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What is a Micro Angel?

I explain all in this video or you can simply read through the rest of the post. 🙂

You might be wondering ‘what is a Micro Angel’?

A Micro Angel is an investor who funds startups via micro loans (i.e., a lot of people lending small amounts of money).

The microloans are typically lent to women in developing countries & low income areas to start and build a business which transforms the lives of their families & communities.

As a micro angel you will get paid back, but your money will then be invested in another person in need and another and so on.

Another word for a Micro Angel is a philanthropic investor.

A passionate call to arms

Over the last 12 years I have had the opportunity of working with thousands of entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and digital nomads building businesses they can run from anywhere in the world and am regularly overjoyed with stories of so many of my community members traveling to distant lands exploring life on their terms.

This year I was supposed to be on sabbatical to spend more time on my health & with my family and I fully intend to continue that journey, however a few weeks ago I read a book called “Half the Sky’.

half the sky book

The book describes itself as ‘a passionate call to arms against our era’s most pervasive human rights violation: the oppression of women and girls in the developing world.’

Through the eyes of two pulitzer prize winning journalists, the book takes you on a journey through Africa & Asia, telling the stories of incredibly brave and strong women and girls surviving (and in some cases flourishing) in the most adverse of conditions.

It also showcases those who are helping to change the landscape and proves beyond any doubt that a just little help can literally transform lives.

It’s fired me up in a way I have never felt before and as someone with a love of business, entrepreneurship and empowerment (particularly for us ladies), I have been inspired to take action!

$1 Million Dollars

It is my goal to raise $1 million USD for reputable microloan organisations around the world.

Micro loan organisations work by lending small amounts of money to women in extremely poor areas and providing them with the training and support to start and grow their own small businesses.

In many cases these women work as groups and support and help each other to transform their own lives, the lives of their family & children and the lives of their community.

It’s a truly transformative cause.

However, raising $1 million is no mean feat and that’s just my first goal, beyond that I have an even greater vision, but hey, one step at a time!

I plan to utilise my skills and experience in the digital marketing world to build my brand and profile and to add such intense value to the lives & businesses of entrepreneurs across the globe, that my first goal does in fact become a drop in the ocean.

So what’s in it for you?

Apart from the joy of knowing you have potentially changed an entire families future for the cost of a Friday night out at the flicks?

I want to help you build your business.

I believe micro businesses are the future (one or two man style remote based businesses). Technology is changing the world faster than we can keep up and the world as we once knew it is disappearing.

That’s where I come in. On this website you’ll find hundreds of tips and ideas for starting and growing your own lifestyle business.

You can also take my free email course which takes you through 10 lessons to get started.

Lastly come and join our facebook group and get up to date videos, blog posts and podcasts as they’re published and network with like minded people on the same journey.

Become a Micro Angel

Love what I’m doing?

Then jump on board and become a part of the lending team.

I’ve partnered with to make this opportunity available quickly & easily.

No money crosses my palm, it all goes directly to Kiva who sends it directly to the teams on the ground working with these women.

Watch the video below, follow the instructions and Hey Presto – You’re a Micro Angel!

Join the Micro Angels Here

Thanks so much for your support.

I look forward to chatting more in the group and to helping you to grow a business that can change the world as we know it.

Any questions don’t hesitate to email me on

Jo 🙂

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