Etsy Digital Planner: 12 Best Picks for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

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Etsy is the ideal place to search for digital planners, but finding the best Etsy digital planner for your needs can be tedious and challenging due to the massive options in the marketplace.

Etsy offers a wide range of designs, customization options, and features that cater to different user needs and preferences.

In this article, we’ve put together a list of the best Etsy digital planners that will surely meet your needs and style preferences.

Whether you are a lifestyle entrepreneur looking to venture into the Etsy digital planner market or simply want one for your personal needs, we’ve carefully curated this list of the best Etsy digital planner categories and what to look for.

Read on to find the best digital planner to sell or for yourself that will help you stay organized, productive, and focused on your goals.

What Is The Best Etsy Digital Planner?

1. All in One Digital Planner by Designerful

All in One Digital Planner by Designerful

This All In One Digital Planner is a comprehensive digital journal, recognized as the top choice for managing daily life, achieving a harmonious balance between personal, professional, and familial commitments. This planner stands out from its competitors due to its unique features and premium nature.

The planner offers extensive coverage for two upcoming years (2023 and 2024), as well as an undated version for more flexible planning. It provides customizable options such as four theme colors, multiple layout choices for weekly and daily planning, and a selection between Sunday or Monday to start the week.

It also comes packed with various trackers in categories including meal & nutrition, health & fitness, finance, and productivity – features that you wish to have in an Etsy digital planner.

This Etsy digital planner is compatible with both iPad and Android tablets and works seamlessly with popular apps such as GoodNotes, Notability, Noteshelf, NotesWriter, and ZoomNotes. However, it’s important to note that it is not compatible with OneNote.

2. THAT GIRL Undated Digital Planner

THAT GIRL Undated Digital Planner

THAT GIRL Undated Digital Planner by Awarely is an elegantly designed, undated Etsy digital planner that aims to inspire its users to achieve their goals, develop healthy habits, and prioritize self-care. Crafted with a focus on aesthetics and functionality, this versatile planner is ideal for everyonel. With its over 25 customizable tools, this planner allows users to tailor their planning experience to their personal style and unique needs.

One of the key selling points of this planner is its intuitive and easy-to-use layout, even for those who have never used a digital planner before. Hyperlinked pages facilitate quick and easy navigation, saving users time and energy. The undated nature of this Etsy digital planner ensures that it can be reused every year, not restricting it to a one or two-year lifespan.

The planner, containing a robust 520 hyperlinked pages, caters to a variety of planning needs, from a yearly overview to daily to-do lists. With its 28 practical tools, it assists users in budgeting, goal setting, meal planning, and habit tracking, thus helping them stay on top of their game.

On the environmental front, this Etsy digital planner helps users reduce their carbon footprint, providing an alternative to paper-based journals. It is also portable, being an instant download compatible with apps like Goodnotes and Notability, thereby making journaling on the go an effortless task.

3. PLR Planner by BewellDesignsLtd

PLR Planner by BewellDesignsLtd

The PLR Planner by BewellDesignsLtd is a commercial Etsy digital planner template, which is designed as an ideal tool for entrepreneurs looking to venture into the business of selling aesthetically pleasing Etsy digital planners. This product comes ready to use, sparing entrepreneurs the time-consuming task of designing from scratch. The planner template allows customization and personalization, offering an opportunity to create competitive digital planners for platforms such as Etsy and beyond.

The template, which is designed for use with Canva Pro, features daily, weekly, and monthly planner pages with hyperlinked tabs. These pages can be tailored to meet specific requirements.

This Etsy digital planner template is more than just a basic planner; it comes equipped with features to plan monthly, weekly, and daily goals, journaling and reflection sections, weekly gratitude and priorities, a weekly habit tracker, daily schedule and to-do lists, daily notes pages, meal and exercise planners, and a daily affirmation section. Additionally, the package includes over 1000 free planner stickers.

This planner template offers a comprehensive user experience, with optimal use on an iPad with an Apple pencil or a tablet with a stylus. The downloadable Canva template, how-to guides, and bonus digital stickers are included in the download PDF.

4. Undated Digital Planner by APlannerToRemember

Undated Digital Planner by APlannerToRemember

The Undated Digital Planner by APlannerToRemember is a comprehensive Etsy digital planner undated template bundle, designed to be compatible with any iPad or tablet. It is an inclusive product, designed to cater to beginners, individuals with ADHD, or anyone who aspires to achieve better organization and enhancement in their life. This planner works well with any annotation app that supports PDF upload and hyperlink usage such as Goodnotes, Noteshelf, Notability, Xodo, among others.

The product offers a unique opportunity to plan various facets of life, as it incorporates all the products available in the shop. The product range includes 36 items, offering an expansive selection to choose from and adapt to individual needs. It promises an opportunity to receive all current and future products from the shop, giving users access to an expanding toolset for planning.

5. ONENOTE PLANNER by PeppyplannersAU

ONENOTE PLANNER by PeppyplannersAU

The ONENOTE PLANNER by PeppyplannersAU is a minimalist digital planner that aims to keep users’ lives organized and up-to-date. Designed to enhance efficiency, the planner allows users to plan their months, weeks, or delve deeper by planning each day in detail. The planner is well-categorized and employs easy-to-use tabs, making it beginner-friendly.

This Etsy digital planner features a variety of highlights to meet various organizational needs. These include multiple monthly, weekly, and daily planner spreads for customization, over 300 stickers and labels, and extra planner templates. Moreover, the planner is undated, enabling unlimited uses, and accommodates both Sunday-to-Saturday and Monday-to-Sunday weekly layouts. The package also includes six blank notebooks with four notepad paper templates – bullet grid, graph, and two lined paper versions.

The planner hosts an array of templates to cater to different aspects of life. These templates fall into several categories, including finance (income tracker, budget planner, debt tracker, savings jar, wishlist), goals (yearly goals, monthly goals, reflection), fitness (fitness goals, body measurements, workout plan, meal planner), wellness (gratitude journal, rituals/routines, stress buster, monthly mood tracker), lifestyle and entertainment (bucket list, birthdays, recipes, books read, movie tracker, TV series tracker), and productivity (project planner, meeting journal, priority matrix).

6. Choosing Me Planner by ThissPlanner

Choosing Me Planner by ThissPlanner

A unique digital planner, THISS “Choosing Me” Digital Planner is a tool designed to help users prioritize their own well-being, happiness, and personal growth. The concept behind the planner is to facilitate decision-making and actions that align with the user’s personal needs, desires, and values. The planner is structured to be used from July 1, 2023, through June 30, 2024, providing a full year of daily, weekly, and monthly planning.

This comprehensive planner includes a wide range of components to help organize life while fostering well-being. The content of the planner includes a cover page, a fully linked calendar, yearly reflection, key dates, and quarterly overviews. It also offers monthly pages, featuring a vision board, trackers, reflections, and financial planning elements. Weekly and daily planning pages are also included for more granular organization.

Lifestyle templates facilitate bucket lists, meal planning, book and podcast reviews, and contact management.

With an additional eight notepaper templates and ten custom section dividers, this planner is not only an organizational tool, but it also encourages personal growth and wellness. It provides a unique blend of life management with a focus on personal care and self-improvement, making it more than just a standard planner.

7. Undated Digital Journal by UrsolPlanners

Undated Digital Journal by UrsolPlanners

The minimalist digital planner is a versatile, undated product that offers a blend of monthly and weekly planning pages along with notebook functionality. Leveraging hyperlinks for quick and seamless navigation, the planner provides 10 notebook sections and 15 distinct page templates for customization, which users can duplicate and organize as per their needs. Primarily designed as a weekly planner, it incorporates a daily page template and ensures ample space with 6 weeks included in each month. The undated feature means it can be used year after year.

The planner is optimized for use with PDF annotation apps such as GoodNotes, Noteshelf, Notability, or Xodo. It also comes with a GoodNotes sticker book that contains number stickers for the user to populate the undated planner or alternatively, users can manually enter dates. The planner’s specifications include Monday and Sunday start options, a yearly calendar, key dates, 12 monthly calendars, two different weekly layouts, and 10 notebook sections.

To make the best use of this digital planner, users will need a note-taking app, an iPad/tablet, and an Apple Pencil or stylus. Recommended apps for iPad users include GoodNotes and Notability, while Android users may prefer Noteshelf or Xodo. This digital planner represents a comprehensive, customizable tool for personal organization and planning.

8. The ULTIMATE goal planner! ByLaurelStudioDesign

The ULTIMATE goal planner! ByLaurelStudioDesign

The daily, dated digital planner is a comprehensive tool that encompasses everything from setting actionable goals to managing day-to-day priorities. With eight different versions to choose from, users can personalize their planner based on their preference for weekly start days and the layout of the weekly page – vertical columns, boxed, schedule, or expanded note space. Users get instant access to all versions with a download guide to aid in the selection process.

The planner comes with several robust features. It provides dated monthly, weekly, and daily planning pages, along with hyperlinks for easy navigation, covering the period from July 2023 to June 2024. Besides standard calendar pages, each month and week has five linked bonus pages that focus on reflection, planning, habit tracking, financial budgeting, and a notes page. The planner also includes linked annual pages for three years (2023, 2024 & 2025) to record key dates, milestones, and track health and finance.

This digital planner offers a unique “Goal Clarity Roadmap” for effective goal setting and planning. It provides a step-by-step process to guide users in reflecting, clarifying vision, optimizing time, and creating actionable goals. The planner also includes space to plan and track 12 goals throughout the year, each linking to a goal plan template, a gantt chart template, and a progress view template, tying into the monthly and weekly planning pages.

This planner serves as a comprehensive organizational tool, ready to assist in making goal-setting and tracking an easy, streamlined process.

9. Digital Planner by mydailyplanners

Digital Planner by mydailyplanners

The digital planner is a highly versatile template designed for use with Goodnotes and other PDF annotation apps, with the additional feature of linking directly to Google or Apple Calendars for set reminders. The planner lets you schedule your time on an hourly, weekly, or daily basis, and with a single click, it opens the corresponding date and time in your Google or Apple Calendar, saving you time and enhancing productivity. It’s a digital tool that combines the convenience of reminder notifications across your devices while retaining the utility of a digital note-taking app as your primary planner.

This planner is a comprehensive tool for organization and planning. Apart from dated pages, it includes a variety of useful sections such as a monthly budget planner, habit and mood trackers, weekly hourly planner, workout planner, wellness/fitness planner, and a yearly overview. In addition, it comes with project folders, template pages, and sections for goal planning, travel planning, orders tracking, savings tracking, reading list, daily gratitude planning, contacts, passwords, and a meal planner template among others, designed to assist with productivity and life organization.

For optimal functionality, the planner requires specific apps to be installed on your Apple device such as GoodNotes5, Noteshelf, or CollaNote. Versions with Apple Calendar links require the installation of a shortcut created by the planner’s developers, while versions with links to Google Calendar necessitate a Google Calendar app and Gmail account.

10. ADHD Digital Planner by ADHDexpert

ADHD Digital Planner by ADHDexpert

The ADHD Digital Planner, available in six appealing colors (Rainbow, Black, Grey, Pink, Boho, and Green), is a cutting-edge tool designed to enhance focus, productivity, and goal accomplishment for individuals with ADHD. Grounded in scientific principles, this tool is designed to help users manage the fast-paced nature of the ADHD brain, breaking down tasks into manageable chunks, utilizing reward loops, and establishing a solid foundation for everyday tasks.

This Etsy digital planner and journal integrates planning and journaling elements to aid users in achieving their goals, improving productivity, and enhancing emotional well-being.

It also includes sections devoted to self-care, remembering critical information, task management, focus and doodling, healthy habits, neurology, finance, domestic responsibilities, and customized sections. Each section provides resources and trackers to help users monitor and improve various aspects of their lives, from sleep and exercise habits to financial planning and chore completion.

Compatible with various annotation apps like GoodNotes, Notability, and Xodo, this digital planner can be used on iOS, Android, and Windows devices, providing the best experience when used with a stylus or Apple Pencil. The ADHD Digital Planner aims to silence users’ inner critics, build self-awareness, challenge limiting beliefs, and promote confidence, leading to a greater work-life balance and an overall sense of achievement and self-belief.

11. My Fitness Planner by OneStopCentre

My Fitness Planner by OneStopCentre

The Fitness Digital Planner is an all-in-one tool designed to keep you organized, inspired, and empowered as you work towards your health and fitness goals. This visually appealing and highly useful planner is designed to boost your productivity and help you live your best life. With its range of features, this digital planner provides a comprehensive solution to track and improve your health and fitness levels throughout the year.

This Etsy digital planner includes sections dedicated to daily and weekly planning, goal setting, fitness logging, body measurements, health logging, progress photos, weight loss tracking, and fitness challenges. This Etsy digital planner ensures that your health and fitness journey is well-documented and monitored. You also get access to a variety of note formats, including lined, dotted, and grid layouts, to customize according to your preferences.

The Fitness Digital Planner is compatible with iPad and Android tablets, supporting annotation apps like GoodNotes, ZoomNotes, NotesWriter, Notability, Noteshelf, and Xodo. This makes the planner a versatile tool for anyone committed to a fitness journey, offering the flexibility of digital planning with the comprehensiveness of a traditional fitness journal.

12. Noteworthy Undated Monthly Planner

Noteworthy Undated Monthly Planner

“NOTEWORTHY” introduces an Undated Monthly Planner page, an embodiment of simplicity and functionality for those who prioritize streamlined organization. This minimalist planner enables users to focus primarily on the planning and management of their month-to-month activities without the clutter of unnecessary design elements.

The undated format brings a level of versatility, allowing users to begin their planning at any point in the year without the concern of wasted or unused pages. Every month is encapsulated on a single page, providing abundant space to note significant dates, appointments, and tasks. The simple yet stylish design enhances readability and ease of use, thereby promoting an organized schedule while preserving aesthetic appeal.

This Etsy digital planner page is designed to be flexible and adaptable to your needs. Users can effortlessly add PDF pages as required, making it an ideal tool for students, professionals, or anyone seeking to lead a well-planned and organized life. The primary objective is to facilitate track-keeping and goal achievement in a visually appealing manner.

The planner page is compatible with any PDF annotation app like GoodNotes, Notability, Xodo, Noteshelf, etc.

The Best Etsy Digital Planner- Summary

Selling digital planners on Etsy has emerged as a rewarding venture, paving the way for creativity, sustainable business practices, and a source of income, as well as understanding the importance of creating unique, quality planners that truly cater to your target audience’s needs.

As you venture into selling digital planners, leverage tools like Canva to create appealing and functional designs. While navigating this journey, never underestimate the power of customer feedback to continually improve your product offerings and services.

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Remember to enjoy the process.

The world of digital planners is filled with innovation and creativity. It’s a chance to create something truly useful and beautiful and to connect with customers all over the world.

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The Best Etsy Digital Planner – FAQs

Is selling digital planners on Etsy worth it?

Yes, selling digital planners on Etsy can be worth it.

Digital planners have grown in popularity and offer a sustainable and creative outlet for businesses. Since they’re digital, you can sell the same item over and over without worrying about inventory or shipping costs.

However, the success of your Etsy shop would also depend on factors such as the quality of your planners, branding, marketing, and customer service.

Can you sell digital planners on Etsy?

Absolutely. Etsy is a popular platform for selling digital planners. You can create various types of digital planners tailored to different needs and audiences, such as students, professionals, parents, and more.

Can I make a digital planner on Canva and sell it on Etsy?

Yes, you can create digital planners using Canva and sell them on Etsy.

Canva offers a range of tools that allow you to create attractive and functional digital planners. However, ensure that you are only using elements that are licensed for commercial use to avoid copyright issues.

How do I use my Etsy digital planner?

Using this Etsy digital planner involves a few steps.

After purchase, you’ll download the Etsy digital planner file, typically in PDF format. You then import this file into a note-taking app like Goodnotes, Notability, or OneNote. These apps enable you to write, highlight, and navigate your planner, similar to a physical one.

How can I make my Etsy digital planner stand out?

To make your Etsy digital planner stand out, focus on creating a unique and attractive design.

Offering customizable features can also be a draw for many customers. Additionally, consider your branding, product photography, and the descriptions you write for your listings.

Can I make a good income selling digital planners on Etsy?

While results vary, it’s certainly possible to earn a good income selling Etsy digital planners.

Key factors that can influence your income include the uniqueness and quality of your planners, your branding and marketing efforts, and how well you serve your customers.

How do I price my digital planners on Etsy?

Pricing your digital planners should take into account the time and effort you’ve put into creating them as well as the going market rate. You might want to browse Etsy to see what similar items are priced at.

Remember to factor in any costs associated with running your Etsy shop, like Etsy fees.

How can I market my Etsy digital planner shop?

Marketing your Etsy digital planner shop could involve using social media, blogging, email newsletters, or even paid advertising.

You might also consider offering promotional deals or creating a loyalty program for repeat customers.

How do I handle customer service for my Etsy digital planner shop?

Good customer service is crucial for any Etsy shop.

This could mean responding promptly and professionally to customer inquiries, handling any issues or disputes that arise, and asking for feedback to improve your products and service.

What if a customer has trouble downloading or using my digital planner?

As a seller, it’s a good idea to provide clear instructions for downloading and using your digital planners.

However, if a customer still has trouble, you should be prepared to assist them. This might mean offering additional guidance, providing a new download link, or troubleshooting potential issues.

What are the best digital planners for lifestyle entrepreneurs?

The best digital planners for lifestyle entrepreneurs are those that cater to their unique needs – balancing business tasks, personal development, and lifestyle goals.

A good lifestyle entrepreneur’s digital planner should have sections for goal setting, business planning, financial tracking, daily schedules, and even self-care and wellness.

Platforms like Etsy are home to many high-quality, entrepreneur-focused digital planners. Always look for those with high ratings, positive reviews, and features that resonate with your entrepreneurial lifestyle when making your choice.

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