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Part 6 – Create, Repurpose, Automate
It would be great if we could all start with a big team of people who could edit our content, create fab pictures, edit & upload super professional videos, post regularly on all the social networks and ensure we were everywhere all of the time.
But this is just not reality when you start out.
So you need to use your time & online tools to your advantage.
I talked about this in Part 3, and shared with you a great post by Gary Vee. But for the one or two man band we need to smart with our time to achieve a mini version of our own content strategy.
Here’s how I’m tackling it this year;
Content Strategy for FB
Content Strategy for FB
So my core content will be;
1 x Make It Happen Monday Video per week
Short Daily Blog Posts
1 x Podcast a week
These might be separate pieces of content or I may extract the audio from MIHM and make that my podcast or write several daily posts based on a podcast episode etc.
I will then use the content I have created to make some quote style images for social media, edit some short segments of my videos, clip some interesting bits of my podcast to post out on mainly FB & Insta.
I use screenflow for mac for editing my videos, for recording & uploading my podcasts & for editing images. (Not affiliate links)
Screenflow is paid, & are both free.
Yes there’s a bit of a learning curve to use screenflow and canva, but they’re all pretty user intuitive and millions of tutorial videos all over youtube!
Lastly regards posting on social media, you can now schedule posts directly on FB, so you can load up an entire weeks worth of posts on a Sunday afternoon and as long as you have a business profile on Instagram you can schedule posts there too, using a tool like Buffer (my preferred tool) or Hootsuite.
NB! This is super important. If you only have the time to create 1 video a week or 1 blog post a week or 1 podcast a week and nothing else. That is fine as long as it’s consistent! 
The most important part of creating content is publishing consistently. In fact there’s definitely an argument for posting 1 epic piece of content a week rather than lots of smaller, less researched pieces, but you need to do what works for you. Weekly vids & short daily posts work for my rather distracted, generally unfocused personality.
Do what works for you, but do it consistently.
Look out for Part 7 tomorrow – Engage
Jo 🙂