How to Make Instant Sales

Ok so some of the following strategies might not qualify for ‘instant’ sales, but I’m talking about making sales quickly, and not taking years before you see a penny for your hard work.

The simple fact is that we as humans tend to over complicate everything.

For years I believed you needed complicated sales funnels, a huge audience, an email list of thousands or a network of influential friends to make any decent sales.

I spent hours, week and months creating complex email flows and sales pages sending a subscriber from one page to another in the hope of making a sale.

I added scarcity bars (remember those), redirect pages, tripwires and self imploding timer apps to emails and web pages to encourage people to buy.

You name it, I tried it.

But in all reality it doesn’t need to be that complicated. In fact it’s probably only that complicated so marketers can justify high priced courses on how to sell your products!

There are definitely some strategies you can put in place as you grow to create some nice high converting sales funnels and we looked at those in greater detail in Day 8, but for now, I’d like to get to the nitty gritty of making a sale.

What do you want to happen?

This is the question you want to get super clear on to start making instant sales.

What do you want to happen?

Let’s imagine you want to be an author and therefore your goal is to write and sell books.

So write and sell books.

Don’t spend 2 years building a blog and a facebook following and get so wrapped up in what you’re doing you don’t actually write a book let alone sell one.

Yes audience building is important (in fact it’s everything), but don’t wait until you’ve built your audience to try to sell your product.

Have your wares on show from day 1 so as you build, people have the opportunity to buy from you if they want to.

Here’s a couple of examples of how this might work;

1. A good friend of mine wants to be an affiliate marketer for a very specific piece of software. She’s currently building a facebook group around the niche as a whole in the hope she’ll build an audience and sell the software.

My suggestion was; write down every single question you can find online about the software. Make short actionable youtube videos answering every question with your affiliate link in the description and on the screen.

Immerse yourself in how to rank on youtube and while you’re creating all this content ask viewers to also join the FB Group.

At the very least you’ll get new members for your group, some followers on YT and people will get to know you. As an ideal you’ll start to make some affiliate sales also.

2. Another good friend of mine is building a new brand on Instagram. He challenged me to come up with 10 ways he could monetize his brand.

So we hopped on a FB Live and I walked him through 12 ways he could monetize his brand. You can see the replay here;


Within 24 hours he had a set of presets up for sale and within a week had a coaching page on his website.

As of writing I don’t think he’s made a sale but then he’s not advertising his products at all to his community on IG (note to self, kick him up the butt to do so), but as he grows the products are live and ready for a buyer.

3. If you look around my blog, my posts have well placed affiliate links for software and services I recommend, so as I build traffic to this site, I also build income.

Other Routes to Faster Sales

  • Read Steve Scotts books on how to write a book in 2 weeks and upload to kindle, then immerse yourself in kindle books and selling on kindle. You can also use your books as list builders so as you grow your list you grow your business and vice versa.
  • Host FB Lives interviewing creators of products and link to your affiliate link. As you grow your audience on facebook, you can invite the creators of software and services onto your lives, or showcase their products for them.
  • Add a video course to your website with a pay button. You may think you need a big fancy funnel but how about if you literally created a simple sales page and added it to your website, no frills, no fuss, just there as and when people want to buy.
  • Add an affiliate offer as a sponsor of your podcasts. Think you need to wait until you’re getting thousands of downloads before you can attract sponsorship to your podcasts? If you’re an affiliate for a product or service advertise that at the beginning of your show giving your affiliate link.
  • Add an offer to your thank you page so as soon as people sign up they get an offer. This is the old ’tripwire’ Ryan Deiss coined (I hate that term). But there is no reason after someone signs up for your email list you can’t offer them one of your products right there on the thank you page. It’s the one page every single one of your email subscribers will see so a well placed and well worded offer might be just what they’re looking for.


Making sales does not have to be complicated or complex. Start with the end in mind, create the easiest route for you to actually make a sale and as your audience grows so will your income.