How to Create a High Converting, Lead Generating Funnel

Before we get into the nitty gritty of beginning to grow your business, the goal today is to give you an overview of how everything fits together.

The basic premise is that you pick a niche, create a brand around that niche, grow your audience and sell your products.

Sounds easy doesn’t it?!

Well in theory it really is as easy as that, the practice however is a little more challenging.

Here is what a basic sales funnel looks like.

Thank you Neil Patel.

However in this guide and in your business we’re turning this on it’s head.

We’ve started with;


On Day 5 we talked about ‘Planning for Profit’. Hopefully you now have a solid idea of exactly how you plan to monetize all your hard work. If you do, this will give you a super clear path of what you need to do as you move through the next few days.

If you don’t, you’ll be wondering aimlessly through the platforms and mediums unsure where you should be putting all your effort as you’re unclear about what your outcome will be.

Always start with the end in mind.

Start with the end in mind

Whilst I understand you’re probably not in it just for the money, being clear about your outcome really defines the path you need to take.

So with our end result firmly in our mind, we can start to work backwards and figure out how we attract potentially interested customers (otherwise known as leads) to our products & services.


Over the years it seems people have become fixated on how many followers they have, how many group members, how many page visits etc.

However this only indicates half the story.

Focusing on these numbers only, doesn’t give you the best picture of who out of all those followers and visitors will actually take action and buy from you.

To get a more accurate view of whether you’re on the right path with your business you need to focus on ‘engagement’.

Are your audience talking to you, liking your posts, sharing, commenting and clicking through to where you might be sending them?

Here how to increase engagement with your audience if you feel your content is falling on deaf ears;

1. Know your market intimately (see Day 3) and be clear with your messaging.

There was a time when using trickery & dodgy headlines to attract attention was all the rage;

Those days are long gone my friend and thank goodness for that!

People are looking to do business with brands they trust. With reviews and word of mouth marketing being the best way to grow your brand these days, your messaging needs to be on point and authentic.

Talk to your audience as you would a friend over coffee.

2. Listen to your customers and focus on nurturing and meeting their needs

One of the best ways to increase engagement is for your audience to know you’re actually listening to them.

You may think you don’t have to respond to your audience because after all you’re a busy brand right? People can’t possibly expect that.

Well these days they do! No one is unapproachable anymore including big celebs who are now YouTube personalities or Instagram Influencers.

I’m not saying you have to reply to every email or every comment you get (although when starting out, the more the better), but just like the lovely Matthew McConaughey here, talk directly to your audience.

Respond to the questions in their head and the struggles and challenges they’re facing in your particular industry or niche.

3. Build word of mouth

By delivering transformational value and putting your audiences needs at the heart of your content & marketing strategy, you will build a marketing army who will spread the word of your brand far and wide for you.

People trust recommendations from friends far more than from the brand itself, so put your customer first at all times and before you know it your social feeds will feel like a coffee club!

By following these strategies when you link through to your lead generation page which we’re going to be walking through over the next couple of days, your conversions will be much higher.

Creating a high converting lead generation page isn’t just about the headline, the font you use, whether you have a video or an image, it’s about the relationship you form with the prospect before they even get to the page.


Then finally we need traffic to generate the leads.

The one thing every lifestyle business model I talk about has in common is the need to build an audience.

Imagine you open a chocolate store in the middle of Times Square or Oxford Circus vs opening the same store in a remote back alley.

When you first launch your brand, you’re in a remote back alley.

You need to get out and find the foot traffic to turn into leads, an audience and a community to grow your store to be able to afford to relocate to Times Square. Make sense?

Literally everything we’re talking about over the next couple of weeks is how to grow your online traffic and your profile.

This is the most important part of your business, which is why I have dedicated so many posts to all the different ways you can build your audience.

A High Converting Funnel

Rather than just seeing your funnel as Traffic, Leads, sales however, the world is a little more sophisticated than that these days. But thankfully Neil Patel also has a diagram for what you should be focusing on now;

But you know what? If you follow this simple formula you’ll naturally fall into this model;

  1. Know your customer
  2. Listen to your customer
  3. Meet the needs of your customer
  4. Offer transformational value to your customer


Building a high converting, lead generating sales funnel is all about the relationships you build with your audience.

If you understand and focus on this from Day 1, you won’t go far wrong.

Ok then. Let’s get moving and start to build out your business!

Shall we?