How to Create Your Lead Generating Offer

Yesterday we discussed what a lead generation offer was and I gave lots of examples of awesome lead gen offers all over the web today.

Please take a look at yesterdays post for a recap.

The question is of course, how are they created?

Yep the pop up looks nice advertising the ebook, but how does the ebook get created, where does it get designed / made, how do people download it to their computer and how does it fit into my funnel?

You may have similar questions for videos, or quizzes, audio programs or cheat sheets.

Let’s solve the mystery!

Creating Your Lead Generating Offers

When I created my first lead gen funnel, I remember holing myself away in a hotel room for 2 weeks and recording all the videos to go into my offer.

In true Jo Barnes style, I wasn’t just going to offer a little ebook, oh no! I wanted something far more grandiose.

I set about creating the free offer of all free offers.

A 21 day video course on ‘How to Start a Business in 21 Days’, a 13,000 word ebook, templates and access to a private forum!

The challenge however was I had no idea how to record and edit videos, where to host them, how to create pages and all that malarky.

I remember it being a very stressful & tearful couple of weeks, but with the help of clever friends and a lot of grit, my freebie was launched.

Thankfully today it’s all so much easier!!!

These days we have things like an ‘unlisted’ option in YouTube, so video hosting is free and takes second to upload. There are ‘ebook creator’ apps, places you can get a cover designed for a fiver and apps on your phone to record easy audio.

In fact you could get a solid free offer up and running in a few hours.

So let’s go!

1. How to Create and Upload an Ebook

While writing this post I found an old post with a video walking you through the exact steps I took to create and upload an ebook. ‘Yes!’, I thought, I already have the info.

Oh my gosh, talk about going back to eight track tapes. That’s how fast technology moves. It was like watching an old black and white movie!

These days of course you can literally copy & paste url’s from your site and BOOM! Bob’s Your Uncle, Fanny’s Your Aunt and there’s your ebook.

Here’s how;


How fab is that!

Check out Designerr here

If starting from scratch however, you’ll need to;

1. Choose your topic. Check out Day 14 for coming up with awesome topic ideas not just for blog posts or videos but also for bigger projects like ebooks or even courses.

2. Break your topic down into relevant chapters and then I like to create 3 – 5 bullet points per chapter, which act as sub chapters and allow me to then write the main content quite quickly as it’s all broken down into chunks.

3. Write the content.

4. Design the inside & outside of the ebook and save as a PDF. Here is where I would 100% use an app as above or outsource to someone on Upwork or Fiverr to get the job done for me.

Here is an extremely detailed walkthrough of how to create an ebook by the folks over at Hubspot – How to Create an Ebook from Start to Finish with free templates.

And here are some mistakes you might want to avoid from the folks over at Smartblogger – How to Write an Ebook: 21 Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

2. How to Create and Upload an Audio Course / a PDF / a Cheat Sheet etc

1. Create your content.


Scripting an audio recording is a lot like writing a blog post or a chapter of an ebook;

  1. Start with the result in mind. What is it your want your listener to have learned by the end of the recording (this may well be the title of your offer also)
  2. Then break it down into mini headlines and mini chapters.

So taking my gardening example, I might want to give my listener 10 tips on how to design a livable small back garden. That would be my headline and the desired result. I would then break the script into 10 mini headlines which are my tips, plus an intro.

Then using a voice recorder app on your phone or computer just record yourself speaking the words.

In an ideal world you’ll want to use a half decent microphone so the sound quality is good, but a pair of headphones from Amazon or a cheap lapel mic will do the trick!

You do not need an all singing, all dancing, condenser, stereo, anti vibration, noise cancelling, professional studio, also does the washing, cooking and cleaning microphone! (Although wouldn’t that be nice!)

As for software, I’ll be honest I use screenflow as I’ve used it for years for both video & audio and I can easily add intros & outs and merge audio etc.

But you can even use Zoom or Skype these days to both record video and / or audio.

Here’s a detailed walk through by the fellas over at Flipped Classroom Tutorials on how to use Zoom to record both audio & video;


And if you have a look at Day 17, you’ll see all the ways to create a podcast including a great video by the awesome Pat Flynn on using GarageBand for audio.

PDF / Cheatsheets etc.

Create your copy or design on a word or pages doc and export as a PDF on your computer. It really doesn’t get any easier than that.

These days the platforms even have predesigned templates for you to use!

Also check out for over 50,000 templates you could use to make your lead gen offer really pop!

2. Hosting your content.

Ok so you have all this fabulous content, where do you host it so you can add a link to your email or your thank you page and your new subscriber can quickly and easily download what they signed up for?

You have options my friend! I recommend;

  1. Google Drive
  2. iCloud Drive
  3. Dropbox
  4. Your own server

Here’s a great Wiki doc showing you how to upload an mp3 to google drive, iCloud drive and Soundcloud producing a downloadable link.

Simply follow the same instructions on google or iCloud for documents and away you go!

3. How to Create and Upload a Video Course

You may think a video course is a bit over the top for a free lead generation offer, but the higher perceived value of your offer the higher your conversion rates.

So if you have a tip or strategy that you think translates best into video why not make it into a mini course and offer it in exchange for an email?

I go into creating a paid online course in great detail on Day 21, so please head over there for step by step instructions but for now here’s an overview of the process for a free offer;

  1. Create a script (much like creating your audio script)
  2. Decide whether you’re going to use slides, be a talking head or record your screen. (Remember keep it simple, this is a free offer).
  3. Using specialized software, Screenflow for Mac, Camtasia for windows / Mac or much cheaper options include or, record your slides, screen or you!
  4. Trim & edit if necessary
  5. Upload the videos as unlisted onto YouTube and link the playlist link in your email. Super quick and easy, no extra work required, or…
  6. Start a new closed FB group. Record your videos as lives within the group and pin to the top. Create your lead gen page and in your first email, give instructions that to access the videos they need to join the facebook group. The fastest & easiest way to create a mini video course, attract people into your email list and grow a Facebook group at the same time!

Phew! The possibilities are endless, with the best part being how easy all this is nowadays. Thank you Tech Gods! We love you! ❤️

As I said above my first ever freebie took me 21 days, and involved lots of tears, clumps of hair on the ground and a serious amount of alcohol. I don’t recommend this strategy!

Yes we’re looking for transformational value here, but keep it simple!

How to deliver your free content

So you have a beautiful ebook, a mini course or a great audio program on offer. How do you actually deliver it to your new subscriber?

Simply link out to it from your thank you page or include the link in your first email.

If you’re unsure how the thank you page and first email fit into the funnel, do please go through yesterdays lesson on email marketing. I delve into the funnel in detail.

Here’s an example of how my subscribers access my ebook ’6 Ways to Build a Business From Anywhere in the World’.


Creating a great lead gen offer is much easier these days and can be done and live in just a few short hours. It’s an imperative part of your marketing strategy so don’t skip it!

The one regret I hear over and over from businesses and marketers is that they wish they’d started building their email list earlier.

If you’re putting any kind of content out into the webosphere give people a place to find out more and get to know you better and that my friend is your email list.

Make it happen! 🙂