Hawaii Here We Come!

OK I’m officially super excited!

11 days from now, we’ll be heading to Osaka, Japan for 3 days before flying over to Hawaii for a month, then back to Japan for a week before heading home to Phuket.

I have never been to any of the places we’re visiting and I always love a new adventure!

So we start off with 2 weeks on O’ahu, staying in Honolulu, and oh my gosh we have so much planned!

Trips to;

Pearl Harbour
Manoa Falls
Kuhio Beach Torchlight Hula Show
Make Beach to snorkel with turtles
Waikiki Beach
China Town
Lanikai Pillbox Hike
Makapu’u Tide Pools
Various Beaches
Rhett wants to walk the Haiku stairs but it sounds a bit dangerous for Cerys so I’m thinking about that one.
And lots more!

Then we’re off to Maui for a week and doing various treks, snorkeling trips and sunrises around the Island, although I’’m a little nervous of sharks, there seem to have a fair few attacks in and around Maui over the years!

Then lastly we head to the Big Island for 8 days.

Once again lots of treks, snorkeling, possibly diving, waterfalls etc.

Then we head back via Osaka, Okinawa (more diving I hope), Hong Kong & Macau (I love a game of Blackjack!)

So I welcome any tips along the way!

Have you been to Hawaii?

Maybe you live there?

What must we do while there?
Do I need to worry about sharks or am I being a total wusser?
Have you been diving off the coast of the Big Island? If so do you recommend it?
Rhett wants to take Cerys shark cage diving, am I a terrible parent for saying ‘over my dead body’!?
Any other tips?

Thanks so much!

I will of course share pics etc along the way on FB & Instagram, so be sure to connect with me! 🙂

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