How To Change Etsy Shop Name: A Complete How-To Guide for 2024

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If you’re an Etsy seller, your shop name is more than just a label; it’s the identity of your brand and the first thing customers notice. But have you considered asking yourself “How to change Etsy shop name” when you find a better name option?

Maybe you selected your current name quickly during setup, or perhaps your business has evolved, and your original name no longer reflects what you offer.

Regardless, you can indeed change your Etsy shop name, but it’s crucial to do so thoughtfully.

Here’s a quick tip before we dive in: Etsy allows you to change your shop name five times, so make every change count.

Let’s get started on how to change your Etsy shop name effectively.

Quick Takeaways:

  • Etsy’s Name Change Limit: Remember that Etsy allows you to change your shop name only five times, so each decision should be well-considered.
  • Shop Name Guidelines: Ensure your new name has 4-20 characters, without spaces or special characters (a hyphen is allowed), and it must be unique.
  • Trademark Consideration: Avoid legal issues by ensuring your new shop name doesn’t infringe on someone else’s trademark.
  • Step-by-Step Name Change Process: Follow a simple process on Etsy’s site by going to “Your Account,” “Shop Manager,” then “Info & Appearance” to request a name change.
  • Post-Name Change Actions: Update your new name across all social media and marketing materials, and inform your customers through updates or newsletters.
  • SEO Reoptimization: Adjust your SEO settings post-name change to maintain your shop’s online visibility.
  • Balancing Pros and Cons: Weigh the benefits of rebranding and aligning with your business vision against potential drawbacks like customer confusion and rebranding costs.

Things to Consider

Switching your Etsy shop name isn’t a decision to be taken lightly.

Remember, your shop name is a significant part of your online identity. Changing it might confuse your loyal customers, and you could temporarily lose some visibility in searches.

So why do some sellers take this step?

Reasons could be varied. You might have chosen a different direction for your ecommerce business or expanded your product range. Perhaps you’ve thought of a catchy name that aligns better with your brand identity.

Regardless, before you change your shop name, keep in mind that Etsy allows you to do this only five times. So, make every change count!

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Understanding Etsy’s Shop Name Guidelines and Policies

Before you change your shop name, it’s essential to understand Etsy’s policies.

Etsy allows shop names to have 4-20 characters. No spaces or special characters are allowed, but you can use a hyphen. Also, no two shops can have the same name, so your chosen name needs to be unique.

The next thing to remember is that your shop name shouldn’t infringe on someone else’s trademark. If you’re unsure, check with a legal advisor to avoid potential issues.

Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Your Shop Name

etsy shop name change guide

So, how do you change your store name? Let’s go through the steps.

  1. Sign in to and click “Your Account,” found on the top right corner.
  2. Select “Shop Manager” from the drop-down menu.
  3. On the Shop Manager page, click “Settings,” then “Info & Appearance.”
  4. You’ll see your current shop name. Click the pencil icon next to it to edit.
  5. Type in your new shop name and click “Change Name.”
  6. After this, Etsy will review your request. Approval usually comes quickly, but sometimes it may take a bit of time.

That’s it! You’ve successfully requested a change for your Etsy shop name.

What to Do After Your Shop Name Change

Changing your store name on the platform is just the first step.

Now, it’s crucial to update your new name on all social media accounts and any marketing materials you’ve made.

If you have business cards, leaflets, or any merchandise with your old shop name, you’ll need to replace them.

Don’t forget to inform your customers about the change! This can be done through a shop update, an email newsletter, or a post on social media.

Also, take the time to update your SEO settings to ensure your shop remains easily discoverable.

Pros And Cons Of Changing Your Store Name

etsy shop name pros and cons change

Like any major business decision, changing your Etsy shop name comes with both benefits and potential drawbacks.

It’s critical to weigh these pros and cons before going ahead with a name change.


1. Improved Branding

If your current name doesn’t accurately reflect your shop’s focus, changing it can align your branding with your products and overall vision.

This clarity can enhance your shop’s appeal to customers.

2. Adapt to Business Growth or Change

As your business evolves, your initial name might not represent your current offerings or scope.

In such cases, changing your shop name can help showcase your growth or change in direction.

3. SEO Benefits

A new name incorporating keywords related to your products might improve your shop’s search engine visibility. This can lead to increased traffic and sales.

4. Stand Out from Competitors

A unique, catchy name can help differentiate your shop from competitors and make it more memorable to customers.

5. Correcting Initial Mistakes

If your original shop name has typos, hard-to-understand words, or doesn’t resonate with your brand’s vibe, changing it can correct these initial mistakes and set a more professional tone.

6. Attracting a New Target Market

If your business direction shifts, changing your shop name to something that appeals to your new target audience can help you attract these potential customers.

7. Revitalizing Your Shop

A name change can breathe new life into your shop, creating excitement among existing customers and drawing the attention of new ones.

8. Boosting Business Confidence

If you’re not happy with your current name, a change can renew your confidence in your brand, which can translate into improved customer interactions and better business performance.

9. Reflecting Partnerships or Mergers

If you’re joining forces with another business or expanding your operations, a name change can help represent this new business model.

If your current name is similar to a trademarked name, changing it can help avoid potential legal issues.


1. Confusion for Existing Customers

Your loyal customers know your shop by its current name. Changing the name might confuse them and possibly lead to a temporary drop in sales.

2. Loss of Brand Recognition

If you’ve built significant brand recognition with your existing name, you might lose some of this established goodwill and have to start over.

3. Rebranding Costs

Changing your shop name often means redesigning marketing materials, logos, and business cards, which can be time-consuming and costly.

4. Potential SEO Impact

While a well-chosen name can improve SEO, the opposite is also true.

If your current name ranks well in searches, changing it might lead to a temporary dip in your shop’s search engine rankings.

5. Limited Name Changes

Etsy allows you to change your shop name only five times, so you need to carefully consider each change.

6. Time-Consuming Process

The process of changing your shop name, along with updating all your social media profiles, marketing materials, and informing customers, can be quite time-consuming.

7. Customer Distrust

Sudden changes can make some customers skeptical or nervous, leading to decreased trust in your brand.

8. Possible Negative Impact on Reviews

While your reviews won’t disappear, new customers might be confused by reviews mentioning a different shop name.

9. Learning Curve

You’ll need to get used to using and promoting your new shop name, which can take some time.

10. Notification to Etsy Community

When you change your shop name, a notification goes out to the Etsy community. If your shop had previous issues, this can draw unwanted attention.

Seller’s How-to Checklist for Changing Etsy Shop Name


  1.  Understand the Process: Do your research on how to change shop name on Etsy.
  2.  Check Name Availability: Utilize the Etsy shop name availability feature to check if your desired name is available.
  3.  Consider Implications: Understand what happens when you change your Etsy shop name.

Initial Steps:

  1.  Assess Current Name: Reflect on your current Etsy store names and reasons for changing.
  2.  Brainstorm Names: Generate a list of good Etsy shop names and best Etsy shop names for consideration.
  3.  Verify Uniqueness: Use Etsy’s feature to check Etsy shop name availability and shop name availability.

Change Request:

  1.  Access Account Settings: Go to your Etsy account to begin the process.
  2.  Navigate to Shop Settings: Find the option to edit Etsy shop name.
  3.  Start the Process: Follow the steps for how to change shop name on Etsy.
  4.  Submit Name Change: Change your Etsy shop name via the shop name change process.
  5.  Confirmation: Ensure the change has been made by checking how to edit Etsy shop name in your account settings.

Post-Change Actions:

  1.  Notify Customers: Inform your audience about the change, addressing how to change name on Etsy and its impact.
  2.  Update Branding: Reflect the new name in all your marketing materials and online presence.
  3.  Monitor Performance: Keep an eye on your shop’s performance post the name change.
  4.  Review SEO Settings: Edit your shop’s SEO settings to align with the new name.

Additional Considerations:

  1.  Future Changes: Remember, you can change my Etsy shop name or change shop name on Etsy up to five times.
  2.  Creative Ideas: Continuously brainstorm Etsy shop name ideas for potential future changes.
  3.  Legalities: Ensure your new name doesn’t infringe on trademarks or copyrights.

By following this checklist, you can smoothly navigate the Etsy shop name change process and optimize your shop’s identity for better online performance.

Changing Your Etsy Shop Name: Primary and Essential Considerations

When considering changing your Etsy shop name, it’s crucial to understand the full scope of the decision and its potential impact.

  1. Understanding the Process:
    • Grasp the basics of how to change shop name on Etsy.
    • Familiarize yourself with the changing Etsy shop name process and implications.
    • Learn about the Etsy shop name change process and shop name change process in detail.
  2. Assessing the Need for Change:
    • Reflect on why you want to change my Etsy shop name.
    • Consider how editing your Etsy shop name (edit Etsy shop name) aligns with your brand’s evolution.
    • Ask yourself, “Can I change my Etsy shop name?” and “What happens when you change your Etsy shop name?”
  3. Choosing a New Name:
    • Engage in brainstorming for Etsy shop name ideas.
    • Look for good Etsy shop names and best Etsy shop names that resonate with your brand.
    • Ensure the new name reflects your current or future Etsy store names.
  4. Availability and Compliance:
    • Check Etsy shop name availability and shop name availability.
    • Confirm that your desired name is not already in use or violates any trademarks.
  5. Implementation:
    • Learn how to edit Etsy shop name and how to change name on Etsy through your Etsy account settings.
    • Follow the guidelines to change shop name on Etsy and ensure that the change is successfully implemented.
  6. Post-Change Strategy:
    • Plan for the marketing and branding shift after you change Etsy store name.
    • Prepare communication strategies to inform customers about the name change.

By considering these primary and essential aspects, you can ensure a smooth transition while changing your Etsy shop name, maintaining brand consistency, and enhancing your store’s appeal to customers.

How To Change Your Etsy Shop Name – Summary

Knowing how to change your Etsy Shop name is an important aspect of managing your Etsy business.

Whether you’re refining your brand, correcting initial mistakes, or adapting to business growth, changing your shop name can provide a fresh start and potentially improve your visibility and sales.

However, it’s important to remember that any name change should be done thoughtfully, considering both the pros and cons, as it can significantly impact your brand identity and customer recognition.

Key takeaways from this post include understanding the reasons why you might want to change your Etsy shop name, the step-by-step process of doing so, the potential benefits and drawbacks, as well as the common questions associated with it.

Remember, Etsy limits the number of name changes, so each one should be considered carefully.

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Happy selling!

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How To Change Your Etsy Shop Name – FAQs

Why won’t Etsy let me change my shop name?

If you’re unable to change your shop name on Etsy, it might be because you’ve already changed it five times.

Etsy’s policy limits you to five shop name changes. If you’ve reached this limit, you won’t be able to make any additional changes.

What happens when you change your shop name?

When you change your Etsy shop name, the new name will replace the old one across the site, and any reference to your shop will now show the new name.

It’s important to note that your shop’s reviews and listings will remain intact, but remember to update your marketing materials and inform your customers about the name change.

How do I change my shop details on Etsy?

To change your shop details on Etsy, sign in and go to ‘Shop Manager‘. Then click on ‘Settings‘, and under ‘Info and Appearance‘, you can edit your shop title, announcement, about section, shop members, and more. Make sure to click ‘Save‘ after making changes.

Should I use my real name on my Etsy shop?

Using your real name for your Etsy shop depends on your personal preference and the nature of your business.

Some sellers feel that using their real name adds a personal touch and builds trust with customers. However, others prefer to use a creative business name that represents their brand and the products they sell.

Can I change my shop’s name to one that was used by another but is no longer active?

Etsy shop names are unique and cannot be reused, even if the shop using the name is no longer active. You will need to come up with a unique name for your shop.

How long does Etsy take to approve a name change request?

Usually, Etsy approves name changes instantly. However, it can sometimes take a few days, especially if the Etsy team needs to manually review the change.

Does my shop name change affect my shop’s ratings and reviews?

No, changing your shop name won’t affect your ratings and reviews. All your previous ratings and reviews will remain with your shop as they are linked to your account, not your shop name.

How can I make sure the new shop name I want is not already taken?

When you go through the process of changing your shop name, Etsy will automatically check the availability of the name you enter.

If the name is already in use, Etsy will notify you, and you’ll have to choose a different name.

Will it affect SEO?

Changing your Etsy shop name may temporarily affect your SEO as search engines re-crawl your shop with its new name.

However, over time, your SEO should recover. You can help this process by updating your shop’s keywords and tags, and ensuring the new name is used consistently across your marketing materials.

I have multiple Etsy shops. Can I change all their names?

Yes, you can change the names of all your Etsy shops, as long as you don’t exceed the limit of five changes per shop. Each shop is considered separately in terms of name change allowances.

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