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Part 7 – Engage
So you’re out there, you’re posting regular content, you’re adding huge value, you’re interesting, you’re vibrant, quite simply your content is awesome!
So why does it still feel like a ghost town around your FB page?
It’s a great question.
I’ve been having a look at some of the best blogs and pages online and those with the most activity follow a similar system;
1. They post consistently, whether that be once a day or 5 times a day they’re consistent about it.
2. The posts are regularly engaged with by either the page / blog owner or a member of their team.
3. They post content which encourages engagement either with subtle call to actions or within the content itself (examples below)
4. They’ve been doing it a while and probably started just like you are wondering why their FB page was a ghost town!
Consistency & Persistence trumps anything and everything!
Here’s some examples of great content pieces which encourage you to interact even if you weren’t planning too!

Gary always says it like it is and evokes emotive and passionate discussion

Marie asks questions in her description of the video which will make you react one way or another and want to see more…

Seth chooses emotive subjects that he knows his audience will react too. I love his take on every day events.

Marie takes a great quote, makes it relevant to her brand “figureoutable”) and adds a not so subtle call to action – ‘Let me know and tag someone else’. Great strategy.

Please remember point 4. It’s not going to happen overnight unless you choose a potentially explosive subject.

Keep producing and publishing interesting and engaging content. Reach out to people where you can on twitter, instagram, facebook. Start conversations wherever you can and cross promote between FB, Instagram, your site etc.

Have patience and your audience will grow.

Look out for Part 8 tomorrow – See me First
Jo 🙂