How To Make Money On Facebook: 30 Ingenious Ideas for 2023

Reading Time: 20 minutes

Looking for actionable ways on how to make money on Facebook? You’ve landed on the right page.

Facebook isn’t just a platform for connecting with friends or sharing photos; it’s a thriving marketplace where you can earn real money.

Our first tip right off the bat: start by creating a business page. This serves as your online storefront, a hub where you can post high-quality content, run ads, and engage with a large following.

This article will delve into 30 unique strategies, each accompanied by a trio of specific tactics and tool recommendations to ensure you get the most out of Facebook.

Let’s dive in!

Quick Takeaways:

  1. Start with a Business Page: Your foundation on Facebook, serving as an online hub for content, engagement, and advertising.
  2. Affiliate Marketing: A flexible income stream, perfect for digital nomads; involves promoting products and earning commissions without inventory woes.
  3. Dropshipping Store: Operate an ecommerce store directly through Facebook with minimal handling of actual products.
  4. Sponsored Posts: Monetize your Facebook following by partnering with brands and featuring their offerings to your audience.
  5. Sell Digital Products: Leverage your expertise to sell eBooks, courses, or guides, ideal for a location-independent lifestyle.
  6. Teach Skills: Utilize Facebook Live to offer paid tutorials or courses, tapping into the online learning trend.
  7. Social Media Management: Offer your adeptness at managing Facebook pages and ad campaigns to businesses needing your expertise.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a time-tested way for digital nomads to earn money on Facebook. We’re not talking about investing in Facebook stock, but promoting products from other companies and earning commissions on sales generated through your unique affiliate link.

The best part is, you don’t need to handle any inventory or shipping. Just create high-quality content that naturally integrates these products, and you’re set to make some extra money.

This is especially useful for digital nomads, as you can easily run this business model while traveling, so long as you maintain a strong Facebook presence.

Strategies for Affiliate Marketing:

  • Create Videos: Videos have higher engagement rates. Use Facebook Live to introduce the affiliate products to your audience.
  • Facebook Groups: Create a Facebook group where you can share valuable content and sprinkle in your affiliate links strategically.
  • Drive Traffic: Running Facebook ads can amplify your reach, driving more traffic to posts featuring affiliate links.

Recommended Tools:

  • Skimlinks: A platform that simplifies affiliate marketing by auto-converting your product links into affiliate links.
  • ClickBank: Offers a variety of digital products to promote, which is perfect for digital nomads focusing on intangible goods.
  • SEMrush: A tool to analyze which keywords can get you more traffic for your affiliate posts.
screenshot of ClickBank Homepage - how to make money on facebook

2. Dropshipping Store

Dropshipping is the epitome of an ecommerce store that allows for location independence— ideal for digital nomads.

You can connect your Shopify store to your Facebook Page and make sales directly through posts or ads. With dropshipping, you sell products directly from suppliers to consumers, making money on the markup without touching the inventory.

Your Facebook Fan Page becomes a storefront that capitalizes on your social network and Facebook users at large.

Strategies for Dropshipping:

  • Facebook Marketplace: Use this feature to reach local groups and more audiences without the need for complex sales funnels.
  • Retargeting Ads: Leverage Facebook ads to retarget visitors who have interacted with your online store but haven’t made a purchase.
  • In-Stream Ads: Place these in your promotional videos to make extra money from viewership.

Recommended Tools:

  • Oberlo: A Shopify extension that simplifies the dropshipping process.
  • AdEspresso: For creating and optimizing Facebook ads, which is key to driving traffic and making money.
  • Mailchimp: For capturing emails from your Facebook Page, enabling you to market to your audience directly.

3. Sponsored Posts

If you’ve managed to cultivate a large following on your Facebook Page, sponsored posts can be a lucrative way to make money on Facebook.

Brands will pay you to create posts that promote their products or services. It’s a win-win: they get exposure to your audience, and you get money for content you’d likely be creating anyway.

Your Facebook friends and group members are potential audiences who can share these posts, amplifying their reach.

Strategies for Sponsored Posts:

  • Quality Content: Keep the sponsored content high quality and relevant to maintain your credibility.
  • Sales Pitch: While your primary goal is to provide value, don’t forget to include a compelling sales pitch to persuade your audience.
  • Facebook Live: Use live videos to engage your audience in real-time while discussing the sponsored products.

Recommended Tools:

  • Hootsuite: For scheduling your sponsored posts during peak engagement times.
  • Canva: For designing eye-catching graphics that make your sponsored posts stand out.
  • Asana: For managing deadlines and deliverables when working with multiple brands for sponsored posts.

4. Sell Digital Products

The internet has made it easier than ever to sell digital products, and Facebook can be an effective platform for this.

If you’re a digital nomad with expertise in a particular area, create eBooks, guides, or digital courses targeted at other lifestyle entrepreneurs.

Use your Facebook Page as an online store to showcase these products and make it easier for your Facebook friends and followers to find and purchase them.

Since digital products require no shipping or inventory, this is an ideal way to make money on Facebook while maintaining your nomadic lifestyle.

Strategies for Selling Digital Products:

  • Facebook Ads: Use Facebook ads to promote your digital products and drive traffic to your Facebook Page where they can make a purchase.
  • Quality Content: Regularly post high-quality content related to your digital products to keep your audience engaged and informed.
  • Sales Funnel: Create a funnel using Facebook Messenger, guiding prospective buyers from initial interest to final purchase.

Recommended Tools:

  • Gumroad: An all-in-one solution to sell digital products directly from your Facebook page.
  • Zapier: Automate tasks between Facebook and your ecommerce store to streamline the selling process.
  • Fiverr: Hire freelancers to design your eBook covers or to promote your products, amplifying your earning potential.

5. Teach Skills

If you have expertise in a particular area such as social media marketing or SEO, you can use Facebook Live to offer paid tutorials or courses.

This strategy lets you engage with your audience in real-time, field questions, and offer personalized guidance.

With the current trend of online learning, you could build a substantial business around this, all while enhancing your Facebook presence.

Strategies for Teaching Skills:

  • Create Videos: Use live videos to teach a mini-course or tutorial, providing both free and premium content.
  • Fan Subscriptions: Offer exclusive content through fan subscription services, which can help you earn a steady income.
  • In-Stream Ads: Incorporate these into your live videos to earn extra money from viewership.

Recommended Tools:

  • Teachable: Host your full-length courses here and promote them on your Facebook Page.
  • StreamYard: Enhance your Facebook Live videos with this tool that allows for on-screen comments, multiple camera angles, and more.
  • Patreon: Supplement your earnings by offering Patreon-exclusive content that you advertise through Facebook.
Screenshot of StreamYard homepage - how to make money on facebook

6. Social Media Management

As a digital nomad, you’re likely savvy in maintaining a strong social media presence. Why not monetize that expertise by offering social media management services?

Many small businesses are looking to improve their Facebook Pages but don’t have the time or knowledge.

Here you come into play, using your skills to boost their Facebook presence, promote their products, and drive traffic to their ecommerce store.

Strategies for Social Media Management:

  • Find Clients: Use Facebook Groups related to social media marketing to find clients.
  • Facebook FAQ: Offer a Q&A service using Facebook Messenger, establishing yourself as an authority.
  • Running Facebook Ads: Manage ad campaigns for your clients to help them achieve their business goals.

Recommended Tools:

  • SocialBee: A tool that allows you to schedule posts, analyze performance, and more, helping your clients achieve better results.
  • HubSpot: Use its CRM capabilities to manage client relationships and project deliveries.
  • Grammarly: Ensure that all the posts you create for your clients are well-written and error-free.

7. Online Consultations

Online consultations offer a viable way to earn money on Facebook, especially for digital nomads who might not have a fixed location but have knowledge to share.

With a good internet connection, you can host consultations using Facebook Messenger’s video call feature, providing valuable insights into whatever field you specialize in.

This not only allows you to earn money but also strengthens your Facebook presence, attracting more followers to your fan page or group.

Strategies for Online Consultations:

  • Drive Traffic: Use Facebook ads to target potential clients and funnel them to a booking page.
  • Facebook Live: Host a live event providing free advice to attract potential paying customers.
  • Sales Pitch: Utilize Facebook posts to present testimonials and case studies to potential clients.

Recommended Tools:

  • Calendly: Streamline your booking process and integrate it directly with Facebook.
  • Zoom: For more advanced consultation needs, this tool provides additional features like screen sharing.
  • QuickBooks: Manage your consultation fees and keep track of your earnings.

8. Facebook Ads Manager

As more businesses move online, optimizing Facebook Ads has become critical for most brands.

If you have expertise in this area, taking on clients as a Facebook Ads Manager can be lucrative. It’s also a job that can be done remotely, fitting the digital nomad lifestyle.

You’d be responsible for running Facebook ads, monitoring metrics, and tweaking strategies to improve ROI.

Strategies for Facebook Ads Management:

  • Find Clients: Use Facebook Groups related to digital marketing to seek out businesses in need of ad optimization.
  • Facebook FAQ: Provide helpful content that demystifies Facebook Ads, establishing you as an expert.
  • Running Facebook Ads: Use ads to promote your own services, demonstrating your skills in real-time.

Recommended Tools:

  • AdEspresso: This tool helps manage and optimize multiple Facebook ad campaigns simultaneously.
  • Google Analytics: Track how well the Facebook ads are driving traffic and conversions.
  • Canva: Create eye-catching ad graphics with this user-friendly design tool.

9. Content Creation

Content is king in the digital world. If you’re skilled in photography or videography, you can sell your creative services to brands looking for high-quality content.

Advertise your services on your Facebook page, using it as a portfolio to showcase your work.

You can even create videos detailing your services to post on your page, leveraging the network to find clients and earn money.

Strategies for Content Creation:

  • Sponsored Content: Partner with brands to showcase your work in a real-world application.
  • Facebook Marketplace: List your services here to reach a broader audience.
  • Create Videos: Use video content to showcase your work, offering a dynamic perspective on what you can offer.

Recommended Tools:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud: A suite of tools that can help you create stunning visuals.
  • Job Boards on Facebook Groups: Use specialized groups to find freelance gigs.
  • Hootsuite: Manage posts across multiple social media accounts, optimizing your time and reach.

10. Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistance is a versatile and adaptable line of work that’s perfect for digital nomads and lifestyle entrepreneurs.

You can offer services like email management, scheduling, and content creation—all from the comfort of your laptop.

Using Facebook as a platform, you can promote your skills on your business page, leverage ads to drive traffic to it and utilize Facebook Messenger as a communication tool with potential clients.

This not only helps you earn money but also enriches your Facebook presence, making you a go-to solution for admin tasks.

Strategies for Virtual Assistance services:

  • Post Content: Regularly update your Facebook page with testimonials and useful tips related to virtual assistance to drive traffic.
  • Facebook Ads: Run targeted ads for businesses in need of virtual assistance services.
  • Find Clients: Utilize local groups and specialized Facebook Groups to source leads.

Recommended Tools:

  • Asana: For task management and keeping track of assignments.
  • Mailchimp: For email management and marketing services to promote your virtual assistance.
  • Slack: For seamless communication with clients.
screenshot of Meta page to create ads

11. Peer-to-Peer Sales

Facebook Marketplace is an ideal platform for anyone looking to make extra money by selling items. This could range from physical products to homemade crafts.

As a digital nomad, you might find it handy to declutter every few years, and what better place to do that than Facebook Marketplace?

It’s accessible from anywhere, enabling you to sell items whether you’re at home or on the go.

Strategies for Peer-to-peer Sales:

  • High-Quality Content: Take clear, appealing photos and write honest, transparent descriptions for your items.
  • Facebook Presence: Use your fan page or personal account to direct more traffic to your Marketplace listings.
  • Live Videos: Host a live event showcasing the items you’re selling, adding a personalized touch to the sales pitch.

Recommended Tools:

  • Square: For managing transactions seamlessly.
  • Canva: To create appealing graphics for your product listings.
  • ShipStation: For easy shipping solutions, especially if you’re always on the move.

12. Create a Subscription Group

Offering specialized knowledge in a private Facebook group with a subscription fee can be incredibly lucrative.

Say you’re an expert in online business models; you can offer valuable content only accessible to group members who pay a monthly fee.

This creates an income stream while allowing you to engage with your audience in a more intimate setting.

Strategies for creating Subscription Groups:

  • Facebook Live: Regularly host live videos or online events exclusive to the group, providing high-value advice or tutorials.
  • Sales Funnel: Create a sequence of posts and ads leading interested users from your business page to the subscription group.
  • Valuable Content: Consistently post high-quality content to retain and attract new members.

Recommended Tools:

  • Teachable: To host additional content like courses that can be linked within the group.
  • Later: For scheduling posts at optimal times to engage your audience.
  • SurveyMonkey: To gather feedback from your community, helping you deliver even more valuable content.

13. Public Speaking

If you’ve developed a significant following on Facebook, then your next step could be leveraging that influence to book paid speaking gigs.

Public speaking is an excellent way to earn money while sharing your expertise in a live setting.

By driving traffic to your business page where you post clips of your previous engagements, testimonials, and quality content related to public speaking, you not only establish yourself as an authority but also attract event organizers who might be interested in your services.

Strategies for Public Speaking Engagements:

  • Facebook Live: Hold a live event sharing tips or snippets of your speaking style to create a buzz.
  • Running Facebook Ads: Target ads towards event planners and businesses in your niche.
  • Quality Content: Publish relevant articles or interviews that position you as a thought leader in your area.

Recommended Tools:

  • Zoom: For conducting webinars or remote speaking engagements.
  • PowerPoint: For creating compelling slideshows to accompany your talks.
  • Canva: For designing promotional material for your speaking events.

14. Merchandise

If you’ve built a strong fan base on your Facebook page, why not turn those fans into customers?

Selling merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, or tote bags through Facebook Shop can be a lucrative venture.

You can easily integrate your ecommerce store with your business page, driving traffic directly from Facebook to your shop.

Strategies for selling Merchandise:

  • Promote Products: Use Facebook Ads to drive interest in your merchandise.
  • Live Videos: Show off your products in live videos to give fans a closer look.
  • Group Members: Create an exclusive Facebook group for customers, offering them special discounts on merchandise.

Recommended Tools:

  • Shopify: For setting up an integrated ecommerce platform.
  • Printful: For on-demand printing of your merchandise.
  • Google Analytics: To track sales and customer behaviors to optimize your strategy.

15. Collaborate

Teaming up with other digital nomads for joint projects can expand your reach and diversify your income streams.

Whether it’s co-hosting online events, creating content, or even launching a product, these collaborations allow you to tap into each other’s audiences.

You can make joint announcements through each of your Facebook pages, sharing the profits and the work.

Strategies for Collaboration:

  • Find Clients: Use Facebook groups to identify potential collaborators.
  • Post Content: Share updates on the collaboration to keep your followers engaged.
  • Facebook Messenger: Use it for instant communication with your collaborators.

Recommended Tools:

  • Trello: For project management and collaboration.
  • AffiliateWP: If you’re considering an affiliate marketing angle for shared products.
  • Dropbox: For easy file sharing between you and your partners.
screenshot of sample Facebook post for events

16. Crowdfunding

If you have an exciting business idea but lack the capital, consider using Facebook to run a crowdfunding campaign.

With a robust presence on Facebook, you have a ready-made audience willing to support you. Creating a business page focused on your venture can serve as a platform to inform, engage, and drive traffic toward your crowdfunding page.

Post content that tells your story, explaining why your project is worth investing in and how it will make money.

Strategies for Crowdfunding:

  • Facebook Live: Host a live event explaining your business idea and answering FAQs.
  • Promote Products: Use Facebook ads to target potential investors.
  • High-Quality Content: Create videos and posts that explain your venture in detail, establishing credibility.

Recommended Tools:

  • Kickstarter: An established platform for crowdfunding various projects.
  • Indiegogo: Another popular choice for raising money online.
  • Canva: For creating eye-catching promotional material for your campaign.

17. Webinars

Webinars are an excellent method to share knowledge while earning money. Your Facebook page can serve as the springboard for promoting these online events.

By driving traffic from Facebook to your webinar sign-up page, you can convert followers into attendees.

Webinars can also be an avenue for selling items or services at the end, providing an extra income stream.

Strategies for Webinars:

  • Facebook Ads: To target specific audiences who would be interested in your webinar topics.
  • Sales Funnel: Use your business page to guide potential attendees through a sales funnel.
  • Live Videos: A few teaser live videos can generate interest and build anticipation.

Recommended Tools:

  • Zoom: For hosting your webinars.
  • ClickFunnels: To set up an effective sales funnel.
  • Google Analytics: To track sign-up and attendance rates.

18. Facebook Stories Ads

Facebook Stories are quick, engaging, and perfect for ads. If you have an ecommerce store or are affiliated with products, Facebook Stories can be a fantastic medium to advertise them.

These Stories can be shown not only to your followers but also to a broader audience if you opt for sponsored content.

It’s all about creating compelling narratives that feature relevant products.

Strategies for Facebook Stories Ads management:

  • Create Videos: Short, engaging videos featuring the product can drive traffic and increase sales.
  • Relevant Content: Use Stories to share product reviews or how-to guides related to what you’re selling.
  • Running Facebook Ads: Opt for Story ads to reach a more extensive network of Facebook users.

Recommended Tools:

  • Facebook Ads Manager: To run and manage your story ads.
  • Adobe Spark: For easy-to-create, eye-catching video content.
  • Affiliate Networks: Like ShareASale or Commission Junction for finding products to promote.

19. Travel Blogging

If you’ve got a knack for wanderlust, leverage your travel experiences to make money on Facebook.

With a dedicated business page or fan page, share quality content featuring your journeys, adventures, and travel hacks. This can include blog posts, videos, and photo albums.

Businesses related to travel, such as hotels or travel gear companies, may sponsor your posts, offering you money or complimentary stays.

Strategies for Travel Blogging:

  • Facebook Live: Share your travel experiences in real time to engage your followers.
  • In-Stream Ads: Insert these into your travel videos to earn extra money.
  • Create Videos: Focus on travel essentials or tips, offering valuable content that drives traffic to your blog or sponsors.

Recommended Tools:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro: For video editing needs.
  • GoPro: Capture your travel adventures in high quality.
  • Airbnb: To showcase sponsored stays in unique locations.

20. Event Tickets

If you’re an event organizer or have the skills to create engaging events, Facebook is a goldmine.

Use your business page to promote online or in-person events, driving traffic to your ticket sales page. From Facebook Live concerts to online webinars, the scope is limitless.

You can even run Facebook ads specifically targeting people interested in your event’s theme, leading to more sales and a larger audience.

Strategies for selling Event Tickets:

  • Facebook Ads: Run targeted ads to find clients interested in your events.
  • Facebook Groups: Leverage these to create a community around your event’s subject.
  • Sales Funnel: Design a sales funnel guiding users from your page to the ticket purchasing site.

Recommended Tools:

  • Eventbrite: For hassle-free ticketing.
  • Canva: Create captivating event posters.
  • Mailchimp: To manage your event’s email marketing campaign.
screensshot of Eventbrite homepage - how to make money on facebook

21. Art and Craft

Handmade goods have a unique charm, and Facebook is an ideal platform for showcasing your talents.

Whether it’s crafts, paintings, or jewelry, you can use Facebook Marketplace and your business page to sell these items.

By posting content around the making process or the story behind each piece, you can draw interest and engage potential customers.

Strategies for Arts and Crafts:

  • Facebook Marketplace: Use this to sell items directly to local groups and broader audiences.
  • Running Facebook Ads: Target ads to people who show interest in arts and crafts.
  • High-Quality Content: Post content that highlights the value and uniqueness of each piece, creating a sales pitch without the hard sell.

Recommended Tools:

  • Etsy: Integrate your Etsy store with your Facebook page for streamlined sales.
  • Square: For secure payment processing.
  • DSLR Camera: To take professional photos of your art pieces.

22. Product Reviews

One of the most credible ways to make money on Facebook is through product reviews. You can collaborate with brands to post authentic reviews on your business page or fan page.

Videos work best, as they allow for a detailed walkthrough of the product’s features and benefits.

This not only drives traffic to your page but also positions you as a trusted resource for valuable content.

Brands are often willing to pay for quality reviews or give you free products.

Strategies for Product Reviews:

  • Create Videos: Videos make your product review more engaging and trustworthy.
  • In-Stream Ads: You can incorporate these into your review videos to earn extra money.
  • Facebook Groups: Share your reviews in relevant groups to drive more traffic and earn money.

Recommended Tools:

  • Ring Light: Improves lighting for your review videos.
  • Blue Yeti Microphone: For better audio quality in your videos.
  • Affiliate Marketing Handbook: To better understand how to monetize reviews effectively.

23. Networking

The power of networking on Facebook is often overlooked. Join Facebook groups that align with your business interests to find potential clients or partners.

You can share interesting links, provide insights, and even promote your services subtly.

In a few years, you might find that these connections are a goldmine for finding new job opportunities or collaborative ventures.

Strategies for Networking:

  • Facebook Messenger: Utilize it for private conversations to solidify connections.
  • Sales Funnel: Use valuable content to lead group members through a sales funnel.
  • Facebook Page: Use it to promote networking events or webinars where you speak, adding to your professional presence.

Recommended Tools:

  • LinkedIn Premium: For advanced networking features.
  • CRM Software: To manage your growing list of contacts.
  • Business Cards: To share during in-person networking events.

24. Writing Services

Given your expertise in writing, offering freelance writing services can be a great fit.

Create a business page dedicated to your writing services to establish a professional Facebook presence.

Post content showcasing your writing style, topics you cover, and testimonials. With the right pitch and high-quality content, you’ll not only find clients but also make a name for yourself in the industry.

Strategies for Writing Services:

  • Running Facebook Ads: Target businesses in need of writing services.
  • Facebook FAQ: A section on your page where you address common queries about your services.
  • Sponsored Content: Collaborate with other brands to feature your services in their posts.

Recommended Tools:

  • Grammarly: To ensure your posts are grammatically flawless.
  • Asana: For project management and client communication.
  • WordPress: For a professional portfolio that you can link to from your Facebook page.

25. Real Estate

Real estate is a sector where you can make serious money, and Facebook can play a critical role in it.

Running Facebook ads targeted towards potential buyers or renters can bring you high-quality leads.

You can also utilize your business page to showcase properties through videos or virtual tours, thereby driving traffic and earning money.

Local groups can also be an excellent platform to find clients. Always read the fine print of Facebook’s ad policies when promoting real estate to ensure you’re compliant.

Strategies for Real Estate ventures:

  • Facebook Marketplace: List properties for more visibility.
  • Sales Funnel: Nurture leads by sharing relevant content about the real estate market.
  • Facebook Live: Host live events to answer FAQs and give virtual tours of properties.

Recommended Tools:

  • DJI Drone: For aerial footage of properties.
  • Zillow Premier Agent: For market insights.
  • Adobe Photoshop: For editing property photos.
screenshot of Zillow Premier Agent Homepage

26. Niche Podcast

As a lifestyle entrepreneur, you can monetize your expertise by running a podcast and promoting it on Facebook.

Create videos to tease upcoming episodes or highlight key insights. This not only helps in making money but also grows your Facebook fan page and presence.

Over time, with a large following, you can sell ad space within your podcast, earning more money online.

Strategies for Niche Podcasts:

  • In-Stream Ads: Use these in your video teasers for extra income.
  • Facebook Groups: Join entrepreneur-focused groups to share episodes and find sponsorship opportunities.
  • Fan Subscriptions: Offer exclusive podcast content through fan subscription services.

Recommended Tools:

  • Audio-Technica ATR2100x-USB: High-quality microphone for podcasting.
  • Audacity: Free audio editing software.
  • Libsyn: Podcast hosting service.

27. Brand Ambassador

As someone with a decent following, becoming a brand ambassador can be an effective way to make money on Facebook.

Partner with brands that align with your interests and lifestyle. Use your Facebook presence to promote products through high-quality content and live videos.

This not only earns you money but can also provide free or discounted products from the brand.

Strategies for Brand Ambassadors:

  • Facebook Messenger: Use it for direct sales pitches, and sharing discount codes with followers.
  • Facebook Stories Ads: An unobtrusive way to showcase sponsored content.
  • Sales Pitch: Perfect your pitch to effectively promote products during Facebook Live sessions.

Recommended Tools:

  • Canva: For creating visually appealing posts and ads.
  • Hootsuite: For managing multiple social media accounts.
  • Influencer Marketing Handbook: To optimize your brand ambassador strategies.

28. A/B Testing Service

With the dynamic landscape of Facebook algorithms, businesses are always in the quest to find what works best.

Offering an A/B testing service can be your golden ticket to making money on Facebook. Utilize your business page to post content showcasing your expertise in driving traffic and earning money through optimized Facebook ads.

Through this service, you help brands understand what strategies work best for them, which in turn, helps you make money.

Remember, you need to stay updated about the fine print of Facebook’s advertising policies to stay compliant.

Strategies for offering A/B Testing Services:

  • Sales Funnel: Use a Facebook Page to guide potential clients from awareness to conversion.
  • Facebook Groups: Join business-focused groups to find clients.
  • Facebook Live: Host webinars explaining the importance of A/B testing.

Recommended Tools:

  • Google Analytics: To track the effectiveness of A/B tests.
  • OptimizePress: For landing page creation.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud: For creating high-quality graphics and videos.

29. Licensing

Got intellectual property that could be a game-changer for digital nomads? Consider licensing it for extra money.

Create videos showcasing the software or tool’s capabilities and promote these through your Facebook presence.

You can also use Facebook ads to drive traffic to your ecommerce store where interested users can purchase licenses.

It’s an effective way of earning money without having to sell physical products.

Strategies for Licensing services:

  • In-Stream Ads: To monetize videos showcasing your intellectual property.
  • Sales Pitch: Utilize Facebook Messenger for pitching your products to potential buyers.
  • Facebook Pay: For easy transactions.

Recommended Tools:

  • Stripe: For payment processing.
  • WordPress: To host your ecommerce store.
  • Shopify: If you prefer a ready-made ecommerce solution.

30. Stock Market Investment Groups

Investing in the stock market is something that people have been doing for years, but few have the knack for it.

Create or join Facebook groups dedicated to stock market investment. Through these groups, offer value-added information and tips on how to make informed decisions.

Drive traffic to these groups through your other social media accounts and soon enough, you could offer premium content through fan subscriptions.

Strategies for Stock Market Investment Groups:

  • Fan Pages: Create a fan page dedicated to stock investment tips.
  • Sponsored Content: Partner with brands offering financial tools or services.
  • Live Event: Host a live webinar discussing stock market trends.

Recommended Tools:

  • E*TRADE: For stock trading.
  • Morningstar Premium: For investment research.
  • Zoom: To host online events and webinars.
screenshot of E-trade Homepage

How To Make Money on Facebook: Summary

It’s clear that making money on Facebook is not only possible but can be incredibly lucrative if done right. Whether you’re leveraging a business page to promote your ecommerce store or using Facebook Live for a live event, the potential for earning money is significant.

Remember, the key lies in providing high-quality content and driving traffic to your offers.

A few key takeaways include the importance of setting up a well-optimized Facebook Page as your business hub. Utilize Facebook ads to amplify your reach and tap into targeted audiences.

Explore Facebook Groups to find clients and interact with group members who have similar interests or needs. And let’s not forget the potential of fan subscription services, which can add an extra layer of revenue to your endeavors.

Ready for more entrepreneurial wisdom? Check out our blog for an array of money-making ideas that can further enhance your income streams, such as,

From strategies for running Facebook ads efficiently to mastering the sales funnel, our articles offer actionable insights for anyone looking to build or grow an online business.

So don’t wait—capitalize on the opportunities Facebook offers to earn more money online today.

How To Make Money on Facebook: FAQs

How many views do I need to get paid on Facebook?

Facebook’s ad revenue model pays creators for views on in-stream ads. However, the number of views needed to make a substantial amount of money can vary based on different factors, including the quality of your content and your audience engagement.

Generally, you’ll need at least 30,000 one-minute views on videos that are a minimum of one minute long in the last 60 days to start earning money.

Can I earn money from Facebook?

Absolutely, you can earn money on Facebook in various ways. Whether it’s by running Facebook ads for your ecommerce store, selling physical products on Facebook Marketplace, or offering services, there are plenty of opportunities.

Fan subscription services and sponsored content are also viable options for making money.

How much does Facebook pay for 1,000 views?

The amount Facebook pays for 1,000 views, also known as CPM (Cost Per Mille), can vary widely depending on factors like video quality, audience location, and engagement.

On average, the pay could range anywhere from $5 to $20 per 1,000 views.

How much does Facebook pay for 100k followers?

The amount you can make with 100,000 followers depends on the level of engagement and the niche you’re in.

There is no fixed rate, but having a large following can significantly boost your earnings through sponsored content, in-stream ads, and affiliate promotions.

How can I drive traffic to my Facebook page?

Driving traffic to your Facebook page can be accomplished through a variety of means, including creating high-quality content, posting regularly, and actively engaging with your audience.

Running Facebook ads targeted to your audience can also significantly boost your page’s traffic.

What are Facebook Groups and how can they help me earn money?

Facebook Groups allow you to create a community around a common interest or goal. You can use these groups to find clients, drive traffic to your products or services, and even offer exclusive memberships for extra money.

Just like other platforms on social media, engaging with group members and posting relevant content are key strategies here.

How do I set up a Facebook Business Page?

Setting up a Facebook Business Page is straightforward. Go to the Facebook Pages section and click on ‘Create a New Page.’

Follow the prompts to input your business details, add photos, and describe what you offer. A well-optimized business page is crucial for earning money on Facebook.

Can I sell products directly on Facebook?

Yes, you can sell products directly through Facebook Marketplace or by setting up an online store on your business page. This allows you to manage sales directly within the platform, offering both convenience and a way to make extra money.

How do fan subscriptions work?

Fan subscriptions allow your followers to support you financially by paying a monthly fee. In exchange, they get perks like exclusive content, badges, and other rewards. It’s a great way to earn a more predictable income from your most dedicated Facebook fans.

Is it necessary to make live videos?

While not strictly necessary, Facebook Live videos tend to get higher levels of engagement. Live videos can help you to connect directly with your audience, promote products in real-time, and drive traffic to other money-making ventures like your ecommerce store.

What is the role of a social media manager in making money on Facebook?

A social media manager can help you optimize your Facebook presence, from creating videos and running ads to managing your sales funnel and selling items. With the right strategies, this could significantly boost your earnings.

Are there any hidden costs or fine print I should be aware of?

Always read Facebook’s terms of service, especially as they relate to monetization and running ads. While the platform offers various ways to earn money, it’s crucial to understand any fees, restrictions, or requirements to avoid potential pitfalls.

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