How to Make Money on Wattpad in 2024: 12 Practical Ways for Success

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Are you an aspiring writer seeking to monetize your creativity and dedication? If so, learning how to make money on Wattpad could be for you.

With a massive global community of readers and writers, Wattpad has become a viable platform to earn money through your literary skills.

In this article, we will delve into 12 practical ways to transform your passion into a source of income.

Quick Takeaways:

  • Sponsored Stories: Collaborate with brands to write stories that feature their products or services. Maintain your unique writing style and choose partnerships that align well with your content to boost brand awareness and generate stable income.
  • Affiliate Marketing: A proven way to earn on Wattpad. Incorporate referral links in your stories or posts related to the products or services, focusing on brands relevant to your Wattpad content, like romantic gifts for romance writers.
  • Writing Contests: Participate in writing contests on Wattpad and other platforms. Focus on honing your craft and producing quality content to win cash prizes, publishing deals, and networking opportunities with industry professionals.
  • Wattpad Paid Stories Program: Join the program to monetize your stories directly. Readers purchase coins to unlock chapters of your stories, and you earn a share of the revenue. Consistently produce engaging content and promote your stories to attract more readers.
  • Freelance Writing: Utilize your writing skills to provide services like ghostwriting, editing, or article writing. Set up a professional profile on platforms like Upwork or Fiverr, showcase your talents, and network within the writing community to find clients.

What is Wattpad?

wattpad landing page

Wattpad is a popular online platform where writers and readers come together to share and discover stories.

As a member of the Wattpad community, you can create a profile, write your own stories, and read those penned by others.

The platform hosts a vast array of genres, from romance and mystery to science fiction and fantasy. With the diverse content available, there’s something for everyone.

As a Wattpad writer, you have the opportunity to receive feedback from readers across the globe and establish a following.

Along with the chance to showcase your work, Wattpad also offers resources and support to help you improve your skills as a writer.

By taking advantage of Wattpad’s networking features, you can connect with other writers and readers, fostering relationships that can bolster your profile and your chances of success within the community.

1. Sponsored Stories

As a Wattpad writer, one effective way to make money is through sponsored stories.

This involves collaborating with brands and creating content that aligns with their content marketing goals.

Typically, you will partner with a brand to write a story that features their products or services, ultimately boosting brand awareness and attracting potential customers.

When you work on sponsored stories, it is essential to maintain your unique writing style and voice to keep your readers engaged.

Choose brand partnerships that best align with your stories and content, ensuring a seamless integration that benefits both you and the brand.

To catch the attention of potential partners, focus on writing high-quality, popular stories within trending genres.

Sponsored stories can indeed help you generate a stable income as a writer on Wattpad. To maximize this opportunity, make sure to promote your stories across your social media platforms and leverage the Wattpad community.

Remember to keep a close eye on your readership numbers, as a high engagement rate can attract more brands to work with you.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a proven way to earn money on Wattpad.

Affiliate marketing strategies involve promoting products or services offered by brands and earning a commission from successful referrals.

Getting started with affiliate marketing on Wattpad is relatively simple and can provide passive income as you grow your audience.

First, identify brands or companies that offer products relevant to your Wattpad content.

For example, if you write romance stories, you might partner with a company specializing in romantic gifts or experiences. Research their affiliate programs, sign up, and obtain your unique referral or tracking links.

Next, create engaging and high-quality content incorporating these referral links.

This could be in the form of a story that features a particular product or a separate post reviewing or recommending the product.

It’s essential to keep your audience in mind and avoid excessive advertising, which may deter readers.

Promote your Wattpad content through social media channels to reach an even broader audience. Engage with your followers and respond to their comments and questions, as interaction can increase content visibility.

Building a loyal fan base makes it easier to recommend products and services, turning your audience into potential customers.

To maximize your affiliate marketing success, you can also explore brand partnerships. Connect with companies or individuals who may be interested in your Wattpad content and negotiate a partnership to promote their products or services.

This can provide additional advertising opportunities and spark new ideas for your content.

Remember to disclose your affiliate relationships and advertising content per Wattpad policies and applicable regulations.

Transparency is essential to maintaining your audience’s trust while simultaneously gaining exposure for your affiliate partnerships.

3. Writing Contests

Participating in writing contests can be a great way to make money on Wattpad.

Many contests offer cash prizes, publishing deals, or even the chance to connect with other writers and industry professionals. To increase your chances of success in these contests, focus on honing your craft and producing quality content.

First, research writing contests on Wattpad and external sites, such as writing websites, literary magazines, and author blogs.

Look for contests that match your interests, skills, and writing style. This will increase your chances of creating a winning entry.

Next, spend time developing your story idea. Jot down notes, create character profiles, and outline your plot.

This will provide a solid foundation to build upon when writing your contest entry. As you write, remember to stay true to your voice and style; this authenticity will make your piece stand out.

When you have finished writing your contest entry, proofread and edit it carefully.

Eliminate any errors in grammar, punctuation, or syntax that could detract from its quality. Be open to feedback from others, and consider revising your work based on their suggestions.

Once you have polished your contest entry, submit it according to the contest guidelines.

Keep track of deadlines and ensure your submission is formatted and presented correctly. This attention to detail shows professionalism and may positively influence the judges’ impressions of your work.

Remember, winning a writing contest is not only about the monetary rewards. It can also help boost your visibility on Wattpad, attract new readers, and even garner attention from publishing professionals.

So, take advantage of these opportunities to showcase your talent and gain exposure while potentially earning money along the way.

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4. Paid Stories

The Wattpad Paid Stories program is a fantastic way to monetize your writing.

Through this feature, readers purchase coins to unlock chapters of your stories. As an author, you receive a share of the revenue generated from the purchased coins.

To participate in the Wattpad Paid Stories program, first ensure that your story is completed and has a substantial following.

This increases the likelihood that the Wattpad team will notice your story and invite you to join the program.

To attract more readers and encourage them to spend coins unlocking your chapters, focus on creating engaging and high-quality content.

Consistency also plays a key role, so releasing chapters frequently and on a regular schedule is essential.

Promoting your paid stories is crucial as well. Interact with your audience on Wattpad and social media platforms.

Share teasers or quotes from your story to spark interest, and join relevant communities where you can network with fellow writers and exchange feedback.

Keep in mind that being a part of the Paid Stories program doesn’t guarantee a steady income.

The success of your story depends on various factors, including the number of coins used by readers to unlock your chapters. The more coins you spend, the higher your earnings.

By following these practical tips, you can significantly increase your chances of earning income from the Wattpad Paid Stories program.

Devote time to writing engaging stories and connecting with your readers to make the most of this opportunity.

5. Freelance Writing

As an aspiring writer looking to make money on Wattpad, exploring freelance writing opportunities can significantly boost your income.

By offering your skills to clients, you can gain exposure, increase your writing portfolio, and diversify your income sources.

To start your freelance writing journey, set up a professional profile showcasing your talents and expertise.

Provide samples of your writing, emphasize your strengths, and tailor your offerings to your targeted niche.

Make the most of platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, or even LinkedIn to find clients who are looking for talented writers like yourself.

Aside from formal platforms, don’t forget to network with your peers and engage with the writing community. Attend writing events, workshops, and online forums where you can interact with other authors, share experiences, and discover potential clients.

Freelancing, like writing, may vary from content creation for websites to writing articles, editing works, crafting social media posts, or even ghostwriting for other authors.

These opportunities not only provide additional income but also improve your writing skills and industry knowledge.

Remember to set competitive rates for your freelance writing services while considering the value you bring to clients, your expertise, and the quality of your work.

As your writing career progresses, you’ll be able to command higher rates and attract more clients.

In summary, freelance writing can complement your Wattpad earnings and contribute to your overall writing career.

By continually improving your skills and growing your network, you can create a sustainable income source and elevate your writing journey.

6. Merchandise Your Brand

Capitalizing on your brand through merchandise can be an effective way to generate additional revenue for your Wattpad journey.

As an author, your brand is crucial to your success, and it consists of not only your books but also your image and personality.

To get started with merchandise, it’s important to build a strong presence on social media and engage with your readers. Create content that aligns with your brand, such as quotes from your books, images of characters, or themed illustrations.

Once you’ve established your brand, consider the types of merchandise that would resonate with your audience. Some popular options include:

  • T-shirts with quotes or images from your books
  • Custom bookmarks featuring your book covers or characters
  • Tote bags with your brand or book title
  • Posters, prints, or wall art featuring scenes from your stories

Keep the pricing of your merchandise accessible to your readers while still making a profit. Platforms like Etsy, Teespring, or Redbubble can help you create and sell your branded items with minimal upfront costs.

Remember to promote your merchandise through your Wattpad profile, social media channels, and newsletters.

By offering exclusive discounts or limited edition items to your loyal readers, you can strengthen your fanbase and encourage more engagement.

With a strong brand and a well-curated merchandise collection, you can tap into an additional revenue stream and further establish your presence as a Wattpad author.

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7. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding can be an effective way to monetize your Wattpad writing.

By turning to your fans and the Wattpad community, you can gather financial support to help you continue creating content.

This method allows you to maintain a close relationship with your readers while also generating income.

One popular platform for crowdfunding is Patreon. It enables you to create a page where your fans can become patrons and donate a monthly amount in exchange for exclusive rewards.

To get started, set up a Patreon account and link it to your Wattpad profile. Clearly explain your goals and the types of rewards your patrons can expect, such as sneak peeks, bonus chapters, or personalized messages.

To make your crowdfunding campaign successful, maintain open communication with your fans.

Regularly engage with them on Wattpad and other social media platforms to update them about your progress and upcoming projects.

When asking for support, be honest and transparent about your financial needs and how their contributions will help you grow as a writer.

Remember, the key to successful crowdfunding is to consistently deliver high-quality content and engage with your audience.

By demonstrating your dedication and passion for your craft, fans will be more likely to support your journey and contribute to your crowdfunding efforts.

8. Collaborations with Other Authors

Teaming up with other authors on Wattpad can be a game-changing strategy in your quest to make money.

Collaborations can boost your visibility and broaden your readership, leading to increased opportunities for monetizing your content.

One way to engage in collaboration is by co-writing stories with other authors.

This approach allows you to merge your creative prowess with your partner’s unique perspective, resulting in a captivating story that draws in audiences from both of your followers.

Be sure to engage and interact with your partner’s readers, as this can lead to an expanded, loyal fanbase.

Another collaboration opportunity involves creating a shared universe, or multiverse, within your stories.

By interweaving your characters and plot lines with other authors’ works, you create a richer experience for readers. This can result in higher engagement rates, as readers become invested in the interconnected world you’ve crafted.

Consider joining or creating mutual support groups with fellow Wattpad authors. These groups encourage members to read, vote, and comment on each other’s stories.

This boost in interaction can help propel your work further up Wattpad’s rankings, increasing visibility and the potential for revenue generation.

Finally, when collaborating with other authors, it’s essential to establish clear expectations and guidelines.

This includes outlining the division of writing duties, deciding on a revenue-sharing plan, and establishing communication channels.

By maintaining open and respectful communication, you and your collaborators can develop a long-lasting partnership that benefits all parties involved.

9. Offer Writing Services

Leveraging your skills can be a profitable way to make money on Wattpad.

If you have honed your writing craft and gained experience, consider offering your services to others. This can be an excellent source of income and help you establish a reputable business.

As a proficient writer, you can provide a range of services to your fellow Wattpad users or even clients outside of the platform.

Some popular options include ghostwriting, editing, proofreading, and copywriting. Assess your strengths and choose services that align with your skills and interests.

To showcase your talent and attract clients, build a professional portfolio. Include samples of your previous work, testimonials from satisfied customers, and a list of your services with clear pricing.

Make sure your portfolio is easily accessible to potential clients, by sharing it on your Wattpad profile or through your personal website or social media platforms.

Once you’ve established your reputation, focus on maintaining excellent relationships with your clients.

Communicate clearly, meet deadlines, and deliver high-quality work consistently.

By doing so, you’ll ensure repeat business and create a network of satisfied customers who may refer you to their connections.

This will lead to a steady stream of income and help you thrive in the writing services business.

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10. Convert Your Stories into eBooks

One practical way to make money on Wattpad is to convert your stories into eBooks.

This process allows you to expand your readership beyond the Wattpad platform and potentially generate revenue from your work. Here are a few tips on how to do it effectively.

First, ensure that your story is well-edited and polished before turning it into an eBook. Edit for grammar, clarity, and consistency to provide your readers with a high-quality finished product.

Next, format your book properly. Pay attention to the layout, cover design, and overall presentation.

There are several software options available to help you with this step, such as Scrivener or Vellum, which are specifically designed for book formatting.

After finalizing your eBook, choose the right platform for self-publishing.

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon KDP) is a popular option due to its wide reach and ease of use. Other platforms like Apple Books, Barnes & Noble Press, and Kobo Writing Life are also viable alternatives for selling your eBook. Research each platform’s royalty structures and audience reaches to determine the best fit for your work.

Lastly, promote your eBook to maximize its visibility and sales potential.

Utilize your social media channels and your existing Wattpad fan base to create buzz for your new release. Consider running limited-time promotions or offering your eBook as part of a bundle to encourage sales.

Don’t forget to ask for reviews from your readers, as positive feedback can help boost the credibility of your eBook and attract new customers.

By converting your Wattpad stories into eBooks, you can take control of your publishing journey and potentially earn money from your creative efforts.

Remember to maintain a professional approach to editing, formatting, and promoting your work for the best chance at success.

11. License Your Content

Licensing your content on Wattpad is a practical way to potentially make money.

When you license your content, you are giving companies and publishers the rights to use and distribute your stories in various formats. This can be a lucrative opportunity, as it allows you to monetize your work without having to self-publish.

To license your content on Wattpad, first familiarize yourself with their licensing options.

Wattpad has partnerships with companies in the entertainment and publishing industries. These partners may be interested in acquiring the rights to your content for different purposes, such as producing films or TV shows, creating audiobooks, or adapting your story into a physical book.

Once you’ve found a suitable licensing option, make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully. Understanding your rights in these agreements is vital to ensuring a fair deal for both parties involved.

In addition, always be cautious when entering into any contract; consulting a legal professional is advisable if you’re uncertain about any part of the agreement.

After negotiating and finalizing a licensing deal, it’s essential to keep track of royalty payments and regularly communicate with your licensing partners.

This will help you ensure that your content is being utilized effectively and that you are receiving the revenue you deserve.

Remember, licensing your content on Wattpad may not always lead to immediate financial gain.

However, it can be a step towards growing your readership, connecting with industry professionals, and increasing the chances of securing more profitable publishing deals in the future.

Just keep writing and sharing your content, and with persistence and dedication, you might find success in licensing.

12. Create a Blog or YouTube Channel Around Writing

Diversifying your creative portfolio by creating a blog or YouTube channel dedicated to writing can serve as an additional revenue stream and help you build a broader audience.

This approach goes beyond publishing on Wattpad and taps into a different set of internet users who may not be familiar with your work.

To begin, decide on the format and content of your blog or channel. It could focus on writing tips, book reviews, or behind-the-scenes looks at your writing process.

The key is to offer value to your audience, so make sure your content is insightful, informative, or entertaining.

For a blog, consider using platforms like WordPress or Medium, which are user-friendly and offer various customization options. Pay attention to the layout and design, as an aesthetically pleasing site can enhance user engagement.

For a YouTube channel, invest in good-quality video and audio equipment to produce high-quality content. Various video editing software options can help you with this step.

Once your blog or YouTube channel is up and running, make sure to regularly post new content. Consistency is key to retaining your audience’s interest and encouraging new followers.

Collaborate with other writers or creators in your niche to cross-promote your content and potentially grow your audience even faster.

To monetize your blog or YouTube channel, you can consider several avenues.

These include affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, or YouTube’s own AdSense program. Each of these requires different levels of audience engagement and viewership, so do your research to find the best fit for your platform.

Promotion is also crucial for the success of your blog or YouTube channel. Use your existing social media profiles and Wattpad fan base to generate initial interest.

You can also use SEO strategies for your blog posts to improve organic search ranking and visibility on search engines, thereby attracting a wider audience.

By creating a blog or YouTube channel around writing, you open up new avenues for income, networking, and creative expression.

It also adds another layer to your online presence, making you more appealing to publishers and potential business partners.

Keep your content consistent and engaging, and you’ll have another channel through which to share your passion for writing and potentially earn money from it.

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How To Make Money on Wattpad – Pros and Cons


  1. Diverse Monetization Opportunities: With brand partnerships on Wattpad and the Wattpad Creators Program, writers have multiple avenues for earning. Whether it’s through ads or Wattpad Studios, these initiatives offer more opportunities for writers to turn their passion into extra income.
  2. Building an Engaged Readership: Writing on Wattpad allows you to tap into a vast online community. Consistent uploads of your stories, be it genre fiction or short stories, can help you gather an engaged readership eager to leave feedback, which is crucial for Wattpad success.
  3. Leveraging Existing Work: If you have a Wattpad account with a minimum number of followers and consistent uploads, you can leverage your existing work to become part of programs like the Wattpad Stars Program, providing more opportunities to monetize your content.
  4. Improving Writing Skills: Regular writing on Wattpad encourages improvement in your writing skills. The immediate feedback from readers can be an invaluable tool for honing your craft, which is essential for a successful Wattpad account.
  5. Exposure to Industry Professionals: Through the Wattpad Creators Program and Wattpad Studios, skilled writers have the chance to gain exposure to industry professionals, potentially leading to publishing deals for their Wattpad books.


  1. Need for Regular Engagement: Success on Wattpad requires consistent uploads and regular interaction with readers. This can be time-consuming and may not be suitable for those looking to make a quick buck.
  2. Dependence on Reader Engagement: While having engaged readers is a pro, it can also be a con as your success on the platform heavily depends on reader interaction. If your story does not resonate with the Wattpad community, it can be challenging to gain traction.
  3. Income Inconsistency: Earning through brand partnerships on Wattpad or ads can be an indirect way of making money, and the income generated can be inconsistent, depending on the fluctuating engagement levels and the changing dynamics of online platforms.
  4. Competitive Nature: The platform is highly competitive. To become a Wattpad star or successfully participate in the Wattpad Stars Program, you must stand out among thousands of other talented writers, which can be a daunting task.
  5. Limited to Certain Genres: Some genres may perform better on Wattpad, creating a challenge for writers whose style or genre isn’t as popular within the Wattpad community. This could limit their opportunities for success compared to more mainstream or trending genres on the platform.

While Wattpad offers numerous ways to monetize writing and connect with a global audience, it requires dedication, consistent engagement, and a strategic approach to navigate its competitive nature. Writers seeking success on Wattpad must be prepared to invest time in building their presence on the platform and engaging with its community.

How To Make Money on Wattpad – Summary

Making money on Wattpad involves a variety of strategies that extend beyond simply publishing your stories on the platform.

From converting your stories into eBooks to licensing your content and even establishing a blog or YouTube channel around writing, there are multiple avenues to monetize your creative efforts.

Each method comes with its own set of considerations, such as the quality of your content, the platforms you choose for distribution, and how you market yourself.

For more insights into entrepreneurship and money-making ideas, we invite you to check out our blog.

Here, you’ll find an array of tips and advice that can help you navigate the various opportunities available for turning your creativity and skills into a rewarding income, such as;

And so much more…

While immediate financial gains may not be guaranteed, with dedication and strategic planning, each of these methods offers a viable path toward earning income from your writing.

How To Make Money on Wattpad – FAQs

How much writers get paid in Wattpad?

The amount that Wattpad writers earn can vary significantly depending on several factors.

If you are part of Wattpad’s Paid Stories program, you’ll earn based on the number of coins that readers spend to unlock your story. Wattpad determines the coin-to-dollar conversion rates, which could change over time.

Additionally, writers who license their stories or convert them into eBooks may earn variable amounts based on deals with publishers or sales revenue.

What are paid stories on Wattpad?

While the Paid Stories program is designed for readers to pay to access content, Wattpad occasionally runs promotional events where some paid stories are offered for free for a limited time.

Also, some writers provide free chapters or segments as teasers. Otherwise, getting paid stories for free would violate Wattpad’s terms of service.

How to earn money by reading?

On Wattpad, the focus is generally on writers earning money.

However, there are other platforms and websites where you can earn money or credits for reading books and providing feedback. Sites like OnlineBookClub and Goodreads occasionally offer such opportunities.

Do you get paid for reads on Wattpad?

Directly, no—you don’t get paid just for the number of reads on Wattpad.

However, a high read count can make your story more attractive for inclusion in programs like Paid Stories or for licensing deals, which can, in turn, generate income.

Can I earn money by writing stories?

Yes, converting your Wattpad stories into eBooks is a viable way to monetize your writing. You can use various software tools to format your eBook and then publish it on platforms like Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, Apple Books, or others.

What are some platforms where I can publish my eBook?

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a popular platform for eBook publishing. Other alternatives include Apple Books, Barnes & Noble Press, and Kobo Writing Life. Each platform has its own set of rules, royalty structures, and audience reach.

How do I license my content on Wattpad?

To license your content on Wattpad, you need to be familiar with their licensing options and partnerships.

Once you’ve found a suitable opportunity, reading and understanding the terms and conditions are crucial steps before finalizing any agreement. Legal consultation is advised.

What are other ways to monetize my writing skills?

Apart from Wattpad, you can also monetize your writing skills by freelancing, creating a blog, or starting a YouTube channel focused on writing or literature. Each of these has its own set of requirements for success, including consistent quality and audience engagement.

Can you earn money on Wattpad?

Yes, you can earn money on the platform and regardless of the monetization method you choose, promotion plays a crucial role in increasing your earnings.

Utilizing social media, collaborating with other writers, and even using paid advertising are some ways to promote your work.

How can I increase my chances of getting a licensing deal?

To increase your chances for a licensing deal, focus on writing high-quality content that engages a large number of readers.

Being active and well-followed on Wattpad can attract the attention of publishers and companies interested in licensing your work.

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