How to Create, Upload and Publish an Ebook

I was recently asked how to ‘technically’ create and publish an ebook to use either as a free gift or as a product.

By ‘technically’ I mean, not how to write or format the book, but how to create it as a PDF, upload to the web and then make it accessible for download.

It’s actually a fairly simple procedure which has been made easier over the years by advances in technology which allow us to be able to store simple files online without the need for servers and ‘ftp’ (file transfer platforms) etc.

Here’s a quick video walking you step by step through the procedure.

I hope this helps!

So in summary the key steps demonstrated in the video are;

  1. Write and format your ebook in Word, Pages or whatever word processing platform you prefer
  2. Create your cover to add to the first page of the ebook & for advertising purposes
  3. Export as a PDF
  4. Upload to your server, wordpress or something like Google Drive / Dropbox
  5. Add the ebook cover as an image to a webpage and put the downloadable ebook url behind the image
  6. Bob’s Your Uncle! :)

If you’d like further details and a super special offer on the easy ecover software shown in the video then click here.

If I’ve missed anything or you need further clarification then please let me know in the comments below, I’m here to help! :)



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