Guest Post Guidelines

Guest Post Guidelines

Hey there! Thanks so much for your interest in writing a guest post for Your Lifestyle Business.

To increase the chances of getting your post published on the site please review the following guidelines closely. They explain our requirements, the submission process and all important details.

About the Your Lifestyle Business Blog

Your Lifestyle Business is a one stop shop for solopreneurs, lifestyle entrepreneurs and digital nomads to learn how to build a lifestyle business they can run from anywhere in the world.

We cover the following topics and niches;

  • Online Lifestyle Business & Side Hustle Ideas
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We’re looking for valuable, actionable posts that are informative but friendly and fun to read. We prefer a conversational writing style, ideally with first hand experience of the topic you’re writing about.

The types of posts we publish are mainly how to articles, listicles, reviews, comparisons, and unique angles on common topics.

Here are our requirements and how to submit your guest post;

Guest Post Guidelines

1. Content Idea/Keyphrase: Please pitch your content ideas to us before you write the actual article. Your article must target one keyword/phrase and include it several times throughout the article. Please let us know what keyword you’re targeting and why. 

NB: Please look through my site first and suggest articles which are relevant to my audience. If you don’t do this first step your topics will not be considered.

Please email us at with your keyphrase and topic idea before you start writing the post.

2. Article Length: We will only accept articles that are 2500 words or more. The content must be actionable and valuable to my readers, not just content for contents sake.

3. Images/Videos: You must include images or videos as part of the submission. The image size needs to max 1000px wide and under 100kb in size. You must include a minimum of 3 relevant images per article (more are always welcome). Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to use images/videos and/or any other material from outside sources. Please DO NOT just add irrelevant stock images for the sake of adding images.

4. Author Bio: All final drafts should be accompanied by an author bio & headshot. The author bio should be 40 to 50 words long and include one link to your website’s homepage with a brand name anchor text. Please provide a 100px x 100px headshot image.

5. Original Article: We only publish original articles. (not previously published anywhere else, including your site)

6. Content Quality: Content should be high-quality with no spelling or grammatical errors.

7. Formatting: Provide a clear takeaway or learning for readers. Use headings, subheadings, and numbered lists/bullets to structure your writing.

8. Linking out: Include facts, research, sources, or personal anecdotes to substantiate your insights, information, and arguments with relevant external links to high domain trusted websites. All links will be checked and irrelevant links will be removed. You may include two links back to your site, one in the main body of the article and one in your bio.

9. Internal Linking: We love it when a guest writer finds a way to link back to our older posts that relate to the topic you’re writing about. Utilize the search function on our website to find internal posts that further explain your topic.

10. Unique Angle: Your post should be original and distinct from articles already posted on

11. Article Edits: We reserve the right to edit the content you submit, but this will primarily be done to correct errors or make the content more readable.

12. What We Don’t Want: Please don’t send us press releases or sales pitches, fake product reviews, advertorials, etc., this type of content will be rejected.

How to Submit

Please submit your article using google docs, Arial font size 11 laid out with headers and images, including relevant alt tags for all images. Set the doc to editable by ‘anyone with the link’ and send to

NB: We receive hundreds of guest post requests and submissions every week. Only articles that meet or exceed our content guidelines will be accepted and published. 

Thanks for your interest in writing for Your Lifestyle Business. I look forward to your amazing content!