The 5 Steps I Always Take to Ensure My Landing Pages Convert at 60% or More Every Time

The 5 Steps I Always Take to Ensure My Landing Pages Convert at 60% or More Every Time

In February 2013 I released a free ebook as a lead generator.

From the day I published the squeeze page and throughout the following months the book was available, my conversion rate of visitors to opt-ins never went below 50% and more often than not was up at 60 / 70%.


Here is that squeeze page;


Since then I have published squeeze pages for webinars / PDF’s / reports & videos, and provided I implement the following 5 step system I am about to share with you, my conversion rate stays consistent at 60% or above.


That means that for every 100 people I attract to my lead page, 60 or more people leave me their name and email address.

Not bad when the industry average for my niche (online marketing) is 30%.

Why is This So Important

Firstly you should be building your email subscriber list daily. Whatever else you do in your business, this should be a top priority as your email subscribers are your potential customers, your fans, your advocates and your followers.

By nurturing a relationship with your community, you’ll find that your business and brand will grow faster, which means you can get out there and help even more people. Check out this post for 10 excellent tips on how to build a community of raving advocates.

If you are building your email subscriber list daily then you’ll know only too well how important your conversion rates are.

Let’s say you’re going to spend $100 on a FB Ad Campaign and your ad campaign gets you 100 visits.

Do you want that $100 to get you 30 leads or 50 / 60 / 70 leads? Exactly!

So that’s why it’s hugely important to focus on increasing our conversion rates on pages across our site incl landing pages, sales pages, contact pages etc.

The 5 Step System

So let’s get right to it;

Step 1

A really good offer!

It goes without saying that your ‘compelling offer’ (what the recipient gets after they leave their name and email address) needs to be high value.

Now don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean it has to be a 93 page ebook or an entire video course. In fact I wouldn’t recommend you go that far. If you want your leads to take further action with you, i.e. buy something, then consumption is the key, so smaller, faster and easy to consume is the key.

But it must be something that the consumer says ‘Wow’ I really needed that!

Step 2

A very specific headline.

I want you to forget about hype, forget about – ‘Warning’ Don’t get this now and your legs will fall off’ type of marketing and focus on what do you have for the consumer.

The one thing all great headlines have in common is that they’re SPECIFIC.

I’m not an NLP practitioner nor do I totally understand human psyche (I have enough trouble understanding me let alone anyone else), but I do know from experience that specificity sells. If you’re anything like me, you want to give so much value that you include the kitchen sink in your content / products.


It just confuses and overwhelms people.

So get specific. Write down what your free gift ‘DOES” for the consumer and use that as your headline.

Here is a fantastic headline swipe file from Justin Brooke. You will never have an issue writing headlines again!

Step 3

A Call To Action Button Above The Fold

You would be amazed at how many people don’t scroll. They just see what’s in front of them and think that’s it. In fact some of the best sales letters and web pages are those that encourage you to keep scrolling by clever use of subheads or imagery.

(Just note this for next time you look at a web page and ask yourself whether you’re scrolling because you do anyway or because they’re encouraging you to!)

But to err on the side of caution, your best bet is to get a CTA button in early.

Here’s a couple of examples of what I’m talking about.


See how these pages have the Call to Action Buttons right there in front of you without the need to scroll or search it out.

I’m not saying long form style sales page don’t do the business anymore, but I think we’re in an era of much more transparency these days.

Be open and tell people what it is you want them to do.

Also be creative with your button language.

Yes I’m In
Let’s Get Started
Show Me the Freebie
Let Me In Now

These are all a bit more fun and action oriented than ’Submit’

Step 4

An Image

Every time I’ve run a split test, on a page without an image vs a page with an image, the page with the image has out performed the other. And I mean every time. Including going up against a video page.

However the image needs to be relevant. If you’re offering an ebook, include an image of the book. If you’re presenting a webinar, include an image of the presenters, if you’re offering a video, add an image of the title slide.

A picture says a thousand words, so SHOW the visitor what they’re going to get in exchange for their email details.

Step 5

Finally the bullet points.

Now these are optional and I would urge you to do your own split tests.

I have had great conversions with the first 4 steps only, however what I like about bullets is your opportunity to extol the benefits of your offer and begin building that relationship before your prospect has even opted in.

Always ensure your bullets point out the benefits not the features of your product.

For example, if your offer is a report on the ‘5 Steps to Creating Landing Pages That Convert at 60% or More Every Time’

A feature might be – An easily downloadable PDF

A benefit would be – Cut your ad spend in half with these simple techniques.

Here’s a lively short read from Oli Gardner at Unbounce on the difference between Features & Benefits

Summary & Action

1. Advice & case studies are great, but nothing trumps testing it for yourself, so make sure when you publish a landing page, you either use software that tracks the numbers for you or you put in place some basic tracking. See this post for more advice on tracking your numbers.

3. If you’re stuck as to what you should have on your landing page look at other pages for inspiration. There are thousands online, but here’s a great link from Leadpages who do a roundup of their favourite pages every month. Great fodder for ideas!

4. Download my free 36 List Builders Mindmap to get ideas and inspiration for effective free offers.

5. How are your pages performing? Put a link to your squeeze pages in the comments below and I’ll do a quick critique!

Jo :)

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