Getting Your Store Live

Whoop whoop! You are almost ready to go live my friend!

Be sure to have a bottle of champers at the ready.

Here’s what you should have in place by today;

  1. A visible list of your mission & company values to guide you as you grow your business.
  2. A visible picture and description of your ideal customer
  3. Your store setup with your logo, images, products, product descriptions, prices, sale prices, coupon codes, trust badges, pop up & upsells all ready to go.
  4. Emails created and ready to go.

If you have all that in place, it is time to do a test sale.

Here’s how to do it if you’ve enabled Shopify Payments

Here’s how to do it, if you’re not using Shopify payments.

Placing a Test Order

Personally for ease, I would pick the ‘test with a real transaction’ option.

Test Order

Or you could make a real sale & send your product to yourself or a family member to monitor how the whole sales process works.

Now is also a good time to send a couple of products to friends or colleagues to get some early reviews. We’ll talk more about attracting reviews in Day 24. But the earlier you can start to line up getting some reviews, the better!


That’s it! Well done, you can now push the ‘Go Live’ button. Pop the cork, pour a glass and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

You can take the rest of the day off now and relax as tomorrow the hard work really starts.

We’re going to tell the world you exist! 😁😎🕺