive to keep viewers engaged and coming back for more.
  • Monetization: Consider using a subscription model or in-game items to monetize your skill-sharing sessions.

What we recommend:

  • Webinar Software: Like Zoom, for hosting large interactive sessions.
  • Social Media Management Tools: Like Hootsuite, for managing multiple platforms.
  • E-commerce Platform: To sell any courses or in-game items you may offer.

15. Game Tester: Browse job boards to find game testing opportunities.

If you’ve ever wanted to combine your love for video games with a way to make money, becoming a game tester could be your ticket.

Video game companies frequently employ testers to find bugs, assess user experience, and give input on gameplay mechanics. Game testing can be both rewarding and financially beneficial.

This role not only pays but also provides a behind-the-scenes look into the gaming industry. To find these opportunities, browse job boards that focus on game-testing positions.

Strategies for Game Testing:

  • Skill Building: Familiarize yourself with different game genres to be a versatile game tester.
  • Connect: Network within the gaming community to gain referrals for game-testing gigs.
  • Online Presence: Create an online portfolio showcasing your experience in game reviews and testing.

What we recommend:

  • Software for Bug Reporting: Like Jira, to effectively report bugs during testing.
  • High-end Gaming PC: To ensure compatibility with all kinds of games.
  • Ergonomic Chair: For long hours of focused game testing.

16. Video Game Companies: Apply for remote jobs with video game companies.

Remote work has become more prevalent, even in the gaming industry. Companies often hire remote staff for various roles, from game development to customer service.

Working for a video game company can provide a consistent income while allowing you to be part of an industry you love.

Check job boards and company websites for remote opportunities in gaming.

Strategies for working remotely in Video Game Companies:

  • Resume Crafting: Highlight any experience you have in gaming, content creation, or game reviews.
  • Industry Research: Stay updated on gaming news to understand market trends and company standings.
  • Networking: Connect with professionals in the industry through social media platforms and gaming forums.

What we recommend:

  • High-Speed Internet Connection: For seamless remote working.
  • Webcam and Microphone: For virtual meetings.
  • Dual Monitor Setup: For efficient multitasking.

17. Freelance Gaming Jobs: Look for freelance opportunities on job boards focusing on the gaming industry.

Freelancing offers a flexible way to make money by playing online games or being involved in the gaming world.

You could be a content creator, write reviews, or even offer tutorial videos on gameplay. The opportunities are endless.

The key to freelancing success in the gaming industry is knowing where to look. Specialized job boards often list freelance opportunities that you can apply for.

Strategies for Freelance Gaming Jobs:

  • Specialization: Pick a niche like game reviews or tutorial videos to stand out.
  • Pitching: Regularly send out pitches and proposals to prospective clients.
  • Social Proof: Build a strong portfolio and gather testimonials from previous work to showcase your expertise.

What we recommend:

  • Freelancer Account on Platforms: Like Upwork or Fiverr, dedicated to gaming gigs.
  • Content Management System: Like WordPress, for showcasing your portfolio.
  • Invoice Software: For easy billing and tracking of your freelance income.

18. Sell In-Game Items: Make money by selling rare or valuable in-game items.

One of the intriguing ways to earn money in the gaming world is by selling in-game items. This could be anything from rare skins to powerful weapons.

These items often have high demand in the gaming community and can fetch a pretty penny. Some games even have their own marketplaces for you to sell these items, making it easier than ever to make money playing video games.

Just be sure to read the game’s terms and conditions as selling in-game items is against the rules in certain games.

Strategies for Selling In-Game Items:

  • Game Selection: Choose games known for their lucrative in-game items.
  • Item Appraisal: Keep tabs on the value of items in your inventory by following gaming news and forums.
  • Secure Transactions: Use trusted platforms to facilitate the buying and selling process.

What we recommend:

  • In-Game Currency: Purchase to speed up item acquisition.
  • Third-party Marketplaces: Like PlayerAuctions, to securely sell your items.
  • Inventory Management Software: To track the value of your in-game items.
Screenshot of PlayerAuctions Homepage

19. Gaming Equipment: Sell or trade your old gaming equipment online.

As technology advances, you may find yourself upgrading your gaming equipment frequently. Instead of letting your old equipment collect dust, why not sell or trade them online?

Websites and forums allow gamers to sell their used equipment, providing an opportunity to make extra money.

Plus, you’re contributing to a more sustainable gaming world by giving your old equipment a second life.

Strategies for Gaming Equipment:

  • Equipment Appraisal: Understand the resale value of your gaming equipment by browsing online forums.
  • Quality Check: Make sure to clean and test your equipment before listing it.
  • Secure Payments: Use trusted payment methods for transactions.

What we recommend:

  • Quality Packaging Materials: To ensure the equipment reaches the buyer in good condition.
  • High-Quality Camera: For taking professional-grade photos of your equipment for listings.
  • E-commerce Platform Account: Like eBay, to facilitate the selling process.

20. Affiliate Marketing: Promote gaming equipment and earn commissions.

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn commissions by promoting products, making it a great way to make money if you’re deeply involved in the gaming industry.

You could write reviews on your favorite games or gaming equipment and include affiliate links for your audience to make purchases.

The key is to offer genuine value to your readers or viewers, increasing the chances they’ll click through and buy, earning you ad revenue.

Strategies for Affiliate Marketing:

  • Content Quality: Write reviews and create tutorial videos that offer valuable insights.
  • Audience Engagement: Use social media platforms to interact with your audience and direct them to your affiliate links.
  • Track Performance: Monitor your affiliate links to see what’s working and what’s not, then adjust your strategy accordingly.

What we recommend:

  • Affiliate Tracking Software: To monitor clicks and conversions.
  • SEO Tools: Like SEMrush, to optimize your content for higher visibility.
  • High-Quality Microphone and Camera: For creating compelling content.

21. Collaborate with Other Professional Gamers: Increase your exposure and earning potential.

The competitive gaming world thrives on community and partnerships. Collaborating with other professional gamers can skyrocket your exposure and, as a result, help you make money playing online.

Whether it’s joint gameplay tutorials or co-hosting a gaming podcast, there’s power in numbers. You can even take part in team-based online tournaments to win cash prizes.

This not only elevates your standing in the gaming community but also opens up more avenues for ad revenue.

Strategies for Collaboration:

  • Network: Attend gaming tournaments and browse job boards to find like-minded professionals.
  • Content Planning: Strategize on the type of content that will appeal to your combined audiences.
  • Revenue Sharing: Create a fair arrangement for dividing earnings and prize money.

What we recommend:

  • High-Quality Streaming Software: Like OBS Studio, for smooth co-streaming sessions.
  • Professional Microphone: To ensure clarity while co-hosting podcasts or videos.
  • Team Management Software: Like Slack, for seamless communication and planning.

22. Join a Gaming Team: Gain sponsorships and make earning money a collaborative effort.

Joining a gaming team can be a game-changer when it comes to earning money.

Teams often attract sponsorships, providing a more stable income in addition to prize money from gaming tournaments.

Plus, being part of a team enhances your gaming skills, making you more formidable in huge tournaments. It’s a collective approach to making a living in the gaming world.

Strategies for Joining a Gaming Team:

  • Choose Wisely: Look for teams that align with your gaming skills and favorite games.
  • Skill Upgradation: Train rigorously to contribute effectively to your team.
  • Sponsorship Outreach: Collaboratively reach out to potential sponsors with a well-prepared portfolio.

What we recommend:

  • Professional Gaming Equipment: Like top-tier headsets, for optimal performance.
  • Team Jerseys: To bolster the team’s brand during public appearances.
  • Analytics Tools: Like SenpAI, for tracking team performance and improvement.

23. Social Media Promotions: Partner with gaming brands on social media platforms to promote their products.

Social media platforms are not just for selfies and food pics; they’re a goldmine for gamers looking to make money playing video games.

Partnering with gaming brands can earn you commissions and ad revenue. Posting reviews of your favorite games, or showing off the latest gaming equipment can make you a valuable content creator for brands.

Strategies for Social Media Promotions:

  • Quality Over Quantity: Focus on creating high-value content that genuinely helps your audience.
  • Engage, Don’t Spam: Use your social media platforms to engage with your audience, not just for self-promotion.
  • Track & Tweak: Use analytics to track performance and adjust your strategy as needed.

What we recommend:

  • Affiliate Marketing Platform: Like ShareASale, for managing and tracking commissions.
  • Quality Cameras and Mics: For creating top-notch review videos.
  • Social Media Management Tools: Like Hootsuite, for scheduling posts and tracking engagement.

24. Mobile Games: Look for games that offer cash rewards or gift cards.

Believe it or not, you can make money playing mobile games. A variety of apps offer cash prizes, gift cards, or in-game items that can be sold for real-world money.

Not all mobile games are built equal, so it’s crucial to focus on those that offer the most lucrative rewards. From casual games to competitive gaming, the opportunities for earning are broad.

Strategies for Mobile Games:

  • Research: Browse job boards or gaming community forums to identify mobile games that offer real-world rewards.
  • Master the Game: Focus on a particular game and develop your skills to win more frequently.
  • Cash Out Wisely: Keep an eye on the conversion rates and charges when converting in-game items or points to money.

What we recommend:

  • High-Performance Smartphone: Such as iPhone 13 or Samsung Galaxy S21 for seamless gaming.
  • External Battery Pack: To ensure longer playtime.
  • Mobile Gaming Controller: For improved gameplay and better chances of winning.

25. App Reviews: Write reviews for mobile games and earn through sponsored content.

If you have a knack for writing, you can earn money online by reviewing mobile games.

Companies value customer feedback and are willing to pay for well-written, insightful reviews. You can either write reviews for an existing gaming news platform or start your own blog, as you earn money gaming.

Strategies for App Reviews:

  • Build a Portfolio: Start by writing reviews for popular mobile games to build your credibility.
  • Outreach: Contact game developers and offer to write sponsored reviews.
  • Ad Revenue: Monetize your blog or YouTube channel where you post your reviews to generate extra money.

What we recommend:

  • Grammarly Premium: For flawless writing of your content to earn money gaming.
  • A Good Webcam: For making video reviews, if that’s your medium.
  • SEO Tools like SEMrush: To optimize your reviews or blog posts for maximum visibility.

26. Retro Gaming: Create content or merchandise around old, classic games.

Nostalgia sells. The retro gaming world is full of passionate fans who love merchandise, content, and trivia about their favorite games from the past.

Creating YouTube videos, writing blogs, playing video games, or even developing retro game-inspired merchandise can turn your passion for old-school video games into a money-making venture in the video game industry.

Strategies for Retro Gaming:

  • Content Creation: Start a YouTube channel or blog where you review or talk about your favorite retro games.
  • Merchandise: Create and sell merchandise like T-shirts, mugs, or keychains themed around retro games.
  • Community Engagement: Use social media platforms to engage with other fans of retro games.

What we recommend:

  • Adobe Photoshop: For designing your own merchandise.
  • Quality Microphone and Camera: For recording top-notch videos or podcasts.
  • E-commerce Platform like Shopify: For setting up an online store to sell your merchandise.
Screenshot of Retro Gaming Gifts and Merchandise for sale

27. Educational Gaming: Focus on games that educate and entertain, monetize through premium content.

Did you know that educational games are gaining momentum in the gaming world? These games not only entertain but also educate the user.

As a content creator, you can leverage this niche by offering premium content, such as advanced tutorials, in-depth game reviews, and expert gameplay tips.

The best part? People are willing to pay for high-quality, educational content.

Strategies for Educational Gaming:

  • Curate Content: Identify certain educational games that align with your expertise and create advanced tutorial videos.
  • Subscription Model: Create a membership plan where users can pay to access premium content.
  • Partnerships: Approach game developers to offer your educational content within their platform for a fee. You can also do the same as a video game tester.

What we recommend:

  • Blue Yeti Microphone: For high-quality audio in your tutorial videos.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro: For editing your educational content.
  • Patreon Account: To manage your subscriber base and offer premium content.

28. VR Gaming: Delve into the world of Virtual Reality games and create unique content.

The Virtual Reality (VR) sector of the gaming industry is booming. As a content creator, you can capture your VR experiences and share them with an audience hungry for this new gaming paradigm.

There are various ways to earn money, including ad revenue, sponsorships, and partnerships with game developers.

Strategies for VR Gaming:

  • VR Gameplay Tutorials: Record yourself playing different VR games and upload them to your YouTube channel for ad revenue.
  • Expert Reviews: Write reviews for new VR games and monetize through sponsored content.
  • Collaboration: Partner with other professional gamers who specialize in VR to widen your audience.

What we recommend:

  • Oculus Quest 2: For a quality VR gaming experience.
  • High-Speed Internet Connection: To stream and upload your VR content.
  • Quality Lighting Equipment: To enhance video quality.

29. Quiz Games: Participate in online quiz games to win real money.

Online quiz games are not just for fun; they offer real money as cash prizes.

There are various platforms where you can test your knowledge on a multitude of subjects and win money for correct answers. Often these are mobile games that you can play on the go.

Strategies for Quiz Games:

  • Platform Selection: Browse job boards or gaming news to find reputable platforms that offer cash prizes.
  • Study Up: Choose quiz games related to topics you’re familiar with to increase your chances of winning.
  • Quick Withdrawals: Understand the payout structure and withdraw your earnings wisely.

What we recommend:

  • Quick Charge Power Bank: To keep your mobile device charged while playing.
  • Noise-Canceling Headphones: To focus better on the questions.
  • Screen Protector: To safeguard your mobile screen during enthusiastic gameplay.

30. Puzzle Games: Solve and win cash prizes in puzzle competitions.

If you have a knack for solving puzzles, why not make money from it? Online puzzle competitions offer cash prizes for quick and accurate solutions.

These competitions are usually part of gaming tournaments that you can enter for a chance to win substantial money.

Strategies for Puzzle Games:

  • Tournament Entry: Search for online video game tournaments offering puzzle games with cash prizes.
  • Skill Development: Practice different types of puzzles to improve your gaming skills.
  • Community Engagement: Become an active member of gaming communities to stay updated on upcoming tournaments and tips.

What we recommend:

  • Gaming Mouse and Keyboard: For optimal control during puzzle-solving.
  • Monitor with Fast Refresh Rate: For smoother gameplay.
  • Ergonomic Chair: To maintain good posture during prolonged gaming sessions.

31. Initiate Sponsored Gaming Events: Organize and host gaming events, both online and offline.

Hosting gaming events can be an excellent avenue for making money. You can charge entry fees, find sponsors, offer cash prizes, and even generate ad revenue through live streaming the event.

Whether it’s a huge tournament involving competitive gaming or a smaller, more intimate gathering focused on favorite games, the earning potential is significant.

Strategies for Gaming Events:

  • Partnership and Sponsorship: Approach gaming equipment companies or even game developers for sponsorship.
  • Online and Offline Marketing: Utilize social media platforms to create buzz and keep the gaming community updated.
  • Entry Fee and Prizes: Charge an entry fee and offer cash prizes to make the event more appealing.

What we recommend:

  • Eventbrite: For ticketing and registration.
  • OBS Studio: For live streaming your event.
  • Gaming Chairs for Hosts: To provide comfortable seating for those hosting and commenting on the event.

32. Modding: Create your own game mods and sell them online.

The art of game modding has become increasingly popular. By creating your mods for specific games, you can offer something unique to the gaming community and earn money through sales or even donations.

Strategies for Modding:

  • Find Your Niche: Focus on a particular game where you can bring unique value through modding.
  • Test Thoroughly: Before selling, make sure to do rigorous game testing to avoid bugs and glitches.
  • Payment Gateway: Integrate a reliable payment gateway for smooth transactions.

What we recommend:

  • Unity or Unreal Engine: For developing mods.
  • A High-Performance Computer: For smoother development processes.
  • Digital Ocean: For hosting your mod files online securely.

33. Game Development: Develop your own games or apps to make money playing your own video games.

Developing your games can be a rewarding experience, both creatively and financially.

Whether you’re making mobile games or PC games, owning the intellectual property means you control how you monetize—be it through in-game items, premium versions, or ad revenue.

Strategies for Game Development:

  • Target Audience: Research to find out what the gaming community is looking for in new games.
  • Monetization Plan: Decide how you will earn money, whether through ads, in-game purchases, or a one-time purchase price.
  • Quality Assurance: Hire game testers to identify any bugs or issues.

What we recommend:

  • Unity Pro License: For game development.
  • GitHub: For source code management.
  • Google AdMob: For integrating ads into your mobile games.

34. Cosplay: If you’re creative, cosplay as characters from your favorite games and monetize through photoshoots.

Cosplay combines the best of the gaming world and creativity. You can pick characters from your favorite games, create costumes, and then sell photos or even appear at gaming events.

This way, you’re not just making money but also building a brand.

Strategies for Cosplay:

  • High-Quality Photos: Invest in a good camera or hire a professional to take photos.
  • Social Media Presence: Use platforms like Instagram to showcase your work and attract sponsorship.
  • Merchandising: Consider creating prints or other merchandise related to your cosplay.

What we recommend:

  • Canon EOS M50 Mark II: For high-quality cosplay photography.
  • Adobe Photoshop: For editing your photos.
  • Etsy Store: To sell your cosplay prints or merchandise.

Gamers are more than just people who play video games; they’re part of a robust community. Capitalizing on this sense of identity, you can design and sell merchandise related to your favorite games or gaming memes.

Whether it’s t-shirts, caps, or other swag, the gaming world is ripe for unique, high-quality merchandise. This allows you to earn money while contributing to the culture of gaming.

Strategies for Merchandise Design:

  • Identify Trends: Keep an eye on gaming news and social media platforms to know what’s currently popular.
  • Quality Over Quantity: Focus on creating high-quality products that resonate with the gaming community.
  • Online Storefront: Utilize platforms like Shopify to sell your merchandise.

What we recommend:

  • Adobe Illustrator: For designing your merchandise.
  • Printful: For print-on-demand services.
  • Shopify: To host your online store.
Screenshot of Nintendo Homepage saling game merchandise - how to make money playing video games

36. Webinars: Host webinars about the gaming world or game development.

Webinars are an excellent way to share expertise, whether it’s gameplay tutorials, game development, or discussing the gaming industry as a whole.

You can make money through ticket sales, sponsorships, or even ad revenue if you choose to post recordings online.

Strategies for Webinars:

  • Topic Selection: Choose topics that are current and intriguing, such as new games or competitive gaming strategies.
  • Guest Speakers: Invite game developers, professional gamers, or other key players in the gaming world to add value.
  • Promotion: Use social media platforms to advertise your webinar extensively.

What we recommend:

  • Zoom: For hosting your webinars.
  • Canva: For creating promotional materials.
  • Mailchimp: To manage your email lists and send out reminders.

37. Game Narration: Offer voice-over services for game developers.

Voice-over work in video games is an often-overlooked avenue for earning money. Game developers are always on the lookout for talented narrators who can bring their characters to life. You can browse job boards for these roles or reach out to game developers directly.

Strategies for Game Narration:

  • Portfolio: Create a demo reel showcasing different tones, accents, and emotions.
  • Networking: Use platforms like LinkedIn to connect with game developers.
  • Freelance Websites: Browse job boards like Upwork for freelance voice-over gigs.

What we recommend:

  • Blue Yeti Microphone: For high-quality audio recording.
  • Adobe Audition: For editing your voice-over samples.
  • Upwork Profile: To find freelance opportunities.

38. Market Research: Use your expertise to provide market research for gaming companies.

Your deep understanding of the gaming world can be monetized by offering market research services to game developers and video game companies.

This could involve tracking trends, surveying the gaming community, or analyzing competitive gaming data to offer actionable insights.

Strategies for Market Research:

  • Specialize: Choose a particular area such as mobile games or fighting games to focus your research.
  • Data Collection: Utilize online surveys and social media platforms to collect data from the gaming community.
  • Reporting: Create comprehensive reports offering actionable insights to game developers.

What we recommend:

  • Google Analytics: To analyze online traffic and trends.
  • SurveyMonkey: To conduct online surveys.
  • Microsoft Excel: For data analysis and reporting.

39. Donation Stream: Host special Twitch streams where all earnings go to charity, and take a tax write-off.

Charity streams on platforms like Twitch are a win-win situation. Not only do you get to contribute to a noble cause, but you also have the opportunity for a tax write-off.

During these special streams, you can engage the gaming community in various online games or even huge tournaments.

These events usually generate extra money through viewer donations, ad revenue, and even cash prizes donated by sponsors.

Strategies for Donation Streams:

  • Pick a Popular Game: Choose a favorite game or play games that have a large following for maximum engagement.
  • Promote Ahead: Use social media platforms to drum up interest and secure sponsorships to make money playing games.
  • Interactive Goals: Create donation goals that, when met, trigger specific actions on stream, like gameplay tutorials or challenges.

What we recommend:

  • Streamlabs OBS: Essential software for streaming.
  • Blue Yeti Microphone: For crisp, clear audio during streams beneficial for those watching videos online.
  • Logitech C922x Pro Webcam: For high-definition video.

40. Licensing: License your unique game ideas or concepts to game developers.

If you have a stellar game concept or mechanism, you don’t necessarily have to develop it yourself.

Licensing it to established game developers can earn you a hefty sum, not to mention royalties. You can make money playing games by transforming your video game ideas into revenue.

Strategies for Licensing:

  • Protect Your Idea: Before pitching, make sure to consult with legal experts on how to protect your intellectual property.
  • Network: Use platforms like LinkedIn to connect directly with game developers and video game companies.
  • Pitch: Create a comprehensive presentation to explain why your concept stands out.

What we recommend:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint: To create your pitch presentation.
  • LinkedIn Premium: For enhanced networking capabilities.
  • Legal Templates: For non-disclosure and licensing agreements.

41. Voice Chat Host: Start a voice chat room in games and charge for premium discussions.

If you have unique insights into competitive gaming or specific games, why not monetize your knowledge? Start a voice chat room and charge a premium for exclusive conversations, tips, and tricks.

Strategies for Voice Chat Hosting:

  • Quality Content: Offer meaningful advice, game reviews, or even live game testing to attract an audience.
  • Promotion: Use social media platforms to promote the chat room.
  • Monetization: Integrate a payment system for access to the premium content.

What we recommend:

  • Discord Server: To host your voice chat rooms.
  • Patreon: For premium content monetization.
  • PayPal Business Account: To manage payments easily.

42. Sell Game Scripts: Write and sell scripts for game mods or levels.

You can also earn money by writing game scripts for mods or custom levels in existing games. This could be in the form of AI behavior, gameplay mechanics, or narrative elements.

Strategies for Selling Game Scripts:

  • Showcase Skills: Create a portfolio of your work, possibly on a personal website, to attract game developers.
  • Community Engagement: Engage in gaming forums and communities to market your scripts.
  • Use Freelance Platforms: Browse job boards like Upwork or Fiverr where game developers may be looking for scripting services.

What we recommend:

  • GitHub: To share and collaborate on code.
  • Upwork Profile: To find and bid on relevant gigs.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver: For creating and maintaining your portfolio website.

43. Game Localization: Translate games into different languages.

Expanding your favorite games into new markets can be incredibly profitable. Game localization is all about adapting a video game to make it culturally and linguistically appropriate for different regions.

This involves not only translating text but also adapting certain game elements to better suit the local culture.

It’s a high-skilled job that’s in demand, as game developers constantly look to make their games more accessible globally.

Strategies for Game Localization:

  • Skills Assessment: First, ensure you are fluent in at least two languages.
  • Networking: Reach out to game developers and video game companies looking to break into new markets.
  • Portfolio: Create a portfolio showcasing your localization skills, including gameplay tutorials and game reviews.

What we recommend:

  • MemoQ: Translation software specific for game localization.
  • LinkedIn Premium: To directly connect with game developers.
  • A Professional Website: Using WordPress to showcase your portfolio.

44. Stock Photography: Use your gaming screenshots as stock photos.

Believe it or not, your gaming screenshots can earn you extra money. High-quality, interesting shots from popular online games, new games, or even specific niche games can be sold as stock photos.

Content creators often need unique images for their blogs, game reviews, or social media platforms.

Strategies for Stock Photography:

  • High-Quality Shots: Use advanced gaming equipment for the best graphics.
  • Copyrights: Ensure you’re complying with any legal constraints regarding the use of game images.
  • Marketing: Use social media platforms and online forums to promote your stock photos.

What we recommend:

  • Adobe Lightroom: For editing and enhancing your screenshots.
  • Shutterstock Contributor Account: To sell your stock images.
  • Social Media Ads: For promoting your stock images.
Sample Game Screenshot posted on shutterstock - how to make money playing video games

45. Travel Blogging for Gamers: Since you’re a digital nomad, travel to gaming events around the world and blog about them.

Combine your love for travel and video games by becoming a travel blogger for gamers. Attend huge tournaments and other gaming events globally, documenting your experiences through a blog.

This not only feeds your wanderlust but also creates an avenue for ad revenue and possibly cash prizes if you participate in events.

Strategies for Travel Blogging for Gamers:

  • Event Selection: Choose tournaments that are popular and relevant to your blog’s target audience.
  • Content Planning: Develop a content schedule that includes gaming news, game reviews, and interviews with professional gamers.
  • Monetization: Apart from ad revenue, consider brand collaborations and sponsorships.

What we recommend:

  • WordPress Premium: For setting up your travel blog.
  • Canon EOS M50 Mark II: For capturing high-quality photos and videos.
  • Travel Insurance: Such as World Nomads, specifically designed for digital nomads.

46. Community Engagement Services

If you’re someone who loves being part of the gaming world, becoming a Community Engagement Specialist can offer you a great opportunity to make money playing online.

Game developers and video game companies are often in search of enthusiasts who can manage and engage with the gaming community on social media platforms. The role entails announcing new games, sharing gaming news, and moderating online forums.

Earning money through community engagement also involves working closely with the game developers to bring the voices of the community to the forefront.

Strategies for Community Engagement Services:

  • Social Media Savvy: Learn how to effectively use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Discord to communicate and engage with the gaming community.
  • Browse Job Boards: Look for community engagement opportunities on job boards specific to the gaming industry.
  • Network with Professional Gamers: Engage with other professional gamers who may be able to recommend you for community roles.

What we recommend:

  • Buffer: This is a top tool for managing multiple social media accounts, useful for posting gaming news and updates.
  • Glassdoor: Use Glassdoor to check the reputation of game developers or video game companies before you apply.
  • Gamer’s Headset: Clear communication is key. A high-quality headset can help you interact better in voice chats and online meetings.

47. Educational Content for Beginners

If you have a knack for breaking down complex gaming strategies, consider creating educational content to help beginners play video games more effectively.

Whether it’s gameplay tutorials, video game guides, or even courses aimed at a specific game, you have plenty of options to earn money.

This taps into a market of players eager to improve their gaming skills, offering you a chance to earn extra money while playing your favorite video games.

Strategies for Developing Educational Content for Newbies:

  • Target Beginner-friendly Games: Focus on games that are popular among beginners.
  • Utilize Content Platforms: Use platforms like Udemy or YouTube to distribute your educational content and generate ad revenue.
  • Conduct Market Research: Before diving in, research what kind of educational content is lacking in the gaming world.

What we recommend:

  • Screen Recording Software: Software like Camtasia is essential for creating high-quality gameplay tutorials.
  • Blue Yeti Microphone: Clear audio is crucial when explaining strategies; the Blue Yeti is a popular choice among content creators.
  • SEO Tools: Platforms like SEMrush can help optimize your content for search, ensuring it reaches the right audience.

How To Make Money Playing Video Games: Summary

As we wrap up this comprehensive guide on how to make money playing video games, there are several key takeaways to keep in mind.

The gaming world offers a plethora of opportunities to turn your favorite games into a lucrative venture. Whether you excel at competitive gaming, game testing, or creating stellar game reviews, there’s a niche for you.

Don’t underestimate the power of social media platforms for boosting ad revenue and connecting with a vibrant gaming community.

Your gaming skills aren’t just about achieving high scores; they can also be monetized through various routes like online tournaments and tutorial videos. If you’re more inclined towards the creative aspects, consider becoming a game developer or a content creator focusing on gaming podcasts or gaming news.

If you’re keen to explore even more entrepreneurial and money-making ideas beyond the realm of video games, make sure to check out the plethora of articles on our blog, such as,

They’re designed to help you earn money, make informed decisions, and ultimately achieve financial freedom.

How To Make Money Playing Video Games: FAQs

Can you get paid for playing video games?

Absolutely! In the gaming world, there are numerous ways to earn money playing your favorite games. Whether it’s through competitive gaming, joining online tournaments, or monetizing gameplay tutorials, there are opportunities for everyone. Many people even browse job boards to find professional gamer or game tester positions.

How do gamers make money?

Gamers make money through various channels like ad revenue, prize money from gaming tournaments, and cash prizes from online games. Content creators can earn through their YouTube channel, gaming podcast, or writing game reviews. You can also make money by licensing your own video games to game developers.

What video game gives you real money?

Certain games, particularly in the mobile games and online games categories, offer real money rewards. These games often feature in-game items that can be sold for real money or offer cash prizes for achieving specific game milestones. Always check the specific game rules and community guidelines to understand how you can win real money.

Can I make money by playing games on my phone?

Absolutely, mobile games often offer opportunities to earn real money. These may include completing certain tasks, participating in online video game tournaments, or even selling in-game items. Make sure to read up on gaming news to find out which games are currently offering the best opportunities for earning money.

What equipment do I need to start making money playing games?

Investing in quality gaming equipment can make a big difference if you’re looking to earn money playing online games. This includes a reliable gaming computer or console, a good internet connection, and possibly some streaming equipment if you’re considering becoming a content creator.

Is it possible to make a career out of gaming?

Yes, many professional gamers and content creators have turned their gaming skills into full-time careers. The gaming industry is booming, and opportunities range from competitive gaming to game testing and even game journalism.

How do I become a professional gamer?

The journey to becoming a professional gamer involves honing your gaming skills, participating in huge tournaments, and connecting with other professional gamers through social media platforms. A strong online presence and networking can help you get sponsorships and join gaming teams.

What are the best platforms for making money playing video games?

Platforms like Twitch and YouTube are popular for content creators who make money through ad revenue and donations. For competitive gamers, platforms that host online tournaments are a great way to earn cash prizes and even get noticed by game developers.

Can I make money by writing reviews or creating tutorial videos?

Yes, if you have a flair for writing, you can write reviews on various games and earn through ad revenue or sponsorships. Creating gameplay tutorials and hosting them on your YouTube channel is another viable option for making money.

How can I stay updated on opportunities in the gaming industry?

Staying active in the gaming community and keeping an eye on gaming news can help you stay updated. You can also browse job boards for listings related to game testing, game development, or opportunities to become a video game journalist.

Are there any age restrictions for making money playing video games?

The age restrictions for making money playing games often depend on the particular game and the platform you’re using. Many platforms require users to be at least 18 years old. However, younger gamers can often participate with parental consent.

What kind of games offer the most money?

Competitive games, particularly fighting games and games with huge tournaments, often offer significant prize money. Moreover, games that allow trading of in-game items can also be profitable if those items have a real-world value.

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