Happy 2018!!!

by | Jan 27, 2018

Wow can you believe it’s almost February already? I don’t know about you but my feet haven’t touched the ground and it’s not going to ease up anytime soon.

The good news is, I’m loving it!

So I thought I’d kick off this years blog posts with a bit of an update on what’s happening over here at JBO HQ, (or in other words my lounge!)

A Year OFF!

Yep that’s right, I’m officially on a sabbatical this year.

Meaning I’m not making any effort to earn money this year. I’m focusing on my health & getting fit & strong. Spending more time with my daughter who is growing up fast, getting more involved with the local community here in Phuket, doing some charitable work & blogging for the love of it!!!

In fact as I write this I’m on route from Koh Samui (an Island in Thailand) to Manila, where I’m visiting the Island of Bohol for a few days with my Sister on our annual Sisters on Tour trip!


How Did That Happen??

Amazon my friend.

Our business took off pretty fast when we launched it at the end of 2014 and has continued to grow ever since.

I spent the whole of 2017 working on it with my partner and we now have a team in the Philippines, a website to accompany Amazon and lots of systems and processes in place allowing me to step back and leave this years business solely to my partner (lucky him).

While I come over to the JBO blog and play with you, awesome action taking entrepreneur!

So Why Am I Still Blogging?

Because I love it! That’s why.

Many years ago, when I first started my online adventure my other half asked me, “if you could work the perfect day what would it look like?”

I remember responding, I just want to create content. I don’t want the constant up and down stress of product & affiliate launches. I just want to build a huge community of fantastically enthusiastic entrepreneurs and write blog posts, record videos, host webinars, help loads of people and have lots of fun!!!

Clearly I’m ideally placed as the front person for a business, with all the hard sales work happening behind me right? But this year the back end is not required!

I can create as much content as I like, because I CAN!

Love it!

What Does This Mean For You?

Well that’s really up to you.

I intend to publish blog posts about all sorts of subjects – marketing, startups, branding, mindset, comfort zones, working while traveling, health & productivity, entrepreneurship in developing countries, etc etc. (No politics, I’m afraid. I may not be able to control myself!)

I’d love it if you popped over and consumed my content whether it be an article, a video, a podcast etc.

But I’d be even happier if you’d put some of it into action and really make this the year you make some serious strides in your business.

If you are not yet reaching your true potential, it’s time for some deep reflection.

I always start each year by doing my ‘Perfect Day’ exercise.

It’s such an awesome thing to do and so powerful.

Your Perfect Day

Taka a day or at least a few hours where you can be truly alone with your thoughts, somewhere inspirational. (I always choose the beach)

Then allow your imagination to soar and ask yourself what your perfect day would look like. If you had no constraints whatsoever, no financial constraints, location, family ties etc etc.

You’re as free as a bird.

Where would you be?
Who would you be with?
What would you be doing?
Where would you be living?
What work would you be doing if any?
Who would you be helping?
How do you feel?
What’s your daily routine?
What does your house look like?
How much do you earn / are you worth?
Who do you love?
Who loves you?

Etc, etc, etc.

You could go on forever, but the point is to imagination your life in great detail exactly as you would want it to be.

Then write it down as if you’re already living it. This is the important part to write down your perfect day in the presence tense so you can really make it real in your mind and on paper.

I tend to put a timeline on mine, so I imagine its 31st December 2018. What do I want my life to look like in 12 months from now.

But you can choose a timeline that suits you.

I’ve been doing this for a few years now and although things always take longer than you want them to, by focusing on what you really want you almost unconsciously start to move in that direction.

You may never reach your ultimate destination but the trick is to enjoy the journey!

Believe me I get to live my dreams every day of my life!

So once you’ve completed this exercise don’t just shove it away in a drawer until next year. Pin it up somewhere.

Remind yourself on a daily basis of the direction you want to move in and start to take action steps to take you there.

No matter how small, the very fact that you’re putting one foot in front of the other in the right direction will motivate you to keep moving forward.

‘Keep Dreaming Big!’

I took my daughter to see ‘The Greatest Showman’ a couple of weeks ago (absolutely loved it by the way) and it reminded me that as adults the practicalities of life mean we forget to dream!

Keep dreaming!

Just because life has got in the way and we now have responsibilities & mortgages and people who depend on us etc, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep dreaming!

The perfect day exercise is your permission to dream and dream big!

So with that being said, let’s end with a quote to make us smile;

Please post a message in the comments below.

Simply say Hi, or be bold and tell me the one action you’re going to take today to start moving towards your 2018 goals.

Let’s Make It Happen this year!

Thanks for reading, speak again very soon.

Jo 🙂

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