How I’ve Mobilified Everything!

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In a few days, I’m off on my travels again!

12 days in Borneo, followed by Nepal, India, Sri Lanka & the Maldives!

Pretty darn sure I’m going to have lots of interesting stuff to share but, I don’t want to take my computer.

Particularly on the Nepal, India trip, we’ll be traveling light with one 7kg backpack each.

So, over the last few weeks I have been playing and testing and getting to a point that I can do everything I want to do on my phone!

So let’s start with;

Blog Posts On the Go

I use for my site.

So I downloaded the WordPress app for my phone and set about testing text, images, formatting etc.

Here’s what I discovered;

Post 1 –

Post 2 –

Post 3 –

In summary;

1. Write content in Evernote or notes app first (on or offline)
2. Download ‘Inshot’ on your phone
3. Create a picture collage of some of your best shots, add text, stickers etc
4. Copy & paste (without formatting) to your WordPress app & add your collage photo. (For more details read Post 3)

This is the easiest & best way I found to create well formatted and easy to read posts on the go.

Podcasts On the Go


Undoubtedly the easiest way to create and publish podcasts I have come across!

Simply create an account, press record and away you go!

Seriously, you create an account, add your podcast image and description in podcast settings, along with your category and business info.

Then click the ‘+’ button at the bottom of the screen, add a new episode and press record.

How I’ve Mobilified Everything!

Press record and away you go!

You can use the phone as you would a phone with the mic up by your mouth or use a little lapel mic (I use a sennheiser lapel mike for iPhones). The mic gives a slightly better sound by minimizing background noise.

If you want an intro & outro. Simply record what you want to say and then use the ‘add background’ music option and the save that short recording.

Next time you record an episode, you simply click the ‘+’ and add your intro and outro from the library.

Then you add your description and click publish!

How I’ve Mobilified Everything!

Click Publish and you’re live to the world! (Or about 36 people right now in my case)

All of a sudden you’re on iTunes, Spreaker, Google, Spotify, Stitcher and loads more!

It doesn’t get any easier than that. 🙂

Video On the Go

I have to admit I have recorded, edited & prepared my Make It Happen Monday videos for the next few weeks, mainly because the YouTube mobile functionality is so poor.

I can’t find a way to add my end screen, or a thumbnail image for the video on my phone alone, so I have prepared my weekly videos.

But, I will want to record and upload lots of interesting videos I’m sure to FB & Instagram along the way and for this I’m using a very cool app called ‘Kinemaster’.

Please note I tried several others before I found Kinemaster and without doubt this one is the best.

You can split a clip, trim it, add layers, images, text, logos etc. It’s a bit fiddly but super easy to use and then you can save it on your phone or upload directly to Instagram etc.

Highly recommended as is Justin Brown – Primal Video – who has loads of tutorials on how to use it for iPhone & Android.

Photos On the Go

Well we’re all doing this every day anyway and I will do a separate post on the apps I’m playing with to liven up my Instagram feed, but in the meantime I must recommend a guy called Emil Pakarklis.

He’s got a range of videos & tutorials showing you how to take amazing photos with your iPhone.

Check out my post all about him here –

Make sure to follow my Instagram account for all my best travel content – @jobarnesonline

Hope this helps and I’ll see from somewhere in this amazing world!

Jo 🙂