Is Email Marketing Dead? With Helen Lindop

by | Aug 3, 2020

I started a little e-commerce store last year as a bit of an experiment and along the way hired the lovely Helen Lindop to organize all my email campaigns.

She did a fab job and is the founder of her own email marketing agency helping clients the world over organize and manage their email clients, platforms, and campaigns.

I asked Helen to jump on a call with me to have a chat about email marketing in 2020. Particularly taking into consideration social media and instant messaging that seem far more prevalent than email these days.

During our far-reaching conversation Helen & I discussed;

  • How she started her own agency and some of the struggles she had to get off the ground
  • What it was about email marketing that particularly caught her eye
  • Why email marketing is not dead and why it’s still such an important part of your marketing strategy
  • Why email marketing is harder these days and what you need to consider to ensure it’s effective in 2020 and beyond
  • How to get started building an email list
  • How to create engagement from the get go
  • How to re-engage your list after a period of absence
  • Some key points to know about GDPR
  • The best email clients online today

It was a fabulous interview and I learned a lot! I hope it helps with your email marketing efforts!

Links Mentioned in This Episode

You can find Helen here –
And on YouTube here –

Mailer Lite
Convert Kit

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