Best Etsy Planner: 11 Top Trending Choices

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There’s something uniquely satisfying about penning down your plans, goals, and dreams on paper. Finding the best Etsy planner offers more than just a space to jot down appointments; it’s an avenue for expression, organization, and motivation.

With thousands of designs on Etsy, choosing the perfect planner can be overwhelming.

A great tip when searching for your ideal ‘Etsy planner‘ is to prioritize what’s essential for your daily life, whether it’s daily time-blocking, monthly overviews, budget planning, or dedicated pages for specific goals.

In this article, we’ll explore 11 top trending and best-selling choices that stand out in both design and functionality.

What Is The Best Etsy Planner?

1. Digital Budget Planner

Digital Budget Planner

The Digital Budget Planner is an essential tool for individuals aiming to solidify their financial foundations. Designed for those seeking to gain better control over their finances, this digital planner streamlines the process of money management. Created specifically for utilization with annotation applications like Goodnotes, Notability, and XODO on iPad or tablet devices compatible with a pencil or stylus, it’s worth noting that it isn’t compatible with Kindle Fire Tablet or PC/Laptop.

The Digital Budget Planner Bundle encapsulates everything one requires to proficiently manage and monitor their financial health:

  • Variety of Designs: The bundle contains 5 distinct color planners spanning 145 pages, with colors including Pink, Beige, Grey, Blue, and Green.
  • In-depth Financial Templates: These encompass 130 pages filled with diverse tools like Budget Planners, Savings Trackers, Finance Trackers, and Savings Challenges.
  • Features: The planner is fully hyperlinked for seamless navigation and is designed to be effortlessly imported into Goodnotes and other PDF applications. Furthermore, there are specific sections dedicated to tracking various aspects of finances like income, expenses, bill payments, and bank information.
  • Additional Inclusions: Those who download will receive the planner in 5 colors, 12 budget planner covers, over 1000+ stickers and widgets in both individual PNG and Goodnotes file formats, and a detailed user guide tailored for Goodnotes, Notability, and XODO.

Delving deeper into the Digital Budget Planner’s offerings, one discovers an array of well-structured templates and trackers. From basic templates such as the hyperlinked index page, financial goals, and yearly financial overviews, the planner branches out to meticulous monthly financial trackers for every month.

The planner rounds off with 8 customizable sections and 18 note pages for added flexibility and personalization.

2. Monthly Planner by DecoyLab

Monthly Planner by DecoyLab

For those seeking an elegant way to stay organized, this handmade, undated monthly planner offers a clean slate every month. Designed with flexibility in mind, it allows users to begin any month they wish, making it the perfect companion for noting down tasks and significant dates. Customers have the option of choosing from two serene colors: “Sand” or “Water blue.”

  • Dimensions: The planner boasts a generous size of 11×8.5 inches.
  • Interior: Comprising smooth, off-white 80lb paper, the planner promises ease of writing. It features 15 pages with one side dedicated to planning and the other side remaining blank.
  • Cover: The 111lb Coverstock Paper provides durability and elegance, further accentuated by a foil print on the front, while the back remains unadorned.
  • New Addition: For those seeking an added layer of protection, there’s an option to include a frost poly protective cover. Made from 16mil thick frost poly, it matches the planner’s dimensions perfectly.
  • Back: A 50pt chipboard ensures the planner remains durable and provides a sturdy base for effortless writing.

3. reMarkable 2 Starter Pack by EPaperTemplates

reMarkable 2 Starter Pack by EPaperTemplates

Dive into 2023 and 2024 with unmatched organization courtesy of our essential templates. This package ensures that users have the foundational tools to streamline their daily lives, and as an added bonus, every template comes with a generous 25% discount. For those new to the Remarkable system, expert assistance is at hand, guaranteeing a smooth installation process if required.


Customization Panel:

  • Web-Based Access: Our state-of-the-art customization panel, accessible via any computer, empowers users to modify the planner in line with their unique requirements and tastes.
  • Download Link: Following the purchase, a dedicated link will be provided for effortless downloads. However, please note that currently, our application is tailored for medium to large screens, making phone access unavailable.

Usability and Design:

  • Hyperlinked Documents: Every page within the documents is meticulously hyperlinked, ensuring a seamless experience as users navigate between weeks and months.
  • Design Excellence: The templates are crafted keeping the sidebar in mind, enabling effortless tool switching without disrupting the layout. What’s more, each design takes full advantage of Remarkable’s display, aligning perfectly to side corners without the need for bothersome margins.
  • Optimized Size: With the assistance of advanced software settings, the document size has been optimized, ensuring lightweight planners that offer quick page transitions, especially crucial for larger files.

Limitations and Copyright:

  • PDF Restrictions: It’s essential to understand that the provided documents are in PDF format. This means users cannot move pages or modify background templates in the Remarkable tablet as they might with its native notebooks. As of the present time, converting handwriting to text within PDFs is unsupported on the Remarkable tablet.
  • Copyright Details: The artistic content within these documents is the exclusive intellectual property of ePaperTemplates. Purchasers are granted the right to personal use only. This means modifications or sharing of these files, even without commercial intent, is strictly prohibited.

4. ADHD planner Adults by UsefulPlanner

ADHD planner Adults by UsefulPlanner

Struggling with ADHD-induced time-management and organization issues? Discover the life-changing planner designed to keep you laser-focused on what truly matters, assisting you in sidestepping common distractions through well-thought-out planning. Here’s what sets this planner apart:

Celebrated as the most sought-after ADHD planner on Etsy, it’s already transformed the lives of over 8000 users since 2021. Don’t just take our word for it – the glowing reviews speak volumes.


Comprehensive Components:

  • Digital & Physical Versions: Equipped with a fully-hyperlinked digital planner, it also offers a printable counterpart available in three distinct formats with both Monday and Sunday starts.
  • ADHD-Tailored Templates: Custom-made for those with ADHD, it boasts specialized templates like Focus Plan, Reward Chart, and Declutter checklists, amongst many others.
  • Bonus Inclusions: Every purchase includes complimentary ADHD stickers, a weekly planner, and essential tips for organizing life with ADHD.
  • Universal Appeal: Even if you’re not grappling with ADHD but yearn for enhanced focus and organization, this planner can be a game-changer. Ideal for students, multitasking moms, or anyone aspiring for a more structured daily routine, it’s a sure-shot way to boost productivity and end each day with a sense of accomplishment.
  • A Focus on Mental Well-Being: Beyond mere organization, this planner is a tool for holistic well-being. The Mental Health section is a testament to our dedication to overall wellness, packed with over 50 potent tools to champion self-care and self-awareness.

This is a digital product, and no physical items will be dispatched. Compatible with platforms like GoodNotes and Xodo, the digital planner is hyperlinked for convenience, while the printable version offers Monday and Sunday starts.

5. Custom 2023-2024 Planner by FavoriteStory

Custom 2023-2024 Planner by FavoriteStory

The beautifully crafted 12-month planner is not only elegant but also reflects personalization at its best. With the option to customize with one’s name or a brief phrase, it effortlessly combines functionality with a personal touch. Here are the outstanding features:

Tailored with your chosen name or a short phrase to make it uniquely yours.

  • Sleek Design: Comes in a handy size of 6.125″ x 8.375″, ensuring it’s perfect for carrying on the go, stashing in a drawer, or keeping by your bedside.
  • Durable Tabs: Each planner is equipped with 12 robust, water-resistant monthly tabs.

The planner boasts a generous total of 178 pages, meticulously organized into detailed segments. This includes 52 finely detailed weekly calendar spreads, 12 comprehensive monthly calendar spreads, and a year-at-a-glance section for swift referencing. It also features a dedicated section for highlighting important dates and holidays. Additionally, for those spur-of-the-moment thoughts or detailed note-taking, 14 pages are exclusively designed for jotting down notes.

Made from premium-quality paper with a sturdy 70lb weight that ensures no bleed-through, paired with warm white pages that have a smooth texture, elevating the writing experience. Its protective cover is designed with a 20 ml. clear matte poly that provides a robust shield against dirt and moisture, artistically adorned with black ink on a 120# kraft card stock underlay.

Notably, this kraft cover promotes eco-friendliness, being made of 100% recycled (30% PCW) fiber and crafted using wind-generated electricity. Further enhancing its design, the planner is elegantly bound with a gold twin-loop wire, allowing it to open fully and lay flat with complete page rotation.

6. Digital Planner UNDATED by ThissPlanner

UNDATED Planner Bundle  by ThissPlanner

The THISS Undated “Choosing Me” Digital Planner, presented in a portrait or vertical version, has been curated with this philosophy in mind. This planner, devoid of specific dates, offers the flexibility to be used repeatedly across years, while its users imprint their dates, ensuring relevance and longevity.

Key Features:

  • Versatility in Aesthetics: With a single purchase, users receive the undated digital daily planner in three distinct color themes – Aesthetic Beige, Classy Chic, and Pretty in Pink, providing the same organized layout but with varied visual appeal.
  • Holistic Planning Tools: The planner is comprehensive, covering various aspects of an individual’s life. It encompasses yearly pages, quarter overviews, monthly and weekly planning pages, and detailed daily planning sections.
  • Wellness and Personal Growth: Templates tailored to enhance personal well-being include sections for self-care, skincare routines, goal setting, gratitude reflections, exercise planning, and mood tracking, among others.
  • Productivity and Lifestyle Management: Beyond personal wellness, the planner has productivity tools such as routine planners, goal settings, cleaning schedules, and meal plans. It also touches upon lifestyle elements, integrating bucket lists, reading and movie lists, and contacts. Financial management is not left behind, with trackers for yearly finances, debt management, and savings. The planner culminates with note-paper templates and customizable section dividers for added personalization.

7. Digital Planner Bundle, Undated Planner by PLANNERNOTEWORTHY

Digital Planner Bundle, Undated Planner by PLANNERNOTEWORTHY

The “NOTEWORTHY” Digital Planner page bundle is a contemporary solution tailored for those on a quest for an organized and efficient lifestyle. With its chic, minimalist design, “NOTEWORTHY” is not only user-friendly but is also versatile enough to cater to individualized needs.

This planner resonates with a diverse audience, from bustling professionals to dedicated students, offering an uncomplicated method to oversee daily tasks, appointments, and objectives.

Key Features:

  • Adaptable Design: Unlike traditional planners that may inadvertently pressure users to fill every page, “NOTEWORTHY” prioritizes flexibility. Users have the autonomy to pick from an array of layouts like monthly, weekly, or daily planner designs, and can also harness additional features like task managers and monthly habit or goal trackers. What sets this planner apart is its unique feature to add PDF pages as required, letting users mold the planner according to their specific lifestyles.
  • Seamless Digital Integration: Crafted for compatibility, this planner can be effortlessly integrated with popular PDF annotation applications, including GoodNotes, Notability, Xodo, and Noteshelf.
  • Effortless Access: After purchase, an immediate download option is available in the Etsy “Purchases and Reviews” section. This downloadable PDF file acts as a gateway to the actual digital pages, ensuring users have prompt access to commence their organized journey.

8. The Ultimate Digital Planner by OptimumPlanners

The Ultimate Digital Planner by OptimumPlanners

This premium digital planner on Etsy stands out in a crowded market, setting itself apart with a myriad of unique features aimed at striking a balance between personal, professional, and family time. This tool is meticulously designed for goal-oriented individuals, prioritizing their daily tasks based on their ultimate objectives. Included in the planner are:

Digital Planning:

  • 2023 Full-Year Digital Planner
  • 2024 Full-Year Digital Planner
  • Undated Digital Planner for any year

Themes & Layouts:

  • Multiple tab colors and weekly planner layouts.
  • Two daily planner layout choices with options for starting on Sunday or Monday.

Bonus Features:

  • 10 Digital Notebooks
  • Over 8000 stickers and 100+ planner covers.

Comprehensive Trackers: From wellness, including habit and mood tracking, to finance, including expense and savings trackers. The planner covers health and fitness trackers like a water and workout log, and productivity essentials such as to-do lists and goal planners. It offers extensive note paper templates and a dashboard with monthly glances and reviews.

Additionally, this versatile tool is compatible with both iPad and Android tablets and works seamlessly with several annotation apps like GoodNotes, ZoomNotes, and Notability. The aim is to provide an organized and fulfilling year ahead for users.

9. Custom Daily Planner 2023 – 2024 by BeatificDotCo

Custom Daily Journal 2023 - 2024 by BeatificDotCo

In a world that often feels chaotic, the Beatific Happy Planner emerges as a beacon for those seeking personal growth and self-mastery. Crafted with a deep understanding of the journey of self-discovery, this planner promises more than just organization – it offers a sanctuary for reflection, gratitude, and purposeful living.

Notable Features Include:

1. Self-Discovery Module: Delve into sections that prompt you to reflect on aspects of your life that matter the most, from recognizing your strengths to understanding your personal aspirations.

  • What Makes Me Happy/Strong/Grateful/Amiable?
  • What Do I Adore About Myself?
  • What Gives Me Hope For Tomorrow?
  • Defining Personal Goals

2. Daily Planning Section: Beyond standard tasks, immerse yourself in daily rituals that revitalize your spirit.

  • Morning & Night Gratitude Boosts
  • Daily Goal Setting & To-Do Lists
  • Diet, Hydration & Mindfulness Tracking
  • Daily Moments for Self-reward & Relaxation

3. Financial Planning: Harness the joy of budgeting with a section dedicated to monitoring savings, expenses, and income.

4. Happiness Gauge & Goal Setting: Reflect on your monthly happiness scale to evaluate areas like health, sleep, and relationships. Alongside, set clear, medium-term goals to navigate your personal and professional landscape.

Wrapped in a soft, tactile cover, this planner beckons its users to make it their own. The creators, a humble family business, extend their heartfelt thanks and invite users to embark on their Beatific journey, reminding them that the quest for happiness truly depends on oneself.

10. ADHD Digital Planner by FutureADHD

ADHD Digital Journal  by FutureADHD

For those with ADHD, finding the right planning tool can be a challenge. Traditional planners often fall short, resulting in abandonment and feelings of inadequacy. Enter the DARK MODE ADHD DIGITAL PLANNER, tailored for use on multiple platforms including Apple, Android, and Windows annotation apps like Goodnotes, Notability, and Xodo.

Standout Features of the Planner:

  • Build-As-You-Go Format: Unlike conventional planners that demand consistency, this unique design caters to the dynamic and unpredictable nature of ADHD minds. Endorsed by therapists, psychologists, and behavioral scientists, its effectiveness is supported by numerous testimonials and accolades.
  • Over 2,000 Five Star Reviews: Individuals with ADHD have consistently praised the planner, noting its unparalleled adaptability and transformative impact. Whether it’s LJ who found success after six months or Callum who appreciates its printer-friendly design, the feedback is overwhelmingly positive.
  • Innovative Visual Tools: Developed from research and personal experience, the planner boasts unique tools like the Hyperfocus Lotus, Impulse Buy Checklist, and Div/Con planning. These unconventional methods resonate profoundly with neurodivergent minds.

With over 240 customizable pages, each section is backed by scientific reasoning, ensuring that ADHD individuals don’t just plan, but thrive. For an inside look and additional insights, one can visit the creator’s Instagram handle @future.adhd. In this Etsy planner, ADHD minds find not just a tool, but an ally.

11. Dark Academia Digital Etsy Planner Undated by LittleDigitalPlans

Dark Academia Digital Journal Undated by LittleDigitalPlans

LittleDigitalPlans presents the Dark Academia Digital Planner on Etsy, meticulously crafted to embody the essence of the dark academia theme. As an undated planner with a Monday start tailored for GoodNotes, its timeless design offers infinite usability.

Key Features of the Planner:

  • Dynamic Layouts: To ensure sustained enthusiasm while planning, the planner boasts ever-changing layouts and styles. Its interactive cover and over 15,000 hyperlinks facilitate swift navigation to desired sections.
  • Holistic Planning: With 12 months, 52 weeks, and 365 daily pages, the planner encompasses various facets of life, from finances and productivity to wellness and journaling. A unique inclusion is its interactive bookshelf with pages dedicated to book reviews, reading lists, and more.
  • Detailed Inclusions: Inside, users will discover a vast array of features such as an undated year calendar, hyperlinked index, month reviews, savings trackers, fitness logs, wishlists, vision boards, and even self-care checklists. The list goes on, ensuring every aspect of life finds a place.

The downloadable planner comes with a comprehensive “READ ME” file to guide users through its features and installation. Given Etsy’s size constraints, the download link is embedded within the provided PDF guide.

Available in two sizes, the planner caters to both standard and older devices with limited space. While primarily optimized for GoodNotes, users should note the planner’s performance on Android devices remains untested.

Best Etsy Planner – Summary

Selecting the best Etsy planner requires a balance of aesthetics, functionality, and individual preferences.

The importance of aligning a planner’s layout with your daily needs can never be understated, and the benefits of choosing designs that inspire and motivate you and the value of personalization options will help you make the most of your planner in achieving your goals.

As you consider your next planner purchase, we also recommend checking out the YLB 90-day journal. Designed with purpose and precision, it might be the structured approach you’ve been seeking.

Looking for more planner options and insights? Check out our posts on;

Remember, a planner’s core purpose is to enhance your productivity and streamline your daily tasks, so it should resonate with your routine and aspirations.

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Best Etsy Planner – FAQs

Do planners sell well on Etsy?

Yes, planners have historically been popular items on Etsy.

The platform allows creators to cater to niche markets, offering personalized or unique designs that appeal to specific audiences.

Should I sell digital planners on Etsy?

Absolutely! Digital planners have grown in popularity due to their convenience, eco-friendliness, and ease of delivery.

They can be used on devices like tablets and are often customizable, catering to a tech-savvy audience.

What kind of digital Etsy planners sell the best?

The best-selling digital planners often cater to specific needs or niches.

This includes planners for students, fitness enthusiasts, business professionals, and those focused on mindfulness or wellness.

Designs that are both aesthetic and functional typically stand out.

Can I make a digital Etsy planner on Canva and sell it on Etsy?

Yes, you can use Canva to design digital planners and then sell them on Etsy.

However, ensure that you only use elements that you have the rights to (either through licensing or original creation) to avoid any copyright issues.

How do I price my planners on Etsy?

Pricing should consider the time spent designing, the uniqueness of the design, and current market trends.

It’s beneficial to research similar products on Etsy to gauge a competitive price point.

How can I promote my Etsy planner store?

Promotion can be done through social media platforms, collaborations with influencers, or other options like Etsy ads.

Regularly updating your shop and engaging with your customers can also enhance visibility.

Is there a demand for physical Etsy planners as well?

Absolutely. While digital planners have their market, many people still prefer the tangible feel of physical planners.

Handcrafted or uniquely designed planners can especially find a substantial audience.

How do I handle competition from other Etsy planner sellers?

Focusing on a niche, offering personalization, and ensuring high-quality designs and customer service can set you apart.

Collecting and showcasing positive reviews will also build trust with potential buyers.

What printing options should I suggest for a digital Etsy planner?

If buyers wish to print their digital planners, we recommend using high-quality paper, preferably above 100 gsm.

You can also suggest eco-friendly or recycled paper options.

Yes, always ensure that any graphics, fonts, or elements used in your planners are either original or properly licensed.

Avoid using copyrighted images or materials without permission.

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